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New Girl - Review - "Panty Gate"

New Girl - Review - "Panty Gate"

As teased by Meaghan Rath (May) on Twitter this afternoon, big things happened on tonight's episode of New Girl. Coach broke up with May and coped with his loss by drinking with the guys while Jess tried to play love doctor and console May after she finally broke down about the relationship. Tonight's episode was the penultimate episode for Season 4 of New Girl and after tonight, things are definitely in motion leading to some major shifts for the finale and the set-up for next season. This season has been a return to form for New Girl with a steady stream of season long arcs focused on the gang equally instead of just Jess as well as some plain, old-fashioned fun loft gimmicks.

However, the plot lines haven't been as complex or involved as the drama that unfolded with Jess and Nick. Even Schmidt and Fawn have had ups and downs, but it's always felt like it's played for comedy's sake without any real weight. We know Cece will eventually spill with her feelings towards Schmidt, but it's been played out a little too long. I can only hope a thread like that is addressed in next week's season finale as well as give a graceful sendoff to Damon Wayans Jr. aka Coach. Plus, the showrunners will have to address Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy or pull a HIMYM and cover her with baggy clothing/camera angles. Also..."True American"...is it happening or have I been waiting for the impossible? There are way too many threads to wrap up, but for now let's take a look at how the episode played out and what's in store for next week.

Who smiled when Schmidt stated he wanted to be, "crazy in love...drunk in love?" It was great to finally see Schmidt realize that Fawn was not right for him and subsequently break up with her. His freak out after with the underpants was great and a nice way to help Fawn out one last time. But, I have a feeling that Fawn's last look of realization will have her plea with Schmidt next week to take her back. Now, the run in at the bar was unfortunate for all parties involved, but Coach's declaration of love and the subsequent studio confession was honest and sincere. Coach offering and May asking him to move to New York with him was the perfect way to segue Damon Wayan Jr.'s sendoff and how I pictured it would end for his character arc back when it was announced he was leaving.

New Girl this week was a fun and serious way to set-up the season finale. For now, I'm excited to see how the season ends and prepare for what's in store for our favorite loft gang with one last Coach adventure next week. Will Cece leave to go climb that mountain, will Fawn show up to plea with Schmidt one last time, and how will Coach leave the gang? Tune in next week for the season finale of New Girl at 9PM on Fox.

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