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Young & Hungry - Young & Cooking - Review: That was so 3 weeks ago...

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Hey there all you fans of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry! Are you ready to talk about this week’s episode? I know I am. Technically not a whole lot happened but that doesn't mean there still isn't tons to discuss. Let's get started...

How apropos that this episode aired on April Fools day because this has got to be a sick joke. Just kidding, I actually kind of, sort of liked it, a little.

This week's episode was written by Jenny Lee whom we haven't seen since episode 1x03: Young & Lesbian. I was actually expecting to see her write next week's episode since SPOILER: the character of Logan is returning. We found Andy Cadiff in the director's chair. His last outing on the show was episode 1x07: Young & Secret. I enjoyed this combination. This was a character building episode for sure which is great because this show definitely needs a lot of that at this stage in the game. The directing was subtle and competent. Some shots weren't framed as well as I would have like (I make all of my own screencaps and gifs so scene composition is something I'm really into as of late) but still fairly solid.

The setup for this week was a bit a much for me and left me shaking my head about Josh, yet again. Here's the cliff notes version of what went down: When Gabi returns from her three week vacation, she discovers via Sophia that Josh tried to stop her at the airport from going to China with Cooper. But he's moved on and is dating a woman who just happens to be a pretty great cook. When Josh doesn’t ask Gabi to be the chef for an important client dinner, Gabi decides a “cook-off” is the best way to keep her job. Meanwhile, Yolanda makes a date with the hot building window washer.

We open this week's episode with a returning Gabi at the airport calling Sophia and explaining to her why she hadn't heard from her in three weeks and also see needs a ride home. Sophia immediately calls Josh to tell him that Gabi didn't reject him, she just never got the message and tells him that he needs to come to the airport with her to pick up Gabi. Josh responds with relief because now Gabi never has to hear that message if he can help it. Also, he's moved on and everything has changed. PS: Who even answers an unknown number anymore? I just let that go to voicemail. If it's important, they'll leave a message.

So off Sophia and Josh go to pick up Gabi from the airport. Josh and Sophia arrive to pick Gabi up and they are still arguing about whether or not Josh should tell Gabi how he feels and of course Josh just wants to drown his sorrows in a new set of boobies and pretend like everything is OK. Sopia acquiesces for the time being and when Gabi enters their space Josh has graciously gifts Gabi a new phone so that he can delete that long awkward message of course. Um, seriously,Gabi fell for that lame coverup story? That definitely deserves a classic, 'Oh,Honey.' Am I right? But what a great line and Emily Osment reaction was priceless.

Meanwhile back at Josh's place, Elliott is primping and Yolanda is faux-working out to catch the eye of the building's hot window washer. Oh yeah, and Josh has just finished transferring everything from Gabi's old phone to the new one sans that awkward one no one will ever here (yeah right, "ominous" foreshadowing is "ominous").

Gabi returns to work much to Elliott's feigned chagrin. But you can always count on Yolanda to have a hug and smile for Gabi. I wish those two interacted more frequently and with subject matter that had a little more gravitas. But it is still early in the season maybe just maybe the writers will surprise me (if anyone from ABC Family is reading this please do pass that along). Anyway, Josh gives Gabi her new phone and introduces her to Jilly. Can I just say that thank goodness Jilly wasn't a blonde. So at least there's that. But it is interesting that she can cook so well, another major trait that Gabi also has. I think it would funny if Josh just dates a string of girl who all have one of Gabi's standout characteristics for the rest of the season until Yolanda just can't take anymore and simultaneously slaps the crap out Josh and knocks some sense into him. Gabi immediately feels threatened when she tastes how great the food is.

Turns out she had every right because not one minute later, Josh allows Jilly to cook an important meal instead of her. The decision came across as very vindictive if you ask me but hey at least it lead to some Gabi and Sophia bonding time. Or should I say the Gabi venting power hour... We learn that Gabi is indeed happy with Cooper and that this freak out is strictly about her job security.

Cut to a restless Josh toss and turning despite being in bed with the very pretty Jilly. Jilly wakes up and "confronts" Josh with an accusation. She thinks he's not over Caroline. But apparently he is over Caroline. He just not over Gabi and well Jilly doesn't know about Gabi so this was guaranteed to be a hot mess from the get go and from that moment on, I was waiting for the spectacular melt down or blow up to occur...

At any rate, Gabi still apparently cracked out on jet lag thinks it a prudent idea to head over to Josh's place at 3 AM to cook the dinner. They have a little discussion about positions and boundaries but don't quite finish before Jilly feels the need to interject her two cents. They come to a stand still and decide that a cook-off will be the easiest way to settle this mess.

The next day as Gabi and Jilly are prepping their perspective pot pies, Yolanda is heading out on her date with the window washer. Turns out he's deaf. But he still hot so she goes.

Meanwhile, Josh concocts a plan to make sure he picks Jilly pot pie and not Gabi's with the help of Elliott, of course. But they blindfold him despite his protests. But he still manages to pick Jilly's. A defeated Gabi goes home.

Yolanda returns home from her date with the hot window washer a little early. Turns out he's a cheapskate and that is a major turn off for her. But she doesn't want to dump him because she doesn't want him to think that she's prejudice against the deaf and tries to come up with a way to kick him to curb nicely.

The dinner Jilly cooked turned out fantastically and Josh decides it's time to kick back with his lady to some of his jamming grooves provided by his LAPTOP. Wouldn't you know it,that damn voicemail starts to play and causes a conversation between he and Jilly. Jilly asks if he is still hung up on Gabi and she doesn't believe him when he says no and walks out on him.

A disheartened Gabi is contemplating other career opportunities with Sophia when Josh shows up to talk. Turns out he knew which one was Gabi's after all. And to thing Gabi was afraid she'd be fired!Josh tells her that he and Jilly broke up and that in a way he's happy because he does think that it was much too soon for a "girlfriend". Gabi reassures Josh that he'll find someone great and make him just like Cooper is that for her.

The only thing I can safely gather from this episode is that Josh needs therapy. The character of Josh is really rubbing me the wrong way with all of this bed hopping. I'm going to need to see a whole lot more personal growth and maturity from him before I can ever be OK with him and Gabi getting serious. And no offense to Johnathan Sadowski but the way he played Josh in this episode felt really off and disconnected from what was actually written. Josh gave me a creepy 'Psycho' vibe in this episode. As for Gabi, I was a little annoyed with her when she discovered that Josh did show up at the airport. Cooper is a great guy (even though let's be honest, long distance relationships suck and rarely work out). But I also liked that Gabi stood up for herself even though it fell on deaf ears and she lost out because of Josh's incessant need to squelch the tightness in his trousers. Sophia continues to be one of the best things about this show providing the voice of reason and the occasional nudge. I actually liked seeing Elliott and Yolanda being semi-nice to each other. Though I could care less about their respective love lives. But you know what be awesome to see in the next episode? Gabi and Sophia passing the Bechdel test, or hey maybe the writers could even aim that goal towards Elliott and Yolanda. Just a thought.

I truly hope Josh realizes that yes, it is much too soon for him to have a "girlfriend" and spends a least two or three episodes working on himself or his business. I also want something a little more meaty for Gabi. I'd love to see her improve upon her craft and take this job a little more seriously and be more professional, just for a little while and see where that goes. I also want to get Sophia a little more fleshed out so hopefully these things are in the pipeline and the writers can find humorous ways to go about it because there wasn't a whole lot of funny in this one. Only a handful of sitcoms in the history of sitcoms could go long stretches leaning toward a more serious approach (M.A.S.H.,Frasier, HIMYM)and unfortunately Young & Hungry is to new of a show to upping the dramatics at this point.

Bring back the funny and lightheartedness ASAP, please.

Grade: B-


Character of the Night
• Jilly

Best Character Interactions
• Yolanda and Elliott

Most Memorable Moment
• The voicemail Josh left for Gabi plays at the most inopportune time.
• Gabi grabbing her apron right off of Jilly.
• Gabi and Jilly both suggesting chicken pot pie.

Line of the Night
• Josh: While you were gone there was a phone virus that swept the country. People everywhere were talking face to face. It was horrible.

• Gabi: It was amazing. Everywhere we went they treated us like royalty. Of course they all thought I was Carey Underwood.

Scene of the Night
• Josh reveals that he knew which potpie was Gabi's only it wasn't because of which colored dish.


Style Watch – I am loving Gabi's style this season. I guess being a personal chef pays well enough for not to have to wrestle in the bargain bins anymore.

Burning Question
•Do you think this season's running gag is getting a look into who 'the help' is dating? How do you feel about it if that turns out to be the case?

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Show’s hashtag: #YoungandHungry

Young & Hungry airs Wednesday nights at 8PM EST on ABC Family

What did you think of this episode? Could you believe that Josh had yet another lady in his bed so soon after his failed engagement? Are you happy that Sophia told Gabi about the Josh situation? Please be sure to leave a comment below as well as share this article if you enjoyed it.

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