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Penny Dreadful – Fresh Hell – Advance Preview

Well we are diving right back into the demimonde as Penny Dreadful returns. And if the season two premiere is anything to go by, the stakes are higher than ever with foes, old and new, cropping out of the woodwork. “Fresh Hell” is a well-paced episode, helping to ease viewers back in to the world of Penny Dreadful without rehashing every single plot detail. The episode does open with a recap of last season, so don’t worry if you can’t remember it all. This also helps to make “Fresh Hell” more accessible to new viewers. We pick up right where we left off in the season one finale, answering questions left hanging last summer but also introducing some fiendish new problems to deal with.

Penny Dreadful, as always, looks incredibly beautiful. The attention to detail is still there, as well as the visually arresting, sweeping shots. The use of space is something this show does so well and I had forgotten how fantastic everything looks. The backgrounds behind the characters are almost as important as what’s going on in the foreground. Keep an eye out for the quieter moments and how they are framed as this is where the visuals stand out the most. The coloring as well brings to mind watching an old silent movie or thumbing through a yellowed and tattered penny dreadful. The visuals in “Fresh Hell” transport you right into the world of the demimonde.

This episode was all about establishing the events of the upcoming season, which natural for a premiere. “Fresh Hell” was generally light on the action; I didn’t find myself slapped in the face with jump scares or shocking twists. The episode brought about more of a “slow burn” type of feeling. There is a creeping atmosphere, a general sense of danger and unease in this episode. Look out for new characters being introduced as their roles in the plot promise some interesting developments. I’m actually looking forward to them the most, seeing how both new friend and foe will be winding their way into the lives of Sir Malcolm and his team.

Also, those literary allusions are back in full force. Names on Penny Dreadful always have special double meanings and more than once I was pleased at hearing a certain reference. And back to those visuals, some very famous dastardly deeds get shout outs in “Fresh Hell”. This is one aspect of Penny Dreadful I really enjoy and hope it gets proper attention throughout the season.

Penny Dreadful looks to be off to an interesting start. With a bigger episode order, I can see the writers spending more time building and building the oncoming threats and am pleased to see our individual characters’ stories appear to be destined to interlock more this season. I hesitate to call the season two opener “underwhelming” because I think we are building up to a rich, multilayered story. Secrets are sure to come pouring forth but will our fire-forged team of protagonists be able to survive? That is the ultimate question I can’t wait to explore with this season of Penny Dreadful.

The season two premiere of Penny Dreadful is now online for you to watch.

“Fresh Hell” will premiere on Showtime May 3rd at 10pm ET/PT

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