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Arrow - Season 4 - To Feature A Lighter Tone Then Previous Seasons

So onto TV. Since the Arrow finale just aired this week, what can you tell us about next season?

Guggenheim: Ah, good question. It will take a lighter tone. That’s pretty much the only thing I say without spoiling it.

We’ve been working for about a month now in the writers’ room, talking about season 4, and I think that one thing we all collectively understood was season 3 beginning with Sara’s death, because it’s the death of a major character on the show, it set a tone for the remainder of the season. And I’m not the least bit apologetic for that tone. I happen to like dark and I like the fact that Arrow is a pretty dark show particularly for a network show. That said, every year you want to mix things up and there was sort of a collective desire on all of our parts to try to inject a little bit more lightness into the show, a little bit more humor. It’s not going to radically change. The show’s still going to be the show but in terms of tone we’re coming off a very very hard season for all of our characters. We wanted to try to mix it up a little bit.