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Chicago Fire - Spartacus - Review

Rice returns to the house and confesses to Severide…that he can be a jerk. I respect Severide’s loyalty but as Casey says, he’s blind. He’s also stubborn, and once he makes up his mind he’s unlikely to go back on that.

Tensions are still high between Severide and Casey because of the accusations against Rice. “51 isn’t 51 right now and it’s because of him.” Obviously, Casey is right. Rice caused the initial rift in the house and hasn’t done much (or rather anything) to repair it. On the first call of the episode, the rift between the two units causes problems on scene and Boden has had more than enough. He later tells Donna they all need to “stop acting like a bunch of damn babies.” Preach.

To make matters worse, Otis leads Truck in sitting at the Squad table after the call. I get that their mad and I agree with them mostly, but they are acting like children and like Boden, I’m so done with it.
After another argument with Casey, Severide pays a visit to an equipment shop where he finds that no regulator from 51 was ever inspected. What does that mean, exactly? That Rice is a liar! Thank goodness, because I can’t handle this division in the house.

When Rice is confronted by Severide and Boden, I actually felt bad for him. I don’t condone his actions and I definitely don’t like the problems he caused, but he’s a single dad who is afraid of his son becoming an orphan. It’s tough to be mad at someone like that.

“There’s a lot of men with families in the CFD. But everyone, when they report for this job, puts it all out there. Everyone.”

Severide has a great point too.

On the second call of the episode, it’s a musical chair of sorts. With Casey out, Boden is acting Lieutenant. Cruz is moved over to Squad, and Otis now drives Truck. 51 arrives on scene to another house already working and another Chief calling the shots.

Dawson finds herself trapped trying to save a man and runs out of oxygen. With the rest of Truck outside (because the building has minutes left…maybe), Boden explicitly states that no one is to go inside. “This is not a democracy! I am in charge.” Then he picks up a tank and goes in the building himself. I will lose it if Boden ever dies.

Severide, already inside, finds Dawson and shares his mask with her until it runs out of air. They can’t find a way out, so they lay by a window and use the oxygen from the hose—until the other Chief cuts the water. Cruz vehemently and heroically opposes the Chief, but it’s no use.

But it’s Boden to the rescue! Now if that doesn’t unify a house I don’t know what will.

When they return to the house, a high-ranking chief is there to reprimand whoever (Cruz) threatened the other Chief on call. Before Cruz can step up, Otis claims responsibility. Cruz follows, then Severide, then Mouch, and the rest of the house. After weeks of animosity, this scene made me tear up. House 51 is back!

Later that night at Molly’s, Dawson and Severide joke for a brief moment before having the sweetest hug. These two don’t even have to say much—their scenes are the strongest. I hope the writers utilize Severide and Dawson together more because good gracious are they fantastic.


For the longest time, Otis and Cruz seemed like relatively unimportant characters. I appreciate the writers giving them heftier storylines lately, because it finally feels like they have a purpose.

But, I still don’t care all that much for them. That being said, I love the change Cruz makes from Truck to Squad. I’m hoping that will help stabilize the ever-changing Squad 3. Am I still hoping for the returns of Clark, Newhouse, Welch, and/or Mills? You better believe it. I will never give up that hope (no matter what the writers say or don’t say).

Otis, however, I care less for now than I did before everything with Rice started. I understand his anger and frustration but he acted like a child. And when Boden announced Rice’s departure? I wanted to smack that grin off his face.

Chileeze has arrived! How sweet was that moment when Chili opened that box with Herrmann? They open the champagne
and it works! Chilled to perfection. Herrmann suggests a celebrity spokesperson so naturally, this can only get hilarious.

The two find Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen and trap him in an elevator. Chili “responds” to the “broken” elevator call and uses that opportunity to promote Chileeze. And Pippen agrees!

Unfortunately, someone beats Chili to the punch. Her devastation was heartbreaking! But Herrmann is there to encourage her and if this firefighting thing doesn’t work out for him, he has a career as a motivational speaker.

Chili proclaims that all the steam that’s built up over the past few weeks means that someone’s hooking up.
Volcanoes, guys. Volcanoes. Well who should Sylvie strike up conversation with but Chicago PD’s Sean Roman? Oh, it’s going to happen. I didn’t see this pairing coming at all, but I don’t hate it. I would still like to see Sylvie with Severide at some point (and those of you who think I’m crazy for that should check out a recent interview with the writers—a Sylvie/Severide relationship was in the works at one time).

After Casey’s phone is barely cleared by the shady men working with Jack Nesbitt, Casey is ready to call it quits. Antonio and Voight convince him that it takes time, but he’s pushing his limits. But it is Casey we’re talking about, so for the greater good, he continues with the undercover job. He requests the next shift off to finish the case and Jack just so happens to see him clearing this with Boden…and Antonio and Voight. Shoot.

Jack later gives Casey the opportunity to say whether or not he’s been approached by the cops. Casey lies, of course, but we all know Jack knows. We don’t see Casey again after that meeting…

Dawson’s not feeling well. Dawson doesn’t like the smell of pickles. Dawson’s pregnant. Dawson’s pregnant! To be fair, we don’t see the results of the pregnancy test. But, who runs over to the potential father’s house if the test is false? No one. Gabby’s pregnant.

But Dawson doesn’t find Casey at his place. Instead, she finds what looks like the scene of a burglary and then a very dead Katya. Holy cliffhanger, Batman!

And that’s a wrap for season 3! Sadly, we’ll have to wait until November to see our favorite firefighters in action again. What did you think of the episode? Where is Casey? Do you want Chili to stick around next season?

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