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American Horror Story - Season 5 - Fates of Several Favorites Explained

Filming will start there in early July. We also know that Season 5, like the previous odd-numbered seasons, will probably take place in modern day America.

Regular American Horror Story player Emma Roberts is busy with Murphy’s other pulpy project Scream Queens but has said she thinks she’ll be joining Season 5 “at the end.” Another regular, Denis O’Hare, says he hasn’t officially been asked back yet, but that he signed a two-year contract last season so could be called up at any moment.

American Horror Story favorite Frances Conroy will likely be too busy with Jason Reitman’s new series to join in the fun for Season 5 and there’s no word yet on Lily Rabe—though she hasn’t said no—but if she came back to the American Horror Story fold, I’ve no doubt she’d bring her dancing moves"