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Madam Secretary - The Kill List - Advance Preview: "A deal with Iran?"

Madam Secretary returns after a short break with its final two episodes of the season. First up is the penultimate episode, entitled "The Kill List" and airing this Sunday at 8/7c. The episode follows up on several aspects of the season-long story arc.

It all begins when Russell informs Elizabeth that her former friend turned traitor Juliet has been located in Algeria. President Dalton has decided to put on her on the kill list, and is ready to send a drone to the location to take her out. Bess volunteers to get permission for the drone strike from the Algerian Ambassador, even though Dalton says she can sit this one out because it involves a friend. Whether the Ambassador gives permission for the drone strike and if Juliet ends up dead, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the peace deal with Iran is just around the corner and President Shiraz is coming to the US to sign it. However, there are still people who want that deal off the table and a last-ditch attempt will be made to stop it. Not helping matters is the upcoming stoning of a gay Iranian citizen on the same day that the treaty is supposed to be signed. That is obviously meant as a statement from the Iranians that despite the treaty, they are not changing their Republic's rules. Bess will do her best to stop or postpone the execution, while a Human Rights movement is planning to protest in front of the White House during the signing of the deal.

Here are a few other teasers for the episode:
-Allison is taking driving lessons! Since she turned 16 a while ago, she is now legally allowed to do so. It of course starts with a test drive with her parents.
-Bess visits her psychiatrist to deal with her PTSD and talks about her feelings towards the Juliet situation.
-Speaking of Juliet, we meet her ex-husband Aiden and her children Lily and James in this episode. We see how they deal with the situation and it's Lily's birthday, which the McCord family also attends to.
-There is a big, loud fight between Russell and Bess about the Juliet situation.
-The protest of the Human Rights movement leads to one of Elizabeth's staff members becoming increasingly against the deal. He or she even confronts Bes about this, to which Bess replies: "If I didn't like you that much, I would fire you."

"The Kill List" airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. Here is a promo for the episode:

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