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The Vampire Diaries - Is Nina Dobrev leaving? [RUMOUR] + Poll

Update: 7th April 2015 This has now been confirmed to be true as she has announced her exit.

6th April 2015

Take this with a large pinch of salt, but for the last few days we've been receiving emails from fans linking us to a number of online articles.

Basically some TVD Crew Members have been posting photos with the #hashtag "#ninawewillmissyou". Some of these were then deleted.

Michael Trevino and Nina Dobrev are currently enjoying a weekend at the lake with their castmates and crew members and it appears to be a big farewell party.

Also note that Nina Dobrev has yet to sign her 7th Season contract and has recently purchased a new house in Los Angeles (TVD films in Atlanta)

Here are some of the photos/posts, some of which have been deleted.

Do you think she is leaving?