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Ushers - TV Pilot - Live Now!

Update - The Pilot is now live. Check it out here...

Hi folks,

The TV pilot I've been working on for the last ten months is finally finished and will be uploaded later today in a variety of formats. I'll post it here once it's live, but it would be great if you could sign up to like our Facebook/Twitter so that we can keep you informed of any developments.

More importantly, once it goes live tonight we're looking for lots of feedback on your thoughts, good or bad, of the pilot. We only want to make it better going forward.

It was a labour of love, with no budget and lots of late nights, so it's not HBO quality, but we're all very proud of it so I hope you like it. We were nominated for a Raindance Web Festival Award last year, which we were very surprised at for a five minute short we made, so hopefully that's a reason enough to check it out.

For all those wondering, I co-wrote and exec produced the show, as well as taking a supporting role. I'm third along on the top row of the picture about, for anyone wondering :)

Join Our Facebook and Twitter below, and check back later for the first episode of our new sitcom, Ushers!

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Thanks in advance.

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