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Outlander - The Devil's Mark - Advance Preview

In this episode, “The Devil’s Mark,” Claire and Geillis are put on trial for witchcraft. Claire and Geillis circumstances bring them closer which leads to Claire learning more about Geillis as Jamie comes to her rescue.

Previously on Outlander, Claire learned that Geillis was pregnant with Dougal’s baby. Jamie sought the help of the Duke of Sandringham to help clear his name. Colum exiled Dougal from Castle Leoch following the coincidental deaths of Dougal’s wife and Geillis’ husband. Claire is arrested with Geillis for witchcraft after being tricked by Laoghaire into visiting Claire.

The matter of a trial for Geillis and Claire is really just a formality since they’ve already been judged and found guilty by the townspeople who are ready to burn them as witches. Geillis is confident that Dougal will save her until Claire informs her that Colum knows about them and banished Dougal from Caste Leoch. They do receive help from someone from Castle Leoch who insists that there must be a trial because of Scottish law. Claire has made several enemies who are only too eager to step forward to testify against her. Claire and Geillis make a pact to stick together which is tested when circumstances take a turn for the worse as the trial goes on.

Jaime arrives literally just in the nick of time to save Claire. Claire is shaken when she learns that she shares the same mark as Geillis. She is comforted by Jamie. After sharing an intimate night, she is forced to make a difficult decision.

This was a very intense and gripping episode. The first half during the trial is darker while the second half is more peaceful but very emotional. I haven’t read this far in the book yet so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and was surprised at some events. And the last couple of minutes had my full attention as I waited to see what would happen and wondered how the episode would end.

The voiceovers return in this episode but are done from Claire’s point of view. While the book is all first person from Claire, I like that they sporadically use the voiceovers in the show which helps to convey the emotion without overdoing it.

This has been my favorite episode so far since Outlander returned and one of my favorite over all.

Tune in tonight at 9PM on Starz to see “The Devil’s Mark”.

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