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Forever - Best Foot Forward - Advance Preview

Forever, “Best Foot Forward,” was written by the team of Sarah Niclole Jones and Zev Borow and was directed by John Kretchmer. It features the excellent writing and acting we’ve come to expect from the show. I thought the case at the heart of this episode was particularly nicely done. It’s a good mystery with just enough red herrings to keep it interesting.

As the episode opens, we see that Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) and Abe (Judd Hirsch) are keeping secrets from one another. There is something afoot at the ballet that calls for Jo (Alana De La Garza) to enlist Henry’s help. After all, he’s the first person she thought of who would enjoy investigating at the ballet.

The main theme of the episode centers around pain. What are we willing to endure? Can the need to do great things allow us to endure pain? As always this theme plays out in a number of different ways throughout the episode.

In the flashbacks, we see Henry is a regular in the artistic salons of 1920s Paris. In fact, we also learn that he and Ernest Hemingway really don’t get along very well. Henry will come across something from his past in the present, and it will have a really interesting connection to the case.
Jo meanwhile is still seeing Isaac (Cuba Gooding Jr). He presses her to go on a vacation with him. Abe also forms an interesting partnership with Lucas (Joel David Moore). Both Jo and Abe will have shocking news for Henry by the end of the episode!

Here are a few quick dialogue teases:

“Never underestimate what some people will do…”
“To live forever?”
“We have to find Pyramis.”
“No one here cares what’s healthy.”
“I don’t mean to lecture, I just want to understand”
“This regimine works only with someone you find very special.”
“The role of a lifetime.”

Don’t forget to tune in to this all new Forever on ABC Tuesday at 10/9c! There are only three more episodes to show ABC how much you love the show – do it by tuning in, and encouraging your friends to as well! If you know someone who hasn’t watched in a while, encourage them to come back. As always, here's the link to the fan campaign information.

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