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Revenge - Season 4 - [SPOILER] Confirmed to be Dead + Exit Interview

It was the blast heard ’round the Hamptons on Sunday’s Revenge, as Grayson Manor was utterly destroyed in a series of fiery explosions. But did Victoria really go down in flames, once and for all? Unfortunately for all your Vicky sympathizers out there, the answer is yes.

“People have different theories about it all, but one thing you need to remember is that Victoria has displayed that she’s suicidal,” Madeleine Stowe tells TVLine. “There’s always been a bit of a death wish in her. She has a history of that, so this shouldn’t be a complete surprise.”


TVLINE | So, is this the last we’ve seen of Victoria Grayson?
You’ll see some stuff in flashbacks, which will explain more about what her state of mind was. Some people feel that Victoria’s story hadn’t fully wrapped up, so there should be — unless something has changed — some very strong revelations which we shot. You’ll get to understand her a little more.

TVLINE | Forget Emily. It sounds like you‘re Victoria’s greatest threat, wanting her dead so many times.
I did feel that. This storyline could only go so far, unless you were going to take a radical departure — and what would that be? That David Clarke was a bad guy? I don’t think they’d ever do that.

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