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American Odyssey - Oscar Mike - Advance Preview and Teasers

The American Odyssey continues with tonight's all-new episode at 10/9c on NBC. The episode immediately follows up on the pilot, with Odelle still in Mali while both Peter and Harrison continue their own investigations. It's a format that works well for the show as we slowly add new pieces to the puzzle.

In Mali, Odelle and Aslam are still with the Tuareg men group and Odelle must hide her face so the men won't know she's a woman. You will have to wait and see whether or not someone finds out she's a woman. Also, while Frank Majors and his men are probably still looking for her, we learn of another group that is interested in her. Who they are and what they want with Odelle remains to be seen.

Back in the States, Peter continues his investigation, but he doesn't get very far due to the death of Danny Gentry. Peter obviously thinks Gentry was murdered and is looking into his death. In the meantime, he looks for evidence against Alex Baker, even though Baker has already been cleared by the IRS. Baker himself made it clear that Peter has to be stopped and you will see in this episode how he plans to do that. If you want to know more, check out this sneak peek from the episode at TVLine.

Elsewhere, Harrison is looking for Bob after his mysteriously disappearance last week following a meeting with fake Time journalist Ruby. Harrison obviously has questions for her, but even after answering those I still don't trust her. Bob's fate will be revealed later in the episode. Meanwhile, the amount of protestors is growing and the hashtag #OdelleLives is gaining momentum. This is something that Harrison can use to his advantage, but in order to do so he will need evidence that Odelle is still alive.

Here are a few more teasers from "Oscar Mike":
-Odelle's daughter Suzanne is convinced that her mother is still alive, but her father does not agree.
-The email from Odelle to Colonel Stephen Glen that she sent after her death is a pivotal plot point in this episode. Remember that Bob found it last week, but was unable to share it before his disappearance.
-Peter's life is threatened in the episode.
-We also meet the leading candidate for Greek Prime Minister Sophia Tsaladari, but how she is involved in the conspiracy remains to be seen.

"Oscar Mike" airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC. Check out a promo for the rest of the season:

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