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Poldark - Episode 7 - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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With only two episodes left it does feel as if this first season has flown by rather quickly. Since it was originally conceived as only a six part series before the BBC agreed to extend it, these last instalments are a very welcome bonus. Those who know the novels will know that the slightly darker vibe is set to continue as we head into the finale. That which brings prosperity to some characters will also wreak havoc upon other’s fortunes, while secrets and jealousy which have been bubbling away for some time now will rise to the surface and cause irrevocable damage.

George starts his vendetta against the Carnmore smelting company from the off this week. You may have seen Zacky inform Ross in the sneak peek that they will have to start looking elsewhere to get their copper rolled and cut in the future. I’m sure no-one will be surprised that it’s due to pressure from the youngest Warleggan which has caused this turn of events, but this is only the beginning of his offence strategy. What he really needs is the names of all the shareholders, if he can get that, then it’s just a matter of calling in their loans and then the rival company will surely be ruined.

After being left alone at the ball last week, Verity was sure that her chance of love with Blamey was once again over for good. Yet all is not lost as her friend Demelza would never forsake her and has been carrying notes between the two, so that they can make arrangements for their clandestine wedding. As the day approaches, Verity runs away to Truro leaving nothing but a letter behind for her brother to inform him of her intentions.

Naturally, this only enrages Francis beyond measure, and being the man he is he has to find someone, anyone, to blame for this turn of events. As it was Ross who allowed their affair to flourish in the first place, and Demelza is Verity’s only close friend, it is them that will feel the full force of his wrath. Especially after that weasel George spends an evening beguiling the spineless cretin, complimenting Francis and condemning Ross in turn, in order to get the information about Carnmore that he covets.

Another unscrupulous character doesn’t fair quite as well in her scheming this week however. It’s taken her a few months, but her persistence pays off as Keren finally manages to seduce Dwight while husband Mark is at work one evening. Unfortunately she couldn’t have picked
a worse time, as a rockfall at Wheal Leisure means that the men are sent home early while the dust settles. Upon discovered that she is missing, Mark tracks her down at the doctor’s house and quickly learns of their betrayal.

In many ways I’m surprised that it has taken this long for Keren to be unfaithful to her husband, she was obviously trouble right from the start. I’m also slightly taken back by the fact that this new relationship triangle doesn’t annoy me any more than the one between the leads does. Normally plots like this leave me bored or frustrated, yet I find myself so invested in these characters that there’s never a dull moment.

Episode 7 airs on Sunday 19th April on BBC One and BBC One HD, below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a go at guessing who said what, I will fill in any correct answers before it airs. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“Has anyone been calling unbeknown to us? Or been seen about the grounds?”

“I’d sooner meet him face to face and take the consequences”

“You will lie here tonight my dear, I’ve arranged to on board my ship. And tomorrow, we shall be wed” Blamey to Verity

“Suffice to say Francis and I have broken, possibly for good” Ross to Demelza

“In these difficult times, we urge all who bank with us to consider where their best interests lie.” George to Mr Tressidder

“Tis you that’s to blame, you left me alone over much. You never loved me enough” Keren to ?

“You were so good. No-one would have guessed you knew a thing”

“I neither know nor care, but if you’re still in this house by daybreak I will personally horsewhip you from here to Truro” Ross to Jud

“It’s possible...probable, that you were a victim of Matthew’s dishonesty. That being so, we wish to make amends” George to Francis

“I gave you credit for more loyalty, but perhaps your choice of wife has coarsened your finer instincts” Francis to Ross

Trailer Teasers

“Perhaps he will throw himself upon your mercy”

“Poldark should hang!” Cary to George

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