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Tatau - Episode 3 - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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We’re a quarter of the way through the new BBC Three supernatural drama offering, and I’m still no closer to working out how on earth this makes up for cancelling In the Flesh. What looks like a great premise on paper is being dragged out a little too much for my liking, a bit more pace and a lot less exposition would hold my attention and have me more invested in the characters I feel. The next episode does see the main characters relocating to the mainland, giving us a chance to see more action and a change of dynamics however.

After his latest trip at the end of last week’s episode, Kyle is now armed with what he thinks is more concrete information that will convince Aumea that he is telling the truth. The problem is that this evidence isn’t something that can be proved one way or another very easily - because that would mean that the plot would move on too swiftly of course. While he goes in search of one part of the mystery, she turns to her father to get to the bottom of who her alleged Maori ancestor is.

Budgie has problems of his own meanwhile, in the shape of some black pearls that he half inched from Dries house when the lads were there to get the Tavi last week. The ambiguous bar owner continues to be my favourite character in the series, making this yet another show where I seem to be rooting for the villains of the piece this season. He’s not quite as complex Rochefort or George Warleggan, but he’s certainly a man of many faces as Budgie is about to find out!

Episode 3 airs on Sunday 26th April at 10pm on BBC Three and Saturday May 2nd on BBC America at 10pm.

“Will you give the guys in Amsterdam a call and ring me back?”

“So was it worth it then, did you solved the big mystery?”

“These berries will make you sick; but they will also help you save Aumea”

“I know you and Kyle were in my house last night”

“You know these biker gangs, they don’t mess around”

“I’m not taking you anywhere. You are going to lead us to the pool”

“What did the tribes use these places for?”

“He’s a player Aumea; he can’t be trusted”

“What do you care? It’s all your fault anyway”

“A spirit only you can see? Come back when he’s giving you answers, otherwise, don’t bother”

Trailer Teaser

“I swear if you don’t hand him over I’m calling the police”

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