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Bates Motel - The Last Supper - Review

   Last Monday, Bates Motel continued its amazing third season with “The Last Supper”. It was once again a terrific and thrilling episode. God, this season has been amazing and especially since last episode, when Norman showed a whole new part of his crazy personality, getting closer to the Norman Bates from the movie. Freddie Highmore totally killed it in that scene with Max Thieriot. The way he talked and he moved, well everything about his performance was outstanding. It promises us some great episodes for this season and the next. And actually not only from Norman.
    Norman’s storyline has really intensified this season but, it’s not the only one. Romero’s problems as sheriff took an unexpected turn last week when Romero shot down the future sheriff. Romero was starting to bore me a little but when that happened, my faith in his character was restored. And of course, there is the family drama with Caleb being back. “The Last Supper” continued to follow those storylines and really explored and developed them more.

   Norma was back home after her “mood” and she soon realized all the shit that went down during her night out. Norman was still acting weird and was totally passive aggressive with his mother. I loved their little talk when Norma was getting her new phone about Norman acting like a twit. The dynamic between Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore is so great and enjoyable.
   It got even worse afterwards, with Norman taking her phone when he saw James was calling her. It was really inappropriate and she just let him and took her phone back. Norma felt so used to Norman’s weird behaviour, she just ignored him and snapped at him, but she could not keep ignoring it.

   Because Dylan saw what his brother was capable, how strange and crazy he can be. He witnessed one of Norman’s blackout and specially Norman impersonating Norma. It made Dylan realized how crazy and sick his brother actually is. His talk with Norma was one of my favorite scene of the entire show. It was time for Norma and Dylan to talk about Norman’s issues, to stop ignoring them and thinking everything will be okay. Dylan knew they needed to act, to do something for Norman, that things won't turn okay if they do nothing. Still, Norma wasn’t ready to act against Norman. She had still hope to control him, even by locking him up when she’s gone if she had to. She just can’t let her son go. It was so tragic and sad to watch them, knowing they should do something but still doing nothing. And we all know how it will end…

   Things got even worse when James came to see Norma. He was worried about her, but I must say I have a bad feeling about James. Something isn’t right with him IMO, and Norma telling Norman killed his father has really got me worried. He could use that against them. Anyways, he came with good intentions, he seemed to really care for Norma. She was worried about Norman since her talk with Dylan, so she asked him to talk with Norman, so she could get a professional opinion.
   I was really nervous watching that scene. Norman was always so nervous and angry but still with this impassible face. It was very tenseful in the beginning, but things were nice until Norman started to verbally attack James, asking him if he enjoyed sex with Norma and then threatened him for having sex with one of his patients.

   Norman was acting so jealous over James and the fact he might have sleep with her. He was totally creepy. When James finally asked Norman if he wanted to sleep with his mother, he totally snapped and attacked him, physically. Of course Norman is sexually attracted to his mother, it’s super weird and creepy but he didn’t really realize it or maybe he just ignored it but hearing James’s words, it made it true and real. I really thought he was going to kill James. It would have been a great twist, maybe it’ll happen later.
   Norma got her answer about Norman, he needs medical and professional help. She already knew that, but she still doesn’t want to accept it. So, after Norman attacked James she came to him and calmed him down. She tried to protect him, again, despite of everything. It worked for a moment… Up until it was dinner time, and what a weird and awkward dinner it was.

   First, Dylan and Emma came together at Norma’s dinner. Even Norma was suprised to learn those two hang out together. Dylan and Emma have always had that special chemistry and relationship. Of course, Emma is attracted and charmed by Dylan, I mean who wouldn’t be,  Max Thieriot is pretty hot. And Dylan really cares for Emma, more in a brother way IMO. He wants to look out for her, because she’s a nice girl. Those two are about the only sane characters left on the show so I’m really glad they’re spending more time together even if it means Dylan putting him into harm’s way for her.

   Emma’s health has been worried me since the season premiere. It is clearly deteriorating, I just don"t want to loose her. Emma is such a great character, she brings so much light and joy to the show, to the darkness of the Bates family. She’s like the soul of the show in a way for me. She’s so adorable and yet so strong and brave. Her scene with her father about what she wanted to do with her life was just amazing. It was so emotional and touching. She can not die, it’ll break my heart…
   Dylan noticed Emma was getting weaker and he decided to do something about it, something for her. He couldn’t help his brother for now, so maybe at least he could help someone else, get someone else better. After talking with her dad, he understood he needed to put Emma higher on the transplant list. His idea to take over Caleb for the driver job, to get the money for Emma’s transplant (basically) was honorable yet very dangerous. Dylan always puts himself in dangerous situation, for others. That’s what makes him so lovable but it can lead to his death.

   Then, Caleb was also attending Norma’s dinner. He first came to give her flowers, to say thank you for coming to see him and she invited him for dinner. It was really weird. I must admit those scenes of Norma and Caleb hugging each other really made me feel weird. It was really touching and sad to see Caleb being so sorry about what he did, and it was so brave for Norma to accept his apologies but still, what he did was awful and disgusting. It was even more weird to watch them singing and playing the piano at dinner, like regular brother and sister. Norma’ strength has always amazed me.
   Norman continued in his passive aggressive way at dinner, especially towards Caleb. He clearly hates him and it was actually funny to watch Norma taking Cleb’s chair so he’d be closer to Norma but still it was creepy. And things got even more creepier by the end of the episode, when Norman visited his mother’s bedroom while she was sleeping and started touching her… Psycho Norman is coming and it’s so thrilling to watch it happening.

   And the last guest of Norma’s dinner was Alex. He was feeling better since he got shot but he came to Norma for help. I really appreciate Norma and Alex’s relationship. Everything is complicated between them, but they always look after for each other. So, when Romero needed the flash drive to know what he was dealing with, Norma gave it to him quickly, she knew she could trust him.
   Alex learned his father used his dead mother name in his illegal activities. Honestly, that part of the episode, with Alex visiting his father in jail etc was not the most interesting part IMO. I like Romero but I really didn’t care that much about his father drama. Still, it was great to see him at Norma’s dinner. I think I like Romero better when he’s with Norma, especially when he's drunk and they're in a motel room.

   “The Last Supper” was another excellent episode of Bates Motel. This season has really been building to something great. Norman is really starting to lose his mind and his dark side is growing and taking more place in his life. I can’t believe there are only three episodes left this season. Can't wait to see how everything will plan out.
   What did you think of “The Last Supper” ? Which was your favorite part ? Hit the comments !

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