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Last Week in TV - Week of May 3 - Reviews and Episode Awards

Welcome back to Last Week in TV. This is the second busiest time of the year for me at work so I'm a day late and a nominated show short. I will review Dexter's pilot hopefully for next week's column or definitely the week after since many of my shows will be on hiatus by then and my vacation time will start. Speaking of hiatus, this column will go on a brief hiatus in July for the Favorite Character Competition. Be on the lookout for nominations next month. I'm also kicking around the idea of doing a Ranker article where you can help rank a season's best episodes with different shows I am marathoning. I am definitely doing it with Teen Wolf since I recap that. Any other shows you think would be fun to rank episodes with? Either add them in the comments or nominate them in the short form below. This week we say goodbye to Forever…well, forever (sniff, sniff) and adios to The Big Bang Theory until September most likely. I also said goodbye to Poldark, having finally caught up. Many other shows also had finales so I'd love to hear what you thought of them in the comments. Until next week, happy TV viewing.

Show of the Week:

Forever - 1.22 - The Last Death of Henry Morgan

Note: I am honest enough to concede that this episode might be the Show of the Week because it didn't get renewed. That definitely earned it bonus points. This isn't my favorite episode of Forever, but it was a great showdown with even better flashbacks and an ending that left me satisfied for the most part. Therefore it earns Show of the Week for me.

Saying goodbye to Forever sounds weird in every way possible. Still it must be done because once again, Nielsen viewers have missed out on a real gem. Of all the shows I am going to miss next year, Forever is first (thanks to shocking renewals for Galavant and Agent Carter). It all comes down to the Henry and Abe relationship. Not only was it the most unique take on a father and son relationship I've ever seen, but it fleshed out what it means to be immortal in a mortal world. Simply put, Henry would not be as appealing to me without Abe. Both of them also benefit from the memory of Abigail, who while dead still completes the family dynamic. I love that they solved the mystery of what happened to her before the show ended. In fact, I liked that better than the idea that Henry would share his secret with Jo. That was just meh to me. Good thing the rest of Henry's thirst for justice from Adam was thrilling. I love how Abe convinced Henry not to kill Adam and yet Henry was smart enough to incapacitate him. It was a great surprise and yet another reason why I will miss this show.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Abigail flashbacks and Henry and Abe scenes
Best Scene / Best Twist - Henry incapacitates Adam
Biggest Reason to Freak Out - Abigail holds a dying Henry in her arms and then he disappears
Least Surprising - Henry gets attacked by the guard
Best Product Placement - Kindle
Most Needing to Die - Adam, from the first second he arrived on screen
The "Well At Least They Preserved History" Award - So glad that Adam isn't Julius Caesar
Least Foolish - Jo, who tails Henry because she knows Lucas will give him the dagger
Smartest (By Far) - Henry, who takes out Adam without killing him
Most Loyal - Lucas, who steals the dagger for Henry
Most Amazing - Abigail, who even though she only lived in flashbacks, became the heart of the show and clearly showed why both Abe and Henry adored her
Most Sneaky - Henry gets the guard to spill where the dagger is by dousing him with antacid
Best Reason to Worry - Abe realizes that after he's gone Henry might commit suicide
The "Welcome Back" Award - John Noble from Fringe and Sleepy Hollow
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "I'm not a killer. I'm a doctor."
2. Abe: "For me she was…she was an angel. She found 2 lost souls and turned us into a family. Thank you, mom. I love you."
3. Abe: "Henry, listen to me. You're a kind, gentle, moral person, but a killer you're not. Don't let rage cloud your judgment. You'll lose."
4. Abigail: "Why did I fall for a brilliant man? Plenty of dumb men out there."
5. Abigail: "Where did you get this?" Henry: "Stray bullet, early in the war." Abigail: "A bullet should have destroyed your heart." Henry: "Well the sniper missed. You didn't though."

Weekly Shows:

Battle Creek - 1.09 - Gingerbread Man

While last week focused on Guz, this week put the spotlight on Font. Since we know very little about his character, it was a welcome change. I think it's fascinating that Font has almost a photographic memory when it comes to faces. I like even more how much support he got from Guz first and then from Russ, who showed real emotion when Font was in the hospital. Meeting Font's wife was another plus. The only real drain on the episode was how much was focused on Holly and Russ' non-relationship. It was okay in the first stakeout conversation but after that it was overkill and dragged the entire plot down. By the time the end elevator scene took place, the momentum screeched to a halt. Time to drop this subplot and move full steam towards the end.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - more focus on Font
Best Scene - Font wakes up
Least Interesting Subplot - Russ and Holly's non-relationship
Smartest Criminal - Spades learns what all the police look like in Battle Creek so he spots Funk right away
Most Supportive - Guz lets Font check out a lead in a closed case because she trusts his ability to place faces
The "Nope, No Thanks" Award - I seriously don't want to know what's in blood sausage. I'm right there with Funk.
Most Surprising - there actually was a bomb / Font has a massive piece of shrapnel in the back of his head
Least Surprising - the cop helped Spades
Biggest Shock - I actually agree with Russ here. You don't ask out another man's girlfriend. Period. That's just tacky.
Biggest Rivalry - Meredith and Russ
Biggest Product Placement - Font's new car
Biggest Heart Attack - Font when Russ pretends to jump off the bridge
Biggest Baby - Russ
Best New Character - Font's wife, Katrina
The "Welcome Back" Award - Dan Bakkedahl from The Goldbergs and Community
Best Quotes -
1. Spades: "So I would urge you to forget about me and concentrate on catching someone who's actually done some harm instead of providing for the greater good, which is all I ever did. But if you insist on continuing to pursue me, I assure you innocent people will get hurt." Russ: "What the hell does that mean?" Spades: "Seriously? That was confusing to you? I will do whatever it takes to stay a free man."
2. Russ: "You got a credit card receipt?" Butcher: "Nope, I prefer not to support the loan sharking industry."
3. Russ: "Are you telling me that I need a sandwich right now, Jaycocks?" Funk: "Or whatever it takes for you to calm down. Get a grip on yourself because you seem to have a whole lot of ideas on what not to do but so far no suggestions on what to do. You're not the only one who feels responsible in this. We all do, together…us."
4. Russ: "Well would you be careful? This coffee's hot enough to smelt steel."
5. Font: "The FBI put a Spanish politician's photo on Bin Laden's wanted poster. I'm just saying mistakes do happen."

Poldark - 1.07-1.08 (season finale)

While I found the penultimate episode rather boring with way too much self-recrimination and wailing, I found the even more emoangsty finale touching. It's hard to imagine losing a child and only the coldest heart would be untouched by the Poldarks' grief. While Cary Warleggan is beginning to get on my last nerve and George not far behind, I find the rivalry between Poldark and them fascinating. It's a great testament to how wealth drives power and injustice in the world. Sadly, it's not just an 18th century issue. I am pleased that the friction between Poldark and Francis seems to be waning though, provided of course that Francis stands up for Poldark against George. It would be a mighty way to redeem his past behavior. All in all, I have found Poldark to be an intriguing series with great character moments and enough forward movement to keep the pace from dragging usually. I look forward to its return next season.

Grade: C / A-

Best Reason to Watch - Ross and Demelza's bond through more trials than a Laura Ingalls Wilder book
Most Heartbreaking Scene - Demelza learns that Julia died
Most Annoying Theme - all these people blaming others for their own issues and failings
Best and Most Suspicious Offer - George offers to cancel some of Francis' debts on the premise that his cousin cheated him in cards
Best Karma - the Warleggan ship is capsized with all her goods
Least Interesting Subplot - Keren, Enys, and Mark love triangle and adultery
Least Necessary - Demelza recapping in great detail everything she's done and the consequences of it. We got it the first time. We were paying attention.
Least Surprising - Demelza gets sick after helping Francis and family
Most Surprising / Most Depressing - Julia died
Most Noble - Demelza, who selflessly toils for Francis at risk to her own health even after he basically trashed her name / Elizabeth, who cares for Demelza right back
Most Bold - George declaring his feelings for a married woman, Elizabeth
The "Say What?" Award - How did the Warleggans find out about the capsized ship so quickly?
Greatest Consequence - Demelza's meddling has ruined several men's business and personal lives
Coldest Fish - Cary Warleggan, who sees the death of Poldark's child as good for business
Most Gullible - Francis
Best Riddance - Judd, the drunkard / Keren, the adulteress
Best Dichotomy - Demelza breaks up a fight between Enys and Mark just as Elizabeth breaks up a fight between Francis and Poldark
Best Quotes -
1. Francis: "Damn it I expect more loyalty from my only cousin. What did I ever do that he should go behind my back like this?" George: "Well I suppose you married the girl he loved, didn't you?"
2. McNeil: "Have a care for the law. It 'tis a cranky and twisty old thing and you may fight it half a dozen times but let it once come to grips with you and you'll find it harder to be loose from than a great black squid."
3. Demelza: "Will you make it up with Francis?" Poldark: "Even though he betrayed us. You make me ashamed. Your heart is so generous. You always see the good in things. I will invite him to join me at Wheal Leisure. Together we will try to resurrect the fortunes of the Poldark mines. Will that satisfy?" Demelza: "So there is hope and it will not have been for nothing after all."
4. Enys: "I've come to heal my patients, not bankrupt them."
5. George: "You insist that we are enemies when in fact we have much in common and could be allies." Poldark: "God forbid I should ever be so desperate."

iZombie - 1.08 - Dead Air

If I didn't know there were 13 episodes ordered, I'd be tempted to think this was the penultimate episode of the season. After all things went in fast forward towards the end. Major buying a gun was trumped by Liv realizing that her new boyfriend is getting his brains delivered by Blaine which was trumped by her eating Jerome brains. Still nothing was as possibly more climactic than Ravi getting bit by super zombie rat. I can't take Ravi becoming a zombie so he better be magically immune. There are far too many zombies in Seattle these days as it is. He better call Liv about this…right after she kicks Blaine's butt for being the biggest douche on the planet.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - lots of things happening in this ending
Best Reaction - Ravi to the zombie rat
Best Meta - Lowell describes Liv's pal complexion the "ethereal Tinker Bell look" when Rose McIver played Tinker Bell on Once Upon a Time
The "You Tell Her" Award - Ravi calls Liv on being rude and a complete douche on this brain
Least Surprising - the dead radio host was the one being accused of cheating / Major is NOT backing off
Worst Surprise - Ravi is bitten by super rat already / Major buys a gun
Best Case to Sue - Major after the guards let inmates in to beat on him
Most Repulsive - Chuck Burd, the shock jock for whom there is not enough brain bleach in the world
Most in Need of Being Beheaded - Blaine
Most Disgusting - Liv eats Jerome's brain
Worst Side Effect of Brain Eating - psychoanalyzing your fun new fling
The "Welcome Back" Award - Erica Cerra from Eureka / Aaron Douglas from The Returned
Best Quotes -
1. Ravi: "I believe he was on his way to murder me and eat my brains. Why isn't he tearing into you?" Liv: "Oh it's a zombie thing. You wouldn't understand. Zombie brains are nasty. You wouldn't want those. No you wouldn't. No, you wouldn't." Ravi: "Uh, that rat you're doting on like a pursed Chihuahua could end civilization as we know it."
2. Liv: "I can't help it. I'm filled to the brim with insight." Ravi: "Oh that's what you're full of."
3. Peyton: "I have a feeling people who are friends with social workers don't ask this question a lot but who were you fighting with this week?" Major: "Sons of Anarchy I think. The guards commuted their sentence to 20 minutes of beating the hell out of me."
4. Liv: "Major doesn't get dumped. There are literally 2 reasons to end a relationship with Major: zombism and full on death."
5. Liv: "He's white and murderous. You did it. You made a zombie rat."

Younger - 1.07 - Broke and Panty-less

Full disclosure - I am 42 so I spent much of my time this episode saying, "Ewww." Sometimes I just don't get 20-somethings. While I still loved parts of this episode, much of the humor didn't appeal to me. It felt more crass than usual with its hand job gags, slutty costumes, and obvious perverts. Liza's reactions to things and general awkwardness were funny in some instances but not much else was. What saved the episode was all the heart. Diana especially comes off well in this episode, making her the MVP, best surprise, and best reason to watch. While we don't get any new background on her, we do get to see her generosity and it helps make the character even better.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - Diana
Best Awww Moment - Diana gives Liza $1800 to cover the cost of her "student loans"
Most Awkward Moment - Liza telling Josh about her used underwear business
Most Surprising - Josh plays the washboard
Most Disgusting - hand jobs at work / selling your used underwear online
Most in Need of a Lying Coach - Liza, who makes up the worst stories to cover herself
Best Show of Trust - Liza, who doesn't peek at Josh's phone
Most Inappropriate - Anton / the lunch scene
Most Least in Sight - Thad, who is mentioned but doesn't show up
Weirdest Date - sampling at a candy store
Best Product Placement - Swedish fish
Best Quotes -
1. Maggie: "You've got to hand it to pervs, man. They don't accept mediocrity."
2. Diana: "And where do you gather these little nuggets of wisdom from? Buzzfeed."
3. Rakim: "I like my liquor and my men the same way…simple."
4. Liza: "Diana, this is so generous of you but I couldn't possibly take this." Diana: "Consider it an early Christmas bonus." Liza: "You have no idea how much this means to me. I don't know how to thank you." Diana: "Well you can start by bringing me that catalog copy I asked for." Liza: "Of course." Diana: "And Charles is not dorky. You don't know him at all. You just don't know him at all."
5. Liza: "Alright, which one do you think?" Maggie: "I don't know. They all kind of look like pervs to me."

The Flash - 1.21 - Grodd Lives

I don't read comics, any comics. Therefore I think Grodd is the dumbest thing that has ever happened to The Flash. Like Planet of the Apes remake stupid. I can barely handle the ridiculousness of metahumans, much less meta-apes. Add to it, I thought Iris knowing was going to be a plus since they wouldn't have to talk about hiding things from her in every single episode. Instead it just means that she's whining and throwing temper tantrums at Star Labs now too. I get that she's frustrated and scared but if you're not going to help find solutions, don't brat out to others about not finding solutions right that very second. Ugh! This is not the time. Let's save Joe instead. Even when she plays her hero part and talks Barry down from Grodd's influence, it comes off as romantic drivel. For me, this is the worst Flash episode yet and if I never see Grodd or Iris again, it will be too soon. The last thing this show needs is more Iris time.

Grade: C-

Best Reason to Watch - um….uh, well…I always love how Barry is a straight up team player and gives credit to others in his life so the scene with Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry at the end is pretty cool…until Caitlin ruins it by making Iris an equal member of the team
Best Reason to Fast Forward - Iris
Best Scene - Barry says they are a team and don't need Wells / Joe and Iris reconcile
The "I Totally Agree" Award - Iris is right in that if they had looped her in maybe she wouldn't be so useless
Biggest Temptation - listening in on Barry and Iris' conversation about him being the Flash
Worst Plan - Wearing ridiculously high heels on that grating. Caitlin, you should know better. One day your heel is going to get stuck and you'll break your ankle.
Worst Future Plan- Having Iris be an official part of the Flash crew. We don't need a cheerleader.
Best Disguise - ice cream truck gold delivery
The "Please Shut Up" Award - Iris, who has a meltdown right when they should be formulating a plan to find her dad
Biggest Ick - sewers
Best Way to Wrap Up a Tired Plot - Iris walks into a Flash brainstorming session and announces that she knows
Least Welcome Return (character) - General Eiling
The "Welcome Back" Award - Clancy Brown of Sleepy Hollow
Best Reference - Princess Bride / Argus, Diggle, and Lila
Best Quotes -
1. Cisco: "Hey forget multiple personalities. You guys have seen The Exorcist, right?"
2. Barry: "What's going on? Are you okay?" Cisco: "I'm just thinking about this headset. It wasn't strong enough. You could have been killed out there, man." Barry: "No dude, your tech worked and it proved that we don't need Wells. The 3 of us took on Grodd and rescued Joe. Together, we can do anything."
3. Joe: "So our psycho killer has a soft spot for animals. That's sweet."
4. Wells: "You know they're going to find me and you, you're not as smart as you think you are." Wells: "Oh really? Cuz I'm a genius where I come from. Imagine how smart that makes me here." Eddie: "Cuz you're from the future? With a name like Eobard, I guess you'd have to be." Wells: "Oh no. Eobard is a distinguished name for a distinguished member of a distinguished family." Eddie: "Depressing to think that all of my descendants are as crazy as you."
5. Cisco: "If I hadn't seen Jurassic Park, I wouldn't be near as frightened now."
6. Iris: "He's just a regular cop. He's not some metahuman with superpowers. He's not you." Barry: "You're right. He's not me and this isn't his fault. None of this is his fault. Look yes, maybe Joe told me not to tell you that I was the Flash, but I didn't have to listen. I could have told you a hundred times. I could have told you and I didn't. Yes, I should have so you're right to be mad but don't be mad at your dad. Be mad at me."
7. Joe: "When I was with that gorilla, I thought, 'I'm gonna die down here.' And all I could think about was how you and me were in a fight." Iris: "Dad, I was so afraid that something would happen to you." Joe: "My life started when you were born and sometimes in my incredible love for you, it blinds me and I…I forget. I forget what a brilliant young woman you are and how you're capable of making your own decisions." Iris: "Daddy, I know that everything that you do is out of love so love me enough to always tell me the truth. Yeah?" Joe: "Deal. Deal."

Supernatural - 10.21 - Dark Dynasty

This is one of those times when not being spoiled probably would have made the episode better. I tried to avoid spoilers but someone made a comment in the renew/cancel pages before I could watch this. My own fault for being tardy and going on the website before I was caught up. Therefore I spent the whole episode waiting for Charlie to die, which I am somewhat meh over. I liked Charlie for the most part and she definitely lasted more seasons than I expected. Still she's no Sheriff Jody for me. The brothers however are going to take this loss hard and it's likely to be the catalyst that sends Dean over the edge. At least she was smart enough to send the code instead of one of those horrible deathbed speeches. She was definitely smarter than the Winchesters, who should have called Cas and had him swoop in to snatch up Charlie instead of just driving there themselves. I mean what's the point of the single biggest deus ex machina on TV if you aren't going to use him to save the day. This is the reason Cas and all the angels must go. If they use him, it's anticlimactic and if they don't, they are morons. Today they chose moron because I'm assuming they needed Dean off the deep end for the last 2 episodes. Sadly killing people off has only worked a handful of times on this show so I'm guessing they are already regretting the decision to off Charlie here.

Grade - B

Best Reason to Watch - lots of plot movement
Best Reaction - Dean and Sam to finding out Eldon ripped his own arm off
Creepiest Family Since the Benders - The Stynes
Biggest Facepalm - Why are they driving to Charlie instead of having Cas get there instantly with his newly restored angel powers? I cannot eye roll enough here.
The "Say It Isn't So" Award - Dean didn't notice they were being followed when there were only 2 cars on the road? I call shenanicanon.
Least Surprising (Only Because of Spoilers) - Charlie's death
Best Comedic Relief - Rowena
Biggest Bwaaahhh - The Stynes are the Frankensteins? Oh boy.
The "Hello? Are You Brain Dead?" Award - The killer walks in right when the "FBI" walks out. This is the time to start yelling your head off, guy, in hopes that the FBI hears you.
Biggest Idiot - Charlie for leaving when it was that dangerous
Weirdest Scene - Crowley talking to a rodent
Biggest Hypocrite - Dean, who would have done the exact same thing as Sam didand he knows it
Best Reference??? - Was Crowley talking Missouri the state or Missouri the miserable witch from season 1? I can go with the latter. Being from Missouri, I would like to avoid the first.
Best Quotes -
1. Dean: "They helped Hitler get started along with God knows what else, probably disco."
2. Sam: "How you doing?" Dean: "Oh you mean the thing?" Sam: "Yeah, yeah." Dean: "I'm having some dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges. Same old same old. I'm happy I've got a murder to focus on though."
3. Rowena: "Quite literal, aren't you? Does he know that the first rule is don't tell your brother what we're doing?" Cas: "Dean doesn't know? Sam, this never ends well." Charlie and the whole fandom: "That's exactly what I said." Sam: "Okay, everyone take a breath. Look we're up against it, okay? And we've all been up against it before and we know there are times when every choice sucks. You know us lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least. We have to make this work, please." Charlie: "Okay, yeah. For Dean." Sam: "Cas?" Cas: "Okay…for Dean." Sam: "For Dean." Rowena: "I barely know the man."
4. Rowena: "And you studied your craft, where?" Charlie: "Mostly a joint called Moss Java. It has excellent wi-fi." Rowena: "I have not heard of this institution and I know all the great global centers of witchcraft." Charlie: "Makes sense because I'm not a witch. I'm a nerd and I know all the great centers of nerdom."
5. Dean: "Something on your mind?" Cas: "No, this call is pointless."

CSI: Cyber - 1.10 - Click Your Poison

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - the teamwork
Best Scene - the team think they've lost the bad guy until Nelson thinks of a backdoor way to track him
Biggest Thing to Fear - this episode is all about fearing WebMD
The "Um, Excuse Me" Award - Why exactly is Nelson taking the late shift when he won the bet? Krumitz is a bad loser.
The "Poor Baby" Award - Paul, who is dying of cancer himself and only wanted to get free drugs to cure it
The "Thank You, Captain Obvious" Award - almost everything Avery says is so blatantly obvious I'm beginning to think the writers of this show truly believe we're idiots
Most Ingenious - getting paid through an online poker game
Most Effective Use of Music - essentially we are just watching shapes pop up on a screen but with the music, it is actually riveting and climactic
The "Welcome Back Award - Michael Irby from Almost Human / Brian McNamara from one of my favorite historical dramas of all time, Homefront
Best Quotes -
1. Nelson: "Bluetooth is a hacker's best friend."
2. Krumitz: "That man's a superhero with a kid."
3. Mundo: "Alright you know we made the same toast when we busted you, right?" Nelson: "Oh you've just got to rub it in. Look I'm nothing like the guy we arrested today, okay? Shawn Morris, the guy's like a sociopath. Probably still lives in the basement with his parents, never been near a girl, and uses code for evil." Mundo: "And hacking the New York Stock Exchange was any different." Nelson: "It was. His code killed people. My code just made bankers and stockholders mad for a day or two.' Mundo: "So then he was a black hat with bad intentions and you were what?" Nelson: "An innovator, a revolutionary." Krumitz: "Sounds like you're just a guy talking a whole bunch of smack."

The Goldbergs - 2.23 - Bill/Murray

I had to knock this one down a bit in grade because I didn't really laugh. I did however bathe in nostalgia and I loved all the heart. Murray and Pops have my favorite character interactions on The Goldbergs so it was incredibly heartwarming for Pops to say that Murray is his favorite friend. It was like a light bulb went off in Murray's head too, realizing that he and Pops truly are friends. I love how that gave him the courage to reconcile with Bill. Beverly was sweet in this episode as well, encouraging Erica to reach for her dreams no matter how out of reach they seemed. That quick shot of her sitting on the steps, realizing that her oldest is about to leave her was so poignant. Without words, McLendon-Covey nailed the sadness of knowing your kids are leaving you behind and the pride that they are growing up so well.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Murray like always
Best Scene - Pops calls Murray his friend
Best Awww Moment - Beverly sits on the steps, crying and listening to Erica sing for her audition tape
Most Obtuse - Beverly, who doesn't get that Erica is NOT the best of the best even after Glascott tries in several different ways to enlighten her
Best Case for Alien Body Swapping - Murray's in a good mood, complimenting everyone when he comes in
Best Nostalgia - I remember when my family finally got cable and I could watch MTV
The "Totally Forgot about That" Award - I didn't remember the inanity of the Watchman until they mentioned it here
The "I Feel Your Pain" Award - having been through my fair share of school events, I understand the desire to leave halfway through most concerts
Best Dis - Barry decides against Princeton since his guidance counselor went there and he's not impressed by Glascott's career
The "Welcome Back" Award - Tim Meadows of Mean Girls
Best Reference - video for Take on Me by A-Ha
Best Quotes -
1. Pops: "Murray, that's what friendship is. You've got to be there in the good times and in the bad." Murray: "I guess I'm just not cut out for that kind of thing." Pops: "No, you are 'cause all the friends I ever made in my life, you're my favorite."
2. Barry: "You're looking like a Monday morning when I need you to look like a Friday night." Murray: "I usually sit in front of the TV with no pants on Friday night." Lainey: "Seems like that's most nights."
3. Erica: "I can't decide whether that guy's hotter as a human or a cartoon." Adam: "If Jessica Rabbit taught us anything, cartoon."
4. Bill: "40 kids playing Jingle Bells on the clarinet. I mean how does that ever end well?"
5. Glascott: "This is Patty Schnitzenberg. She wrote this piece. She carved the cello. She's also blind and they rejected her like the cold SoB's they are."

Young & Hungry - 2.06/2.07 - Young & Moving/Young & Ferris Wheel

Grade: B / B-

Best Reason to Watch - Josh, surprisingly since it's usually Yolanda or Sophia
Most in Need of Toning It Down - Gabi, surprisingly since it's usually Elliot
Most Scary - Danielle's sudden transition into a stalker psycho
Least Surprising - Yolanda gets the apartment
Biggest Idiot / Least Likely to Keep Her Mouth Shut - Gabi
The "Welcome Back" Award - Kylie Minogue from 1980's pop fame
Best Reference - Billy and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Best Quotes -
1. Gabi: "Breakfast should be your most important meal of the day, not your last."
2. Sofia: "And I read an article that said you can get anything you want from a man if you give him food or sex." Gabi: "You had to read an article to know that?"
3. Elliot: "Can you come over to my house and watch me sleep?" Yolanda: "I would but The Exorcist is on and watching that sounds a little less scary." Elliot: "I can get you front row seats to see Usher:" Yolanda: "I'm gonna need your address, a key, and some holy water."
4. Gabi: "Hey, you know what a great gift for Shauna would be?" Josh: "A therapist. Thanks to you."
5. Gabi: "Okay if anybody asks, you're here to borrow my car." Sofia: "Oh really. I shouldn't say that I'm here to help you trick Yolanda into dating our landlord so we can get that apartment." Gabi: "You know hopefully you can keep your sarcasm in our new walk-in closet."

The Messengers - 1.04 - Drums of War

Again, Rose needs to point out the devil so they can all be aware of him. After all, Peter should have been forewarned so he wouldn't have listened to a word the devil said. Other than that, they identified the Horseman of War in some great forward plot movement. I like how the thing that turned the Senator was not a successful assassination plot but simply raising her glass, knowing that it would kill an innocent man and plunge an entire country into war so she could get revenge. The intention was the sin not the result. That makes for more powerful drama for me and raises the stakes when they identify the next Horseman. They don't have to change the world. They have to change one person's heart and mind. Sometimes that is far more difficult.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Horseman of War is created
Best Awww Moment - Raul makes a memorial to his brother for Nadia
Best Back Story - Peter's suicide attempt
Most in Need of More Back Story - Josh's sister
Dumbest Plan - They all meet back where Peter was arrested the first time. Shouldn't that be one of the first places the police check?
Least Surprising - the devil is Peter's lawyer
Biggest Douche - Vera, still
Best Timing - Rose's visit with Peter, which keeps him from killing himself
Biggest Mystery - Who is the homeless woman and how much does she know?
Best Quotes -
1. Aide: "You know I've been working in DC a long time. You're not the first evil b** I've dealt with." Devil: "Well they all work for me and so do you so finish the job."
2. Raul: "It's not my fault. I don't try. It's not a superpower I asked for. Why can't I fly? I'd rather fly."
3. Alan: "Oh yeah, you died on me…twice in the last week." Vera: "I'm fine." Alan: "Oh are you? Because now you're hanging out at Walter White's house with a bunch of strange people you've never ever mentioned before. Kind of begs the question what the hell?"
4. Joshua: "I'm here because you're my sister and I need your help."

TBBT - 8.24 - The Commitment Determination (season finale)

Okay, let's face it. This was more typical episode than jaw-dropping season finale right up to the point where Sheldon popped out that ring. I had no clue he was even thinking in that direction much less bought a ring. It will be interesting to see if they ever follow through on it. The other characters made changes too but it felt more like the show was just going through the motions. I've filed Penny and Leonard's marriage in the "I'll believe it when I see it" category. Surely they aren't going to get married off-screen and when their friends aren't even there. Plus then we don't have an excuse to finally meet the rest of Penny's family. As for Raj, I like Emily and I can't think of any other plotline Raj really has right now. That's sad but taking away Emily is not likely to help him be more interesting. Bernadette and Howard trying to evict Stuart was so blah, it barely registered. So for once, Sheldon saved the episode for me with the biggest TV shock of the week.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Sheldon's ring
Best Reaction - Sheldon to Penny waving her engagement ring in his face
Most Vicious - petting zoo goats are super aggressive
Most Harsh - Amy breaks up with Sheldon via Skype. I guess it's better than by text.
Worst Transitioning - I realize that by cutting back and forward between the Stuart and Emily scenes they are trying to parallel how hard it is for each character to "break up" with another but having scenes this short is just distracting for me.
The "Gotta Agree" Award - Sheldon raises some valid points about committing to a TV show. It can be a huge time commitment. Several Smallville fans probably agree with his crisis over it as well.
The "Say What?" Award - Hey, I get the desire to blame Sheldon for everything. He can be very annoying. Still Leonard and Penny have a fight with him and he didn't do anything but try to agree with what they were saying.
Biggest Hmm - Emily wants to have sex in a graveyard. I agree that's a little twisted.
Best Reference - The Flash
Best Quotes -
1. Sheldon: "Well Gollum, you're an expert on rings. What do I do with this one?"
2. Sheldon: "Excuse me. Starting to watch a television show that might run for years isn't a decision to take lightly. I'm wrestling with a big commitment issue here."
3. Howard: "Buddy, other than Jenny Craig, you've never broken up with a girl in your life."
4. Emily: "You aren't scared, are you?" Raj: "Of ghosts, no. Of you, a little bit."
5. Leonard: "Would you rather I didn't tell you?" Penny: "No, I don't want there to be secrets between us." Leonard: "See now I'm confused and…and what am I supposed to do?" Penny: "Uh, keep your mouth off other women." Leonard: "I can do that. From now on, this mouth? You and food. That's it."

Grimm - 4.21 - Headache

I'm frustrated with the Grimm writers. They keep killing off or sending off the best characters and leaving us with Adalind. I have zero interest in watching her become the new Juliette. At least Trubel is back. Maybe she can save the show like she did when she first came on. Goodness knows they need all the help they can get. And a new writing staff.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Trubel is back and everyone is on Team Kill Juliette
Worst Reason to Watch - everyone seems to be jumping on Team Adalind too, which is beyond stupid
Most Intense - Nick's reaction to seeing his mom's head in the box
Biggest Mistake - killing off Mama Grimm and keeping Adalind / Prince Kenneth deliberately baiting Nick and ticking off the most powerful person in Portland…Trubel
Biggest Idiot - Rosalee for leaning over Renard to take his pulse. Like that wasn't going to take a wrong turn quickly.
Biggest Overkill - Prince Kenneth takes out all of Nick's neighbors
The "And I Thought She was Only Juliette's Replacement" Award - Adalind is also the trailer's replacement it seems. I would rather have the trailer back.
The "I Don't Get It" Award - Why does the director spend so much time taking shots of Juliette's footwear? Foot fetish or future shoe designer?
Worst Plan - unlocking Renard's handcuffs / giving Renard the potion in a glass jar right after the Juliette disaster last time
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Trubel thankfully / Sgt. Franco
Best/Worst Reference - Se7en
Best Quotes -
1. Monroe: "Whoever that was I am done trying to help it." Rosalee: "Me too. She could have killed Monroe." Hank: "I'm out too." Rosalee: "That b**."
2. Nick screaming, "No!" over and over
3. Hank: "What if Jack's not gone?" Rosalee: "Then shoot him for real."
4. Bud: "I don't know how you guys do it, living with all this tension all the time." Hank: "For one thing, we don't use bats."
5. Hank: "Hold on. Before we go in there, if he's dealing with what we think he's dealing with, who the hell are we gonna be talking to?" Nick: "Or what?" Hank: "Okay, that didn't help at all."

My Cancellation / Renewal Results:

I am happy to report that I was dead wrong on several (7 so far) of my predictions last week, which makes me a happy TV viewer this week. Specifically Galavant and Agent Carter were renewed! Woo hoo! I had Galavant at a 0% chance of renewal and Agent Carter on the cancelled list too. Sadly Forever, Backstrom, Allegiance, Battle Creek, Benched, Eye Candy, Gang Related, Mahattan Love Story, The Messengers, Perception, Red Band Society, Stalker, Taxi Brooklyn, and White Collar were axed. Of these though the only ones I will really miss are Forever, Red Band Society, and of course my beloved White Collar. That's not too bad considering.

Renewed Shows I am Excited About - The 100, Agent Carter, CSI: Cyber, Dominion, The Flash, Fresh Off the Boat, Galavant, The Goldbergs, How to Get Away with Murder, iZombie, The Last Ship, The Librarians, Motive, The Musketeers, Poldark, Scorpion, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Younger.

So what were your biggest cancellations and renewals?

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for The 100, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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