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27th April

  • 20:10 - The Night Shift - Episode 2.11 - Hold On - New Sneak Peek

  • 19:56 - The Returned - Episode 1.08 - Claire - Sneak Peek

  • 18:42 - The Vampire Diaries - Rehash: Because

  • 18:08 - Strike Back returns for a 4th and Final Season on 31st July 2015
    CINEMAX has confirmed that the fourth and final season of STRIKE BACK will debut FRIDAY, JULY 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT).
    Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton star in the Emmy®-nominated action series, which follows a stealth counterterrorism unit as it spans the globe to stop potential threats, often behind enemy lines.

    STRIKE BACK is a CINEMAX Presentation in association with British Sky Broadcasting Limited; a Left Bank Pictures Production; executive producers, Andy Harries for Left Bank and Cameron Roach for Sky; series producers, Michael Casey and Sharon Hughff.


  • 18:00 - Dora Madison Burge joins Chicago Fire / Vincent Curatola joins Law & Order: SVU
    There’s a new “paramedic in charge’ at Chicago Fire - Season 3Firehouse 51. Dora Madison (Friday Night Lights, Dexter) has joined the cast of NBC firefighter drama Chicago Fire as paramedic Jessica “Chili” Chilton. Chili is teamed with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) following the departure of Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) who made the decision to move with his family to North Carolina. Chili has an uphill battle winning over the Firehouse 51 family, who are still mourning Mills’ departure. Madison’s character will be introduced in the episode that airs Tuesday, April 28, in the first installment of the three part Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU crossover that airs April 28-29.

    She will guest star in the final three episodes of Season 3.

    Sopranos‘ alum Vincent Curatola has boarded NBC’s Law & Order: SVU for Season 17. Curatola will play Judge TK, joining fellow Soprano alum Aida Turturro as a rotating member of the L&O Bench.


  • 16:35 - Orange is the New Black - Season 3 - Promotional Poster

26th April

  • 19:18 - MOVIES: Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Opens To Over 200m Internationally
    Avengers: Age Of Ultron was the dominant box office force overseas this weekend with a hulking $201.2M start. The Disney/Marvel mash-up kicked off its career in 44 markets representing 55% of its international footprint, initially beginning to roll out on Wednesday and finishing the maiden frame at the high end of industry projections.

    Importantly, the $201.2M take exceeds the opening of the first Avengers film by 44% and bests Iron Man 3 by 24% in the same suite of markets, per Disney. Those figures are based on today’s exchange rates with local currencies having significantly dipped against the dollar in the intervening time. Disney’s EVP of Distribution, Dave Hollis, says the result is “extraordinary.” Especially because it’s an increase out of a base “that in and of itself was massive.” It’s also a strong indicator for the markets yet to come including the U.S., China, Japan and much of Latin America.


  • 13:53 - The Odd Couple - Episode 1.11 - 1.12 - Promotional Photos

    The Odd Couple - Episode 1.11 - Jealous Island

    The Odd Couple - Episode 1.12 - The Audit Couple

  • 07:15 - MOVIES: Avengers: Age Of Ultron - DVD Will Be Extended + Include Alternate Ending
    We do know that director Joss Whedon’s original cut of the film ran over three hours, which is significantly longer than the final theatrical running time. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if the home release restores some of the darlings he was forced to kill on the road to delivering a non-bloated and watchable movie. He previously told Collider that he didn't know exactly how much, but that we'd get a “goodly sum” of additional footage on the DVD. We do know that the mysterious woman from the trailer was a scene that never made it into the movie, so perhaps she re-appears?

    As for that alternate ending ... who knows? Whatever it is, it surely can’t be too different than the finished version. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about continuity. You don’t want to muddy those waters, especially when the nerds will eat you alive for any inconsistencies.


  • 07:11 - Constantine - All Season 1 Episodes Available On NBC Website For A Limited Time

  • 07:00 - Turn - Episode 2.08 - 2.10 Synopsis
    Episode 2.08 - Providence

    Caleb sails into New York Harbor; France becomes an ally to the Colonies.

    Episode 2.09 - The Prodigal

    Abe returns from prison with crucial information; Arnold rescues Peggy.

    Episode 2.10 - Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot

    Abe plots Major Hewlett's assassination; Ben fights at the Battle of Monmouth.


  • 06:45 - Secrets and Lies - Episode 1.09 - The Brother - Sneak Peek 4