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Throwback Thursday - Full House - Our Very First Show

Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years.  

Full house very first episode starts with a bit long (for today standards) opening sequence (can you hear the theme song? Of course you can you grew up with it!) 
In the first scene we get to meet Danny Tanner and his 2 daughters, Steph and DJ who come home to say goodbye to their grandma, who is leaving. We then find out she’s Danny’s mom and she have been helping him with the kids, the 2 girls we met and a baby, after his wife passed away. (We know this is a sitcom but the plot could be heavy on the drama) 

He tells his daughters who are complaining about their grandma leaving, that everything will be ok. Uncle Jesse is coming to live with them. Cut to John Stamos big entrance as bad boy/musician Uncle Jesse. In every sitcom there has to be the goofy, big heart character: Danny’s best friend, Joey,  fits the bill, and he’s moving in too. 
The adventures starts, three grown up men taking care of three little girls. The show premiered in September of 1987, the comedy is based mostly on the strength of the dialogues and how they’re delivered, but it also achieves to address the loss of the girls’ mom in a classic manner, juggling the amount of drama and comedy well, making it clear why the show run for as many seasons as it did and why not only was a success in The States but the rest of the world too. 

With recent news of a revival coming to Netflix next year it will be interesting to see how the comedy pace changes as sitcoms have in the past 20 years, while, at the same time they revisit a similar plot. D.J is a widow helped by her long time best friend and one of her sisters to race her sons, and the baby on its way. Are you planning on watching Fuller House? I can't lie, I'm curious about it.

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