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The Musketeers - Season 3 - Filming Updates & Speculation

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With the cast and crew heading over to Prague for costume fittings and the casting of new characters for the next season, it's time to get the new Filming and Speculation thread under way. I have added some of the bit and pieces of information that have popped up so far on social media below, and will update it periodically with whatever new information we get. If you come across anything new, you can add it to the comments below, or send it directly to us via this Scoop Button.

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One thing we ask is that it stays on topic in here please, otherwise it will make the comments very hard to navigate. We have a G+ Community for all other Musketeers discussion, where you can either join a current conversation or start a new one if you so wish. There will be a series rewatch in our chat room organised on these pages in the next month or so too, if you would like to join us details will be going up over there shortly. You can find the link to the Community page by my Author Box in any of my Musketeers posts, or by clicking the link below.

Posted 5th September


Posted 3rd June


Posted 21st May

Posted 13th May

  • BBC Announce who have been Cast as the Villains

    Cheers to Scoobie for the heads up.

    © BBC Pictures

    The BBC has announced today that Rupert Everett (Parade's End, Another Country) and Matthew McNulty (Jamaica Inn, The Mill) will join the cast of the third series of BBC One drama The Musketeers.

    Everett will play Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron, the corrupt Governor of Paris, Head of the Red Guard and illegitimate brother to Louis XIII. McNulty joins the cast portraying Lucien Grimaud, a money lender and vicious criminal who clawed his way out of poverty and neglect. Both men go up against the Musketeers and bring chaos and sedition to the monarchy and Paris.

    Speaking about the role, Rupert Everett says: "I'm very excited to be joining the cast of The Musketeers for the new series. I love the show and am really looking forward to working with the team."

    Everett and McNulty join returning cast Luke Pasqualino as d’Artagnan, Tom Burke as Athos, Howard Charles as Porthos, Santiago Cabrera as Aramis, Hugo Speer as Captain Treville, Ryan Gage as King Louis, Alexandra Dowling as Queen Anne and Tamla Kari as Constance.

    Liam Keelan, Director of Scripted Content for BBC Worldwide says: “With an all-star cast and twists and turns throughout, series three of The Musketeers is shaping up to be a must-see for all its fans around the world.”

    Hilary Martin, Head of BBC Drama North, says: “The third series of The Musketeers promises to be an ambitious and electric piece of drama. We are thrilled our lead writers Simon Ashford and Simon Allen's fantastic scripts have attracted such exceptionally high-calibre actors to join the Musketeers on their exciting journey through war-torn and politically turbulent 17th-century Paris.”

    The Musketeers is made by BBC Drama Production North and co-produced by BBC Worldwide and BBC America. Jessica Pope is the BBC executive producer, Matthew Bird is producer and lead director is Andy Hay. The Musketeers series three was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, and Ben Stephenson, outgoing Controller of BBC Drama Commissioning.

Posted 3rd May

Posted 30th April

  • Jessica Pope interviewed on Radio Suffolk

    Jessica was interviewed today on Lesley Dolphin's afternoon show - thanks for the heads up Liz. You can find the interview by clicking here (you will obviously need to select the correct date if you are reading this after 30th April), and the interview starts at around 1 hour 7 1/2 minutes into the show. It's a lovely, informative chat covering subjects such as how the show came about, what Jessica's job involves and the county of Suffolk itself. There are also a few hints for next year which I will list below.

    * A Parisian slum set has built for season three
    * The guys are filming an escape from a monastery today
    * No date is set for airing yet (no surprises there)
    * As I announced earlier this afternoon, the two new lead villains will be announced on 12th/13th May
    * S3 will be as complex as, and possibly a little more serialised than S2
    * There will be moments of bromance as it's important, but it will be balanced with the drama
    * The four year time jump is confirmed
    * The guys all have two new costumes - one for battle and one for everyday Musketeer wear

  • First Set Photo Released

    The BBC released the first set photo on the 27th which gave us a first look at Athos and Treville, while confirming that Andy Hay is directing the first block as we had suspected. The Minister for War has a new coat, and seems to have aged somewhat, looks like Louis is keeping him busy! Athos also has a beard, so I guess he will be wearing a false one for now. It appears they could be in the First Ministers room at the Louvre in the photo, although Treville's new office could also be set up very similarly with scrolls in the background.

  • Social Media Roundup

Posted 25th April

  • Read Through & Bootcamp Tweets from Jessica

    First up we had a photo on the 23rd of Luca, Tom and Santi at the read through. Tom's 'tash has caused a bit of a talking point, is it from War & Peace or will it be Athos' new Captain look? Operation #Beardwatch is on the case!

    Next up is some photos from horse training at boot camp.

  • Latest Update on S3 Villain

    Jessica has confirmed that there will be more than one baddie this year. We haven't had much speculation on here about who the villain may be recently, though I know Vargas is a popular choice to return for many fans after his performance in the finale. Who would you like to see the Musketeers facing next year, and are there any actors you would like to appear in the show?

  • Social Media Roundup

Posted 23rd April

  • New Showrunners Announced

    Jessica has just revealed on Twitter that the two Simon's (Ashford and Allen) are the new showrunners for S3 (Cheers to Scoobie for the heads up)

Posted 21st April

Posted 17th April

  • Geek Syndicate Interview - Including News Adrian is Leaving the Show

    Geek Syndicate have their interview up with Adrian. I haven't listened to it yet myself, though I have heard about it containing the news of Adrian stepping down as showrunner for the third season. I know I speak for all the fans here when I say that we have loved and appreciated all his hard work on the show. He will be missed and we wish him well in the future.

    You can find the interview here

  • Social Media Updates

    Jessica changed her location to 1635, does this indicate a time jump of 3-4 years for S3?

    Howie Instgramed that he has also had his costume fitting last week too

Posted 5th April

  • Season Three Announcements

    Season 3 Renewal announced on 2nd February

    22nd March - Jessica confirmed Boot Camp and filming will be soon

    27th March - The BBC One Twitter account announced the filming date after the S2 finale aired

  • Latest Cast/Crew Social Media Roundup

    29th March - Howie posted this photo on his Instgram

    31st March - Tamla is off to Prague for a costume fitting

    2nd April - The Burketeers sent in some biscuits for the cast, which Jessica is taking out to them in Prague.

    Looks like Andy Hay could be directing the first block of filming.

    4th April - I hesitated about including this as I have no idea if it is actually related to the show at all. But as there isn't much to discuss as yet I decided to include it in the end. These are two photos from Howie's Instagram, the symbols appear to represent the flag of the Ottoman Empire and a sultan's tughra. Technically, the 1630s are a bit late for the involvement of the Ottoman Empire in the Thirty Year War, but there would certainly be members of it around in the regions that the show could be set in next season. Also, they were historically a major rival to the Hapsburg's for much of this period, which could see them being sympathetic to France in S3.

  • Geek Syndicate Interview News

    Geek Syndicate have done some fantastic interviews with Adrian in the past, keep an eye on their Twitter as they will be looking for questions soon for their latest one.

  • Photos & Credits

    Many thanks to Jessica Pope, Howard Charles and Lucy Raffety for the photos

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