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Orphan Black - The Weight of This Combination - Advance Preview

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   Finally, after a very long wait, Orphan Black is back next Tonight on BBC America for its third season and I have a feeling this season is going to be amazing. I mean even more amazing than the first two.
    Last year, Orphan Black left us with this big revelation about Project Castor. The seestras weren’t the only clones out there anymore, the military have their own clones, but they’re male. The existence of Project Castor and its consequences will be at the center of the season premieres, and the rest of the season I assume. The male clones will change everything at Dyad, especially since Rachel is no longer in charge. But the Castor clones will also be a new threat against the sisters. It's not clear yet what they want from them. Anyway, having new enemies who shares the same face against the seestras promises us some epic moments.

   I must admit I wasn’t thrilled at first about the male clone. First I didn’t think Ari Millen could pull it off as Tatiana Maslany did. He had less time to work on his different characters than her and he will always be compared to Maslany's work, which is like perfect.
   But the male clones are very different than the female clones, they were created by the military and, they knew what they were, the knew about each other. And Ari Millen totally rocked the season premieres with his different characters and their own style and behavior. .It's not that impressive as Maslany's work, but it's very effective and really amazing.
   And that’s one of the reasons this season is going to be epic, Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen are both extraordinary at playing their different parts, and watching the interaction and bonds between their characters is going to be one the best moment on television. Plus, Maslany and Millen have already a great chemistry on screen, the scene between Sarah and Luke will impress you.
   “The Weight of This Combination” will pick up right after the events of the series finale, with Rachel and the pencil in her eyes… It’ll still be gross. Then there will be a little time jump but Project Castor, and Helena’s disappearance (Arg Mrs S !), will still be the top priorities of Dyad and the sisters. Especially when a cleaner is sent by Top Site to investigate what happened at Dyad with Project Leda.
   And here’s a list of what you can also expect from “The Weight of This Combination” :

-  “The Weight of This Combination” will open up on a weird, beautiful and surprising sequence and the ending will be breathe taking, literally for me.
- As previously said, Rachel is alive ! But it doesn't mean she's well and like before. Her injury has consequences on her. But actually, she's better than I expected for someone who got a pencil into her eyes. Of course, she can’t run Dyad in her new condition. I’m sure you will love her replacement.
- There will be a major threat against one of the characters, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, you can expect an epic fight between one of Castor clones and someone close to Sarah.
- Helena will spend the episode trapped, but she will make a new friend. Of course, it will be weird, it’s Helena but at least she's alive.
- Cosima will be feeling so much better, but her near death experience is still affecting her.
- Allison is getting a new storyline of the season, after the musical, this year she wants to run for school trustee. Allison battling with another soccer mom looks very promising and some hilarious moments are coming but it might be not the best time as Donnie will be making a life changing decision
- Sarah and Felix will enjoy a normal and quiet time together, in a well known location from season 1… I forgot how hilarious those two are together when there’s no drama.
- Delphine is back from Germany, and she changed her hair! I’m so glad her trip there didn’t last. But her reunion with Cosmia will be bittersweet… Get your tissues ready. Also, we will see a whole new side of Delphine, kind of unexpected.
- Felix will have a new roomie. It’s going to be quite funny to watch them living together.
- There will be a new clone switch ! I loved those scenes when a clone pretends to be another one. So, of course, those scenes are my favorite from "The Weight of This Combination". A dire situation will force, not one, but two clones actually to play another clones. Tatiana Maslany will show once again the extent of her talent, it’s always freaking amazing how she manages to pull it off You can definitely tell whose clone is playing who.
- Cosima will show the book “The Island of Doctor Moreau” to someone else… It will be their secret. One hint, it's not one of her sisters !
- We will find out what Rachel really wants. It'll explain some of her action, but there's no way I could forgive her... Because she might be down because of her eye, but she still has a plan...
- You will fear “Helinski”
The Weight of This Combination” is an excellent season premieres; it will be a mind blowing and explosive way to open the season, and it promises a great and amazing third season.
  Orphan Black has found a way to reinvent itself, with new story lines but still connected to its roots. The addition of Project Castor is such a brilliant move, it is changing the show forever, yet it’s still feels like the same show. Orphan Black is expanding its universe in a very exciting way.
  Are you excited about the Orphan Black season premieres ? Hit the comments and don’t miss it Saturday 18th April on BBC America.

    Finally, some quotes from “The Weight of This Combination”. Guess who will say them :
1- “Dude, you look awesome”
2- “I'm you now”
3- “So you got a name or a serial number ?”
4- “Sarah Manning, you’re a legend”
5- “Don’t pretend this is over Sarah”
6- “Until three weeks ago we didn’t even know Project Castor existed, they were a myth and now they’re a bomb and shock waves are coming.”
7- “To do that, I can’t do this”
8- “I love you”
9- “Monkey number 2”

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