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Development and Casting News

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Interviews and Articles

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The Flash - Was Foxtel Australia's 3rd Highest Rating Show In 2014


The Lizzie Borden Chronicles | Posters

CSI: Cyber - Episode 1.02 - CMND Crash - Promotional Photos

Halt and Catch Fire - Season 2 - First Look Promotional Photos

Fresh Off the Boat - Episode 1.08 - Phillip Goldstein - Photos

The Last Man on Earth - Episode 1.03 - Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells - Promotional Photos

Press Releases

American Crime - Episode 1.02 - Press Release

Thirty-six hours have passed and reality is starting to sink in for all sides. Barb and Russ must come face-to-face with the suspects, Carter and Aubry, for the first time at the arraignment hearing. For Aubry and Carter, the hearing is their first opportunity to see one another since being arrested. Elsewhere, Tony finds himself terrified and alone as he gets placed into juvenile detention. The gravity of the situation weighs heavy on his father, Alonzo. Hector's legal troubles are compounded when the investigators discover an existing warrant for his arrest in Mexico. With more unsettling facts being uncovered about Matt and Gwen, relations between Barb and Russ, and Tom and Eve grow increasingly strained as they disagree on where Matt's body should be buried, on "American Crime," THURSDAY, MARCH 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"American Crime" stars Felicity Huffman as Barb Hanlon, Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie, W. Earl Brown as Tom Carlin, Richard Cabral as Hector Tontz, Caitlin Gerard as Aubry Taylor, Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutierrez, Penelope Ann Miller as Eve Carlin, Elvis Nolasco as Carter Nix, Johnny Ortiz as Tony Gutierrez and guest starring Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed.

Guest starring Marlyne Barrett as Chris Thompson, Gleendilys Inoa as Jenny Gutierrez, Lili Taylor as Nancy Straumberg, Brent Anderson as Palmer, Kelli Bland as Barista, Keith Bogart as Grell/Reporter, Dave Buckman as Richter, Michael Clossin as Judge Wilson, Jon Michael Davis as Detective Sanderson, David DeLao as George Fierro, Jesse DeLuna as Officer Connors, Michael Fischer as Wes, Amanda Garza as Clair, David Garza as Video Judge, Rey Herrera as Hayes, Bob Hess as Michael Taylor, Shane Jacobsen as Quinn, E. Jason Liebrecht as Scott, Sohail Lodhia as Cashier, Marcus M. Mauldin as Parsons, Grant Merritt as Matt Skokie, Nadine Mozon as Peggy, Julian Owen as Silk, Jennifer Sydney as Operator and Todd Terry as Jackson.

"Episode Two" was written and directed by John Ridley.


Movie Trailers

The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown - Teaser Trailer

Featurettes and Promos

House of Lies - Episode 4.08 - He Didn't Mean That, Natalie Portman - Promo

House of Lies - Episode 4.08 - He Didn't Mean That, Natalie Portman - Sneak Peeks

Backstrom - Episode 1.07 - Enemy Of My Enemies - Sneak Peek

Better Call Saul - Episode 1.06 - Five-O - Promo

Better Call Saul - Episode 1.06 - Five-O - Sneak Peek

The Red Road - Season 2 - New Promo

Allegiance - Episode 1.05 - Tipping Point - Sneak Peeks

CSI: Cyber - BTS Featurette

CSI: Cyber - Meet the Team - Featurette

Last Man on Earth - Episode 1.03 - Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells - Promo

Glee - Featurette

iZombie - Rob Thomas Talks To DC All Access