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New Girl - Preview - "Panty Gate"

New Girl - Preview - "Panty Gate"

New Girl returns with an all-new episode next Tuesday, April 28th at 9PM on FOX. "Winnie needs a minute." "Panty Gate" finds Coach in a rough spot after he and May break up. May decides to take a job in New York and Coach insists that the break-up is amicable. Jess thinks otherwise and assembles the loft to pick up Coach's spirit. Later that morning, Coach has to give a presentation on reproduction in his health class and things don't go exactly to plan leading to a great comedic moment for Coach. Meanwhile, Schmidt is dealing with the fallout of Fawn's golfing incident which the media has dubbed "Panty Gate". Schmidt explains to Cece that things have gotten better with Fawn, but he appears to have spoken too soon as Fawn calls a press conference in the wake of the nude scandal and blames Schmidt for the incident at the golf course.

Coach assures the gang that he is completely fine, but the "love doctor" Jess knows that it's all just a cover. Coach asks Jess to wait for May at the apartment to give her a cello stabilizer for her recording session while Coach, Nick, and Winston go out to party. Jess uses this moment to work her "love doctor" magic on May and sure enough, May cracks under the simple extension of Jess's friendship to discuss how the relationship went wrong. "The love doctor is in." Tune in next Tuesday at 9PM to see how it all plays out in an all-new episode of New Girl.

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