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The Musketeers - Trial and Punishment - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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The events that transpired last week have left the characters split up, with individuals facing an uncertain future or undertaking a huge risk. Circumstances have never looked worse for our heroes, yet as d’Artagnan said to Constance before he was dragged away from her cell window “never give up hope.” No matter how bad things get, it would be unwise to forget those words, a Musketeer never would after all.

Porthos’ lone-wolf mission to lure Vargas to France is guaranteed to please his fans. Despite having a central arc this year it did feel as though it had only been bubbling in the background until these last few episodes. Now that he has worked through the mystery of his past he seems to be in a better place mentally, much like Aramis was after the events of Emilie. He may not be aware of the current dire straits the others are in back in Paris, but you can rest assured that he is going to face whatever the Spanish spy-master throws at him in order to bring down Rochefort and save them.

It quickly becomes apparent that Treville was speaking the truth about why he picked him to be a Musketeer when you see how resourceful he is this week. It wasn’t favouritism, but his skills as a soldier and his bravery in the face of battle that made him stand out above the others. This is why he wears the pauldron, and why the Captain is proud of him. There is a very touching moment near the end of the episode between the two of them that completes Porthos’ arc in a very satisfying manner.

The remaining group band together to concentrate on saving the captured characters, it won’t be as straightforward as last week’s whisking the Queen away to safety however. Rochefort has far more guards in place for a start, and then there’s the swiftness with which he is pushing his plans forwards. Marc Warren has been superb villain thus far, smooth talking his way around everyone at court and disposing of anyone who doesn’t conform to his way of thinking. He knows exactly when and how to feed information to Louis, applying the pressure in order to manipulate him into getting exactly what he wants.

Ryan Gage is simply wonderful in their scenes this week as the broken King who feels like he has lost everything. As is Alexandra Dowling’s Queen Anne, whose strength, poise and spirit is never completely shattered, no matter how hard the Comte persists in trying.

As for how Aramis manages to escapes his torturous demise, well that may come as a bit of a surprise. It certainly does to him anyway. Sometimes god does work in mysterious ways it seems...or, it could just be that someone has a particular talent that come in handy at times like this. The same could be said for Constance’s rescue too, which is carried out with minimum fuss and maximum heroic finesse by her champion d’Artagnan and his buddies, Athos and Treville.

This week's hangman has been solved, and the new teasers have been added below, and I have also filled in the missing teaser as a bonus. I don't confirm who says the new ones, but who do you see saying them?

Some of the G+ crew are missing you all and the wishing they could help out with the hangman & teasers this week. So they have been told part of the hangman, and have then given me some pictures to pass on to you which they hope will help you solve it.
The first set of clues they have for you have been solved. Bad food & rain

They have been given a further hint that will help solve one of the sentences in the hangman, here are the photos that they think will help you.
The second set of clues have been solved. Cockney rhyming slang will solve one of the sentences.

The arraigned soldier adopts a method of attack as part of his defence plea when he is put in the dock. Someone isn't overzealous apropos England. “It rains a great deal” they quip, before struggling to find the words to describe just how bad the food is. It Captain Cooks like several several roles have a change of uncle Bob next donkey's ear.

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Trial and Punishment airs on Saturday March 21 at 9pm on BBC America and Friday 27th March at 9pm on BBC 1 in the UK. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then, I will fill in any correct guesses on who said what later in the week. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“I’ll report to the garrison later” Athos to Treville

“We have no reason in the world left to trust each other, but who else can we trust?” Milady to Athos

“You just won’t die, will you” d'Artagnan to Aramis

“It’s not the man we have to destroy, it’s his lies” Constance to the Musketeers

“You’ll die for this” Rochefort to Treville

“I understand that God is with us now, in this room. We will all be judged for what is in our hearts” Aramis to Rochefort

“This is cold blooded murder” Treville to Rochefort

“What is the price for betraying those you should have held most dear?” Anne to Marguerite

“If this is to be my end I would rather be shot than stabbed” Louis to Porthos

“You’re a fine shot for a lowly servant Monsieur, but how long do you think you can hold out?” Vargas to Porthos

“You shouldn’t treat death so lightly” Aramis to Milady

"Look into my eyes, tell me I am guilty"

"You bring women to fight your battles?"

"It will be my honour, Majesty"

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