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ABC Upcoming Episode Press Releases - Various Shows - 13th April 2015

  • The Middle - Episode 6.22 - While You Were Sleeping
    "While You Were Sleeping" - Frankie and Mike attempt to have a romantic date night at home by renting a movie. But every time they turn it on, they end up falling asleep and try desperately to get through the film over a series of nights. Meanwhile, Axl teams up with Brick to invent the next big thing, and the Heck Brothers Old-Timey Barbecue Sauce is born; and Sue is floored when she's asked to her senior prom by a hunky mall store greeter. But she has to figure out a way to get out of work early in order to attend, on "The Middle," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    "The Middle" stars Patricia Heaton as Frankie, Neil Flynn as Mike, Charlie McDermott as Axl, Eden Sher as Sue and Atticus Shaffer as Brick.

    Guest starring are Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, David Hull as Logan, Jimmy Bellinger as Edwin, Carlease Burke as Professor Lynch, Chip Chinery as Clark, Barbara Perry as Sandra, Liam Cronin as Doug, Timothy E. Goodwin as Dalton, Jeremy Cohenour as Tommy and Susan Grace as female customer.

    "While You Were Sleeping" was written by Roy Brown and directed by Blake T. Evans.

  • The Goldbergs - Episode 2.22 - Bill/Murray
    "Bill/Murray" - As Erica works on her application to Julliard, Adam and Beverly think she needs to do something big to stand out, so they decide to create a music video starring Erica. However, the music video does not go as Adam planned. Meanwhile, Murray ends up bonding with Lainey's dad Bill, and Murray learns what it means to be a real friend, on "The Goldbergs," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    "The Goldbergs" stars Wendi McLendon-Covey ("Bridesmaids") as Beverly Goldberg, Patton Oswalt ("Ratatouille") as adult Adam Goldberg, Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg, Troy Gentile ("Good Luck Chuck") as Barry Goldberg, Hayley Orrantia ("The X Factor") as Erica Goldberg, with George Segal ("Just Shoot Me") as Pops Solomon and Jeff Garlin ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") as Murray Goldberg.

    Guest starring is David Koechner as Bill Lewis, Stephen Tobolowsky as Principal Ball, AJ Michalka as Lainey Lewis, Tim Meadows as Mr. Glascott, Cedric Yarbrough as Vic, Kenny Ridwan as Dave Kim, and Jim Titus as Bartender.

    "Bill/Murray" was written by Chris Bishop & Josh Goldsmith and directed by David Katzenberg.

  • Modern Family - Episode 6.21 - Integrity
    "Integrity" - Phil and Jay run an errand together to pick up Lily's hand me down princess castle for Joe, both though are in a mood because Phil is upset that Claire won't let him buy a videogame console, and Jay thinks Gloria is letting Joe play with too many girlie items. Mitch and Cam babysit Joe and both get the itch for another baby -- that is until Joe presents to be quite the handful! Meanwhile, Gloria tries to help Haley stand up for herself at work, and Claire tries to bribe Luke's principal to give him one of the student awards this year, on "Modern Family," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

    "Modern Family" stars Ed O'Neill as Jay, Julie Bowen as Claire, Ty Burrell as Phil, Sofia Vergara as Gloria, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell, Eric Stonestreet as Cameron, Sarah Hyland as Haley, Nolan Gould as Luke, Ariel Winter as Alex, Rico Rodriguez as Manny and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lily.

    Guest cast include Pierce Wallace as Joe Pritchett, Michael Urie as Gavin Sinclair and Andrew Daly as Principal Brown.

    "Integrity" was written by Stephen Lloyd and Chuck Tatham, and directed by Chris Koch.

  • Black-ish - Episode 1.21 - The Peer-ent Trap
    "The Peer-ent Trap" - When teenager Zoey goes through a mini-rebellion phase by pushing boundaries and acting out, Dre wants to lay down the law, while Bow insists on a softer approach like her mom did with her, on "black-ish," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    "black-ish" stars Anthony Anderson as Andre "Dre" Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson, Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson, Jr., Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson and special guest star, Laurence Fishburne.

    Guest starring are Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Stevens, Deon Cole as Charlie Telphy, Jeff Meacham as Josh, Anna Deveare Smith as Alicia (O.C.).

    "The Peer-ent Trap" was written by Yvette Lee Bowser and directed by Ken Whittingham.

  • Nashville - Episode 3.20 - Time Changes Things
    "Time Changes Things" - Rayna travels to Natchez, MS to try to help Deacon and we learn how her past with him affects his life-and-death struggle today. Jade invites Luke, Jeff and Layla to her beachfront bash in her home in Malibu which turns into an all-night rager. Back in Nashville, new mom Juliette tries to jump-start her career with a last-minute rooftop concert, and Kiley returns to Gunnar with news that changes everything, on "Nashville," airing WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    "Nashville" stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O'Connor, Chris Carmack as Will Lexington, Will Chase as Luke Wheeler, Eric Close as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne, Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, Jonathan Jackson as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, Maisy Stella as Daphne Conrad and Lennon Stella as Maddie Conrad.

    Guest starring are Christina Aguilera as Jade St. John, Aubrey Peoples as Layla, Ed Amatrudo as Glenn Goodman, David Alford as Bucky Dawes, Jason Douglas as Dashell Brinks, Alexa Penavega as Kiley Brenner, Dana Wheeler-Nicolson as Beverly, Keean Johnson as Colt Wheeler, Monica Plante as Natasha, Kyle Dean Massey as Kevin Bicks and Nick Jandl as Dr. Caleb Rand.

    "Time Changes Things" was written by Debra Fordham and directed by Arlene Sanford.

  • American Crime - Episode 9
    "Episode Nine" - Following the march in support of Carter that erupted in violence, Aliyah and her lawyer use the turn in public opinion to leave the court no choice but to move up Carter's preliminary examination date. Emotions felt by the families on both sides of the case come to a head when Aubry's mother, Ruth, sets up a meeting with Aliyah. Meanwhile, Russ continues to work on Matt and Gwen's house as a means to fill a void created by his regretful decision to abandon his family years previously. Desperate to do everything he can for a now fearful Tony in juvenile detention, Alonzo turns to an unlikely source for help. After Aubry receives news from Carter, she is left feeling emotionally distraught. She makes the decision to completely change the course of the case by going on record with an incendiary statement, on "American Crime" THURSDAY, APRIL 30 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network

    "American Crime" stars Felicity Huffman as Barb Hanlon, Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie, W. Earl Brown as Tom Carlin, Richard Cabral as Hector Tontz, Caitlin Gerard as Aubry Taylor, Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutierrez, Penelope Ann Miller as Eve Carlin, Elvis Nolasco as Carter Nix, Johnny Ortiz as Tony Gutierrez and guest starring Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed.

    "Episode Nine" was written by Keith Huff and directed by Jessica Yu.

    Guest starring Jesse Borrego as Oscar, Julian Works as Edgar, Lili Taylor as Nancy Straumberg, Pablo Bracho as Raul Seravia, Kedrick Brown as Brad Joseph, Barbara Chisholm as Judge Days, Cedric Duplechain as Timothy Little, Timothy Eric as DuPaul, Avery Fields as Boy, Rey Herrera as Hayes, Bob Hess as Detective Quinn, Shelton Jolivette as Minister Yousef, Jennifer Matyear as Clerk, Diane Melius as Nurse, Joe Nemmers as Rick Soderbergh, Kattia Ortiz as Sibila Nunez, Christopher Dontrell Piper as Malik, Nicholas Saenz as Devon Hall, Jennifer Savidge as Ruth Taylor, Tony Sears as Warren Copeland, Marshall Teague as Ben Callahan and Todd Terry as Jackson.

  • Secrets and Lies - Episode 1.10 - The Lie (Season Finale)
    "The Lie" - Certain that he is not responsible for Tom's death, Ben tries to finally relax and enjoy the Christmas that he missed with his family -- until a shocking discovery changes his plans. Meanwhile, with the evidence having been re-tested, Cornell puts all the pieces together and prepares to make an arrest. But in the stunning conclusion, Ben makes a decision that will change his family's life forever. The nightmare is only just starting, on "Secrets and Lies," airing SUNDAY, MAY 3 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

    Fourteen months later, we find Cornell unable to let the Murphy case's resolution go. But her dogged pursuit of justice ultimately pays off when we see the final conclusion of Tom's murder unfold from Cornell's perspective in ABC.com's original digital series "Cornell: Confidential," which picks up where "Secrets and Lies" leaves off. The weekly digital series is available at ABC.com/SecretsandLies and WATCHABC.com immediately following the East Coast broadcast of "Secrets and Lies." "Cornell: Confidential" offers fans an intimate look into the investigation through Detective Andrea Cornell's eyes.

    "Secrets and Lies" stars Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford, Juliette Lewis as Detective Cornell, KaDee Strickland as Christy Crawford, Natalie Martinez as Jess Murphy, Dan Fogler as Dave Lindsey, Indiana Evans as Natalie Crawford and Belle Shouse as Abby Crawford.

    Guest starring are Timothy Busfield as John Garner, Denise Dowse as Elaine Williams, Jake Weber as Ethan Barrett and Michael B. Silver as ADA Ken Turk.

    "The Lie" was written by Barbie Kligman & Judith McCreary and directed by Timothy Busfield.