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Grimm - Headache - Advance Review + Teasers

Will he shoot or not? This question mark will be answered in the first minutes. Welcome Grimmers, it's been a while since I've written my last preview for an episode of Grimm.
Last time, we left Juliette controlled Nick and his gun pointed at Monroe, while the case of Jack the Ripper hadn't been solved yet. This week, we'll get some answers and an interesting turn of the events.

Episode 21 of season 4 sees Nick and Hank get closer to uncovering the identity of the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, Juliette solidifies a new alliance with Prince Kenneth, as she works to get her revenge. Juliette has totally lost her mind and her control, she's on the Dark Side now, let's face it. Also, rejoyce because Trubel, Kelly Burkhart and Diana return to Portland.

The events in Headache lead us to the season finale, Cry Havoc, and I'm looking forward to see it. There are some very interesting scenes, but everything happens in the dark, so stay focus on the scene, because you could miss something.
As usual, I can't tease more than that, but if you have any questions about a character or a scene, you can ask in the comments below, and I'll try to answer, if I can.

Some teasers:

- Yes, Jack the Ripper is still out there;
- Memories are an important part of the episode;
- Prince Kenneth and Juliette take an interesting look into Nick's house;
- Juliette decides to officially join the Royals and she has her way... to make it official;
- What's wrong with Sean Renard? Yes, you'll finally get answers. Some of you already had some good theories.
- Adalind has one helpful chat;
- There's a very bloody scene;
- Trubel, Kelly Burkhart and Diana are back. But in a way you won't see it coming;
- You'll see Jack's face;
- There's a surprise for Nick. I can't say whether it's good or bad.

Some quotes from the episode:
Try to guess who said those lines.

"That bitc*!"
"You've been a very bad boy, Sean."
"She likes what she is. She likes the power. She's not given up."
"Hit the road Jack!"
"I hope you don't fancy the blonde, because I do."

About the Author - diana mack

Diana (diana mack) is a tv shows addicted. She's from Italy, she dreams to be a real journalist someday - meanwhile she speaks english even in her dreams. But tv series are not the only passions she has: she's a football supporter, cinema lover and a traveller. She studied languages (english, french, spanish, arabic and a bit of portuguese) and journalism in Rome.