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Salem - Episode 2.05 - The Wine Dark Sea - Extended Synopsis

2.05 - The Wine Dark Sea (2015.05.03)

Following Mary’s public chastening, the recently-minted Magistrate Hathorne steps up his bid to wrest power over the citizenry of Salem from her, forcing Mary to once again compel her bewitched husband to take action. When Hathorne levels a not-so-veiled threat against Anne Hale – which he mitigates with an unappealing solution - it prompts the young Witch to seek Mary’s council. She receives sound advice... but it comes at a fearful and unappealing cost. Mercy Lewis’ grisly preparations to enact her revenge reach new heights, drawing two reluctant participants closer in the process, and forcing the hand of one of her increasingly tenuous allies. Meanwhile, as John Alden continues to pursue his righteous task, his search for answers yields valuable results, and Mary takes the fight directly to her newest foes... with surprising results.


Janet Montgomery - Mary Sibley
Shane West - John Alden
Seth Gabel - Cotton Mather
Tamzin Merchant - Anne Hale
Ashley Madekwe - Tituba
Elise Eberle - Mercy Lewis
Iddo Goldberg - Isaac Walton
Joe Doyle - Baron Sebastian von Marburg
Oliver Bell - Boy
Lucy Lawless (Guest Star) - Countess Marburg
Jeremy Crutchley (Guest Star) - Hathorne
Thomas Francis Murphy (Guest Star) - Rev. Lewis
Sammi Hanratty (Guest Star) - Dollie
Michael Mulheren (Guest Star) - George Sibley

Written by Turi Meyer & Al Septien
Directed by Peter Weller