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The Originals - When the Levee Breaks - Review

A lot of drama this week. Dahlia manages to frame Klaus for Aiden’s death. Hayley and Jackson run with Hope. Cami tries to get through to Klaus. Rebekah manages to convince Freya to keep helping them. The Original siblings dagger Klaus. 

Most predictable plot twist: Something I learned long ago is that everything that happens on a TV show is for a reason. So when that magical dagger was suddenly no longer mentioned, I knew it would make an appearance before the season was over. The timing however, is horrible. They’re facing one of the most powerful witches ever and, minutes before Dahlia’s deadline, they decide to sideline one of their strongest allies. I know Klaus’ paranoia makes him unpredictable but come on. 

Most frustrating character: I wanted to slap Klaus so many times this week. He actually helped Dahlia succeed in dividing the family. I still don’t understand why he would admit to killing Aiden when he didn’t. His motivations make zero sense. He said it was because he wanted the wolves to fear him, but it only made them hate him. And therefore more likely to refuse to protect Hope. Klaus actually did something very similar last season when Elijah accused him of wanting to use Hope to sire hybrids. Instead of denying it, he practically admitted it knowing it would make everyone hate him more. It’s like he wants people to think the worst of him, including the people he loves. 

Most heartbreaking scene: When a character start making plans to leave and live happily ever after, you know something bad is about to happen. My fears were confirmed when Dahlia killed Aiden. I’d never really gotten attached to Aiden, but I can’t stand to see Josh hurt. And this did, so much so that it’ll probably change him. I know this isn’t he last we’ve seen of Josh. It better not be. 

Best confrontation: I loved the confrontation between Dahlia and Hayley. I think Dahlia actually expected her to give up like Esther did. But I know that even if Dahlia does take her, which I’m starting to believe she will at some point, Hayley will never stop looking for her. Dahlia asked her if she would stand against her knowing it would mean her death, and I think she would. 

Worst character: Last week I loved Dahlia as the new villain. This week I want her gone. Killing Aiden crossed the line. I do hope we get flashbacks as to what made her this way, because each week she comes off as more delusional. It’s like she can’t see reason. She didn’t understand why Freya hates, she doesn’t get why Hayley wouldn’t give up Hope. Even if she lives closely by that deal she made with Esther, she’d still have to understand some of this. 

No longer the worst plan: Last week when Hayley and Jackson wanted to run, I called it the worst plan ever. Because it seemed like they were running with just the 3 of them without any protection from Dahlia’s tracking. This week the plan seems a bit more developed. Thanks to the bracelet, Dahlia shouldn’t be able to track Hope, although nothing’s stopping her from doing a locating spell on Hayley or Jackson. And the wolves are coming with them. We saw the panic rise up in Hayley. Dahlia has proven that no place is safe. They have nowhere else to hide. They might as well try to run. 
Predictions: As earlier mentioned, I think Dahlia will succeed at one point. Either she’ll get Hope for a brief period of time and the Original family will get her back before the end of the season. Or she won’t get Hope until the end of the finale and that’ll be the cliffhanger. As for Klaus, according to promotional photo’s he’ll already be undaggered next week. I’m guessing Cami will be able to convince someone, probably Elijah, that he didn’t kill Aiden. As for other predictions, I still think Jackson will die soon. I also think we’ll have Kol back by the end of the season, probably played by Nate. 

Best quotes: Rebekah: “It’s not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother … again.” Aiden: “Klaus doesn’t suspect a thing.” Josh: “Oh, right. Yes, I’m sure that Klaus “color me paranoid” Mikaelson totally fell for your whole “I came across the river for Hope’s bunny” ruse. Hayley: “Why don’t you come on in. I’d love to show you some hybrid hospitality.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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