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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 24th March *Updated*

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24th March

  • 11:24 - Undateable - Episode 2.02 - 2.03 - Promotional Photos
    Episode 2.02

    Episode 2.03

  • Weird Loners - Episode 1.01 - Weird Pilot - 9 Sneak Peeks

  • 10:53 - Tatau - New Promo - BBC Three

  • 09:07 - NCIS: New Orleans - Episode 1.18 - The List - Sneak Peeks

  • 08:33 - The Goldbergs - Episode 2.16 - The Lost Boy - Promo

  • 08:19 - The Last Man on Earth - Episode 1.07 - 1.08 - Promo

  • 08:11 - American Odyssey - Episode 1.01 - Gone Elvis - Sneak Peek 3

  • 08:05 - The Mindy Project - Episode 3.21 - Best Man (Season Finale) - Sneak Peeks

23rd March

  • 23:17 - Darth Vader #3 Sells Out On Advance Orders
    This week sees the publication of Darth Vader #3 from Marvel Comics, by Kieron Gillen and Salvador LaRocca.

    There are in no way enough copies in comic book stores to match demand. Though unofficial yet, I understand the comic has sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors and a second print is being hurried through.

    For two reasons. First, up front, this is Aphra, Darth Vader’s new sidekick. A lot of heat and speculation about her, enjoy the preview at the bottom

    But second, and this is what I think is going to catch most people by surprise. I understand that the comic in question will feature the two cover robots, in the C3PO and R2D2 mode – except than instead of being good, helpful and moral robots, if a little cowardly, this pair are expert torturers and rather relish their vocation.

    Evil C3PO and Evil R2D2. As Star Wars canon.


  • 23:04 - American Odyssey - Allison Mack get upcoming arc
    Smallville alum Allison Mack has booked a “super”-compelling arc on the upcoming NBC drama American Odyssey.

    Mack’s role in all of this? TVLine has learned exclusively that she will play Julia, an intelligent and empathetic stranger who befriends Odelle’s daughter Suzanne in a bookstore — though all is perhaps not as it seems….


  • 22:48 - Modern Family - Episode 6.19 - Grill, Interrupted - Promotional Photos

  • 22:24 - One Big Happy - Targeted By 'One Million Moms' Protest
    NBC has launched another program attempting to redefine what makes a family. "One Big Happy" is described as a show about best friends Lizzy and Luke who are like family. As kids, they saw each other's parents go through divorce and have ever since formed an inseparable bond. Now, all grown up and still single, they've decided to start a family of their own, but in a non-traditional way. Lizzy, who is a lesbian, wants to raise a child with Luke by her side. Then one night, Luke falls for Prudence, a free-spirited British girl who's due to go back to England in a matter of days. Then, just as Lizzy discovers that she's actually pregnant, Luke announces that he and Prudence have gotten married - and in an instant, a different kind of family is born.

    The season premiere aired Tuesday, March 17 at 9:30 ET/8:30 p.m. CT, which also happens to be the same timeslot the network chose to run "The New Normal" with an extremely similar theme. It is no surprise that openly gay Ellen DeGeneres is one of the executive producers of this new show where the three will attempt to live together as one big happy family under one roof. It also includes a good bit of pixelated n-dity that leaves very little to the imagination.

    NBC's "One Big Happy" is attempting to desensitize America and our children. This new show is damaging to our culture and harmful to our society for a number of reasons. This program glamorizes one night stands, n-dity, homosexuality, and foul language (such as v-gina and b-tch).

    1MM is prepared to contact sponsors of "One Big Happy" requesting they pull financial support from the program. It is proven this strategy works! It was not too long ago that NBC announced "The New Normal" had been canceled after only one season because of lack of advertisers!

  • 22:18 - The Odd Couple - Episode 1.06 - Heal Thyself - Promotional Photos

  • 22:13 - Pretty Little Liars - Boss Talks Big 'A' Reveal
    What can you tease to fans about this mysterious dollhouse?

    MK: I can say that the entire episode, which is called, "Welcome to the Dollhouse," was inspired by 'A's idea of playing with his dolls and in 'A's dollhouse. It gave us an interesting idea, and I will say that this episode is unlike anything you have ever seen -- not just on Pretty Little Liars but on television period.

    Pretty Little Liars is known for their jaw-dropping finales, how does episode finale stack up to the others?

    MK: I think that it's our most sophisticated, most ambitious, and by far the most edgy episode to date.

    The phrase, "Big A Reveal" can be taken two different ways. Will fans be learning the entire identity of 'A' or just one part of the answer?

    MK: It's such a hard question to answer. If I were talking to you after the episode, it's very easy to explain it because it will make sense. I don’t want to sound cagey because I don’t want to make the fans thinks we're not giving them this massive reveal. It is the biggest reveal we’ve ever given so far. In so many ways you will know who this person is, but I will just say there is a little bit more story left to tell after the episode -- not a lot of story, but a little bit.


  • 22:08 - Black-ish - Episode 1.17 - 30 Something - Sneak Peek

  • 22:00 - iZombie - Episode 1.02 - Brother, Can You Spare A Brain? - Featurette [VIDEO]

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