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Game of Thrones - High Sparrow - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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Wedding bells ring out once again across King’s Landing heralding the union of a Lion and a Rose in holy matrimony. Well I say Lion, in reality young Tommen is little more than a cub who has just lost his grandfather’s protective and steady guidance as Hand of the King. Which leaves me wondering how he will fare now he has to deal with the two manipulative and prickly women in his life all on his own.

Cersei is ever mindful of the premonition Maggy the Frog gave her as a child, and is not handling that fact that she suspects Margaery of being the younger and more beautiful Queen who ruins her very well at all. Their game of cat-and-mouse around the wide-eyed innocence of Tommen to see who holds the most sway makes me feel sorry for the poor lad. He was never prepared for this kind of life and I fear that he will never get a handle on politics while his wife and mother are too busy battling it out for power on his behalf.

Last week we saw Sansa turn down Brienne’s offer of protection to stay by Littlefinger’s side instead. Seeing as he appears to be one of the better players in the ‘game’ she might have made a wise choice. He’s not one to reveal his hand until the time is right however, so you can never be sure quite what he is up too. There’s the possibility that he is the one who sent the lion pendant to King’s Landing rather than it coming from Ellaria, for example.

Joffrey gave Sansa an identical necklace in A Golden Crown during season one, and we last saw her wear it during her marriage to Tyrion. It wouldn’t take much for him to acquire it from her and use it in order to cause unrest in the Lannister camp, which would in turn weaken Cersei’s hold on the kingdom. In many ways that would make more sense than the Sand Snakes goading Marcella’s parents into a covert rescue attempt, and it also ties in nicely with the next stage of his audacious plan that he reveals to his niece this week.

Elsewhere we learn more about both Brienne and Pod as they finally start to bond during their journey, while Arya takes her first steps towards becoming no-one with a new friend (Faye Marsay). Tyrion becomes restless after trading a cramped cargo crate for a slightly larger box on wheels with only one face to look at all day and night, Varys. The High Septon runs into trouble with the Sparrows, causing Cersei to seek out the High Sparrow himself, and Jon asserts his authority over the men of the Night’s Watch for the first time.

High Sparrow airs on Sunday April 26 from HBO, below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a go at guessing who said what, I will fill in any correct answers before it airs. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“He saved me from being a joke, from that day until his last day. And I couldn’t save him in return”

“You have profaned our faith, the faith of our fathers and forefathers”

“It would seem that way, but Lord Tyrion was always very good to me”

“Come on. Let’s find a brothel”

“A man wonders, how is it that no-one came to be surrounded by Arya Stark’s things?”

“In any event, judging from the King’s enthusiasm the Queen Mother will be a Queen Grandmother soon”

“I flayed him living, along with his wife and brother. Made his son watch”

“And where do I find this man, this High Sparrow?”

“What do we do with them after we’ve washed them?”

“Now I’m not a learned man, but the best way to help the most people might not be sitting in a frozen castle at the edge of the world”

The Sons of the Harpy Teaser

“I’m not sure you understand how much people hate your family in this part of the world”

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