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27th March:

  • 15:33: Starz Rises To No. 2 Pay Cable Network In Subscribers
    All major premium cable networks posted subscriber growth in the most recent fourth quarter of 2014, which also featured a different pecking order for the first time in years, with Starz (23.3 million subscribers) edging Showtime (22.8 million) to finish No.2 behind perennial leader HBO (31.4 million).

    It’s been awhile since Starz has had a No.2 ranking — on a yearly basis, it last finished ahead of Showtime in 2008. Starz’s subscriber base dipped the following year, followed by a growth streak starting in 2010 when the network launched its first hit scripted series, Spartacus, and when the reins of the network were taken by Chris Albrecht. (Showtime has been in a continuous growth mode for a decade.)

  • 14:54: Two Broke Girls - Episode 4.16 - And the Zero Tolerance - Sneak Peeks

  • 14:24: The Dovekeepers - Sneak Peeks

  • 13:38: Battle Creek - Episode 1.05 - Old Flames - Sneak Peeks

  • 13:12: Black-ish - Episode 1.19 - The Real World - Promotional Photos

  • 12:50: The Odd Couple - Episode 1.07 - Secret Agent Man - Promotional Photos

  • 11:55: Happyish - Michael Zegen to Guest
    Michael Zegen, who played American gangster Benny “Bugsy” Siegel in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” will recur in a guest role on Showtime’s upcoming comedy series “Happyish,” Variety has learned. He will appear in at least two episodes.

    Zegen will play Atomic Goldfarb, a twentysomething Brooklyn hipster creative brought in to annoy Thom (Steve Coogan) out of his job.

    Zegen’s other television credits include “The Walking Dead,” “Rescue Me,” “Girls” and “How to Make It in America.” He has appeared in the films “Frances Ha,” “Taking Woodstock,” “The Girl Next Door” and “Adventureland.”

  • 11:26: TNT's Untitled Drug-Trade Drama - To Be Redeveloped
    The road to the screen for Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay‘s drug-trade drama is taking a new turn. I have learned that the project, which was picked up to pilot by TNT last fall, will be redeveloped by the cable network. While the current pilot is not going forward, I hear TNT brass liked the setting — the wild and unpredictable world of the Florida drug trade in the 1970s — and want to take another stab at it. Michelle Ashford, who wrote the pilot script before her Masters of Sex was picked up by Showtime, is busy as showrunner of the pay cable drama but is expected to be involved in the retooling of the TNT project.

    The untitled Miami drug-trafficking project, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Bay Films and Warner Horizon Television, was one of four drama pilots greenlighted weeks before Kevin Reilly took the reins of the network. The fate of the other three, Lumen, Titans and Breed, is still TBD.

  • 10:58: The Vampire Diaries - Salvatore Boarding House Faces Demolition
    Ever since The Vampire Diaries series kicked off on that fateful fall day in 2009, the Salvatore Boarding House has become an important fixture in the Mystic Falls community and our lives. Unfortunately, it appears as though some people don’t appreciate beautiful, immaculate architecture as much as we do; in fact, this mansion, known as Glenridge Hall in the non-supernatural world, might soon be torn down.

    That’s right, it might be bulldozed into a pile of rubble as early as next week. We don’t know about you, but not only is this a blatant disrespect to all the incredible moments that have taken place inside the house (steamy kisses, game-changing twists, heartbreaking farewells, brotherly hugs, declarations of love, etc), but 86 years of Sandy Springs history, too. Aside from film shoots, real-life weddings and benefits have been hosted here, so clearly this 12,000 square-foot Tudor-style location holds a lot of fond memories for local residents — not just the TVD fandom.

  • 10:25: Banshee - Tom Pelphrey Interview
    Bunker quickly and in a way suprisingly turned into one of the new "Banshee" fan favorites. What do you think was the key scene for that, and what makes this character so interesting?

    I think that we certainly got to know Bunker a lot better in Episode 5... particularly with the scene in the basement. I think what makes this character so interesting is partly what makes all of the characters in Banshee so interesting: their duality. Most of the main characters in Banshee are being torn two completely different ways. Proctor wants the love of his parents and seeks forgiveness and acceptance; at the same time he runs his business ruthlessly, kills people and craves power. Hood is pulled toward his old self as a thief and a renegade gypsy who is chasing 'the big score'; on the other hand he is also pulled toward being the sheriff of a small town, enforcing the law, and having stability to be there for his daughter. Thief/Sheriff: very polar opposites. As for Bunker: well I'm not sure how much more duality you can get than an ex neo-nazi who is literally covered in swastikas and hateful images with a violent, criminal past who now wants to be a deputy, serve the people and uphold the law. I think this principle of characters constantly being pulled in two very different directions makes this show so dynamic and the characters so interesting. At the end of the day it seems to me that they are all seeking some form of redemption. I think people can identify with that. I know I can.

    A former neo-Nazi, who tries to reintegrate into society becoming part of the Sheriff's Department of Banshee. How did you prepare yourself for this complex role?

    Well in a few different ways. Most importantly I try and figure out what's really going on for the guy deep down in simple terms. To be very general I think Bunker "feels deep shame and therefore seeks forgiveness". There are a million different ways to seek forgiveness, and when I read the scripts and work on the scenes I try and find different ways to do so. I also think that Bunker is aware of his effect on people and aware of how to intimidate. The tattoos obviously speak to that… but to go along with the tattoos I thought I should get as big as possible physically. So I started lifting weights often and in earnest to achieve as much size as I could. :) Going into this role I didn't know much at all about the neo-nazi movement in America… so I read a few books that were recommended by my friend who is a writer. He had used them himself for research in the past. Basically you're always trying to get your body and mind in line with the character and further away from your own natural rythyms… especially when the character is as different as this.

  • 09:40: Grimm - Episode 4.18 - Mishipeshu - Synopsis
    An investigation leads Nick and Hank to the path of a Native American power quest.

  • 09:40: Daredevil - Two New Promotional Images

  • 09:40: A.D. - New Group Cast Promotional Photos

26th March:

  • 23:36: Young & Hungry - Episode 2.02 - Young & Cookin' - Sneak Peeks

  • 22:36: The Night Shift - Episode 2.07 - Need to Know - Promo

  • 22:00: The Mysteries of Laura - Episode 1.18 - The Mystery of the Sunken Sailor - Promo

  • 22:00: Manhattan - Season 2 - William Petersen Joins as Regular
    William Petersen is putting down roots in Manhattan.

    The CSI alum has joined the WGN America drama’s upcoming second season in a series-regular role, TVLine has learned.

    Petersen will play Colonel Emmett Darrow, the enigmatic new ranking military officer at Los Alamos. A deeply religious and patriotic man, Darrow feels called by God to usher in the atomic future, and to spread American values across the globe.

  • 22:00: The Slap - Episode 1.07 - Rosie - Promotional Photos
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