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Throwback Thursday - Marvel Top 5 - What would you pick?

Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years. 

Sometimes I wonder why I agree to write an article compared to our vast range of writers and reviewers who nail it every time and I talk a load of geeky rubbish. Unfortunately for you guys its time for more geeky rubbish from me (next time maybe I'll do a video)

Being the pain that I am for my second Throwback Thursday I’m breaking the rules once again. Last time I did my list of top Christmas based episodes. This time with Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron being released today (in the UK at least) I thought I would do my top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

What are your Top 5 picks? Let us know in the comments below.

#5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America is trying to settle into life in the future and has joined S.H.I.E.L.D however everything is not as it seems. Turns our HYDRA is alive, Fury is dead, then he is not dead and his best friend who died is still alive and Black Widow can kick ass no matter what the situation.

With one of the biggest twist of the MARVEL movies so far bringing HYDRA back in a big way. This didn't just impact the Captain America movies but the whole entire Marvel universe. That alone is the reason why this deserves to be in the top 5. Superhero films can be very political without losing its roots.

Memorable moment: The apple store scene, much needed humour in such a serious movie. "Specimen"

#4 Thor

Kenneth Branagh may not have been a director you would think would take on a superhero movie with his Shakespearean background. However it worked brilliantly. Introducing Thor to the world in a big way but keeping the story of two brothers at war grounded and giving us a clear back story to our favorite Norsk god.

I must admit when I first watched this movie I didn't enjoy it. After a few watches however I have grew to love it a lot more.  This is possibly the best Marvel film for developing the background of one of our favourites heroes and most loved villains.

Memorable moment: Any scene with Kat Dennings. "meow meow"

#3 Ironman

Marvel took a big risk. A superhero that was not a house hold name that soon became the back bone to all future Marvel films. With Robert Downey Jnr nailing Tony Stark and giving us a comic book hero story that hit all the right notes. This is still the strongest of the Ironman trilogy and the story of how Ironman came to be.

This is the film that started this whole journey. Robert Downey Jnr embodied the character from the get go, and won over audiences around the world as the metal man thatn can fly. Bringing a character hidden in the background for so long to be the main man going forward.

Memorable moment: The test flight and building videos. "I am ironman"

#2 The Avengers

I can't remember a film of such high anticipation and with some many heroes wondering how any type of story could meet the expectations. Joss Whedon showed us all what was possible with comic movies. Humour, action and most importantly a good story staying true to the stories before it and moving the characters forward for the next phase.

Memorable moment: Amazingly Hulk steals the show with the sneaky punch to Thor and showing Loki who is boss.

#1 Guardians of the Galaxy

Another big risk by Marvel. I personally had never heard of the guardians and after hearing about the characters and story I thought this could never work. How wrong I was. This was simply pure entertainment from the start of that dance. A group of misfits fighting to save the universe without a plan (well 10% of a plan) on how to do it. Age of Ultron has a lot to do rise to this standard.

Memorable moment: That "Come and get your love" intro. From that point on everyone knew this film was special.

Do you agree with my top 5? Let me know below. I am now on my way to the IMAX to watch Age of Ultron, I wonder if it would make it into my top 5?

CJ - Senior Staff
CJ aka “CJ Sonic” is a senior staff member at Spoiler TV, co-hosts and edits the Spoiler TV Podcast, co-hosts Spoiler TV's web show "Spoiled" and loads of other things for the site. He has recently started going to cons and making videos for his site Two Geeky Guys, which involves interviews, parodies and cosplay music videos. So please check it out.
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