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Forever - Season Finale - Post Mortem

TVLINE | So Adam’s theory was wrong: You actually can’t be killed by the weapon that initially killed you.

That’s correct, that’s correct, yes. We wanted to create this idea of a possible kind of MacGuffin that could end your life… Certainly, we didn’t want the show to turn into Highlander, which is that there is this kind of one knife, or one gun, or something like that that can end your life. For Henry, it’s an existential, ongoing, seasons-long question: Can he end his life, and if so, would he?

TVLINE | Would you have a new big bad come in for Season 2? Would the show maybe not be as mythology-based as it has been this season? What are your plans?

There will certainly be mythology brought into Season 2. How Adam will be utilized is not completely worked out yet, but we certainly feel like there’s more story to tell with Adam. We also want to introduce new characters that add some fresh blood to this world and be able to work in the idea, not only of the mythology, but in the romance of the series and other stories that we want to pursue.

TVLINE | At the very end of the episode, Abe pointedly instructs Henry to tell Jo what’s going on, and then the episode ends. What can you tell me about what might follow?

Obviously, we ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger, in terms of Henry and Jo, and it’s something that we’re interested in pursuing in Season 2. Who will find out Henry’s secret? Will other characters find out? What does that mean for the show? It’s hard to say without giving away any real spoilers about it, but suffice to say, it is something that we have thought about and have a plan.