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This Week's Top 10 Most Memorable Moments - 23rd March 2015

A Weekly feature highlighting the SpoilerTV teams most memorable TV moments this past week.

Agents of Shield
Moment: The Entire Fight Sequence at the stadium

Moment: Thea asks Roy is she can stay with him, then kisses him.

Better Call Saul
Moment: Mike's 'show don't tell' sequence watching the Kettlemans

Moment: Lucious is taken to prison/End Scene

Moment: Anne's ask's Peter what he really wants - The entire questioning.

Once Upon a Time
Moment: Poseidon says he's sorry, and Ursula gets her voice back

Moment: Dean tells Sam that they need to move on

The Americans
Moment: South African Agent is burnt to death

The Flash
*Most Memorable Moment of the week*
Moment: Wells reveals his identity to Cisco and then kills him

The Musketeers
Moment: Lemay's execution

Honorable Mentions

  • Black Sails - Miranda's death
  • Glee - The Final Song
  • Grey's Anatomy - Derek arrives home after a woman answers his phone.
  • Helix: Landry and Balleseros fall to there "deaths"
  • Once Upon a Time - August reveals to Regina where the Author is
  • Reign - The vision turns out to be true/comes true
  • The Walking Dead - Rick pulls his gun out on the residents of Alexandria.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what some of your most memorable moments of the week have been!
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Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, who is currently studying IT, Media and Business Studies. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST, he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game Of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other shows he watches are Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The 100. Some other interests include Cycling, Kayaking and Photography.Robert is currently reviewing Aquarius, Black Sails, Helix, Intruders and Z Nation. Feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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