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The Musketeers - The Accused - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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Spoiler warning: As always there are teasers and hints ahead in my preview. However there are a few larger spoilers for the rest of the season that have been revealed in various places. I haven’t made any mentioned to them in my preview, but be aware that they could come up in the comment section below. Most of these have stayed under the radar so far, and there are many fans who do not wish to be spoiled by them. I would just ask that people please be considerate before sharing the details on social media sites so that their enjoyment of the show isn’t spoiled. Many thanks.

The Accused picks up more or less where The Prodigal Father left off. Anne and Rochefort are regaining their composure after his assault on her and are deciding what their next move should be. Naturally both camps have the same plan, which is that they must get to Louis and provide him with their side of the story. Unfortunately, the Comte is the one who has been playing the long game and already has the king secluded. So while the queen has to wait for help to arrive in the form of an armed escort, he is able to sneak in his false accusation of treason against her first.

Fearing what may happen if she stays at the Palace, the Musketeers smuggle Anne out and take her to safety while they plan their next move. Have they underestimated just how insane Rochefort is though, and how far he is willing to go in order to blacken the queen’s name and reputation?

Once again the show is back to using a multi-purpose title, the titular ‘accused’ character could be one of many. We have the obvious two above who attempt to reach Louis to order to tell their side of the tale. Catherine from Pinon is back this week, so I’d say Milady definitely fits the bill. Then there is Marguerite, who is being manipulated to avoid being implicated in an affair her family would disapprove of. Aramis also, as he is guilty of treason, though can it be realistically proved in any way, and of course Constance is also behind bars at one point too, but what crime is she guilty of?

Finally, there is one other person who breaks the law. In fact they admit that they are somewhat of a professional when it comes to their particular form of misconduct. But this is a good thing, as it could lead to uncovering the evidence that the Musketeers need to expose Rochefort as a Spanish spy.

As we saw in the promo Milady has decided which side she is going to align herself with, it seems being half throttled to death and forced to beg for your life has that effect on a gal. Not that I think she was ever particularly interested in feeding any information to Rochefort in the first place, even before her revealing chat with ‘Princess Louise’ I have felt that she has been spying on him rather than for him.

Let’s not forget that she did forewarn him that he’d be wise not to make an enemy of her when he unceremoniously threw her out of the Louvre. The fact that she recognised Francesco for what he was as soon as she hit the streets means that she too has been biding her time perhaps. Her compensation package may not be what she was initially holding out for, but she might end up gaining a lot more than she ever thought possible.

This hangman has been solved. Treville would be proud of the teamwork this week, I'm going to have to find something sneaky and Rochefort like for the finale!! The new Trailer Teasers have been added below.

The picture clue has been solved. Hum (Hill), Street, (Hide and) Seek + Anagram = The Musketeers

The three other guys find out about what went on at the convent last season, and therefore who the real father of the Dauphin is, in a scene at the garrison this week. There are various emotions in a short space of time – disbelief, amazement, and some anger mixed with reassuring congratulations from one member. It is a superb character scene, a real fan pleaser.

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The Accused airs on Saturday March 14 at 9pm on BBC America and Friday 20th March at 9pm on BBC 1 in the UK. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then, I will fill in any correct guesses on who said what later in the week. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“You can’t let her go, it’s written all over your face” Catherine to Athos

“I’m not afraid, I love you” Constance to d'Artagnan

“Meanwhile the king is bouncing another man’s child on his knee. Your morality will not stand, Musketeer” Milady to d'Artagnan

“You have no future without me now, everything I do you are a part of” Rochefort to Marguerite

“I swear I will not allow anything to happen to you because of me” Aramis to Anne

“If you really love her there’s one thing you can do to really prove it” Porthos to Aramis

“At least she had the guts to stay when none of us would” d'Artagnan to Porthos

“I had a feeling you might prove stubborn” Rochefort to Constance

“Let her think I am still angry for now, and later I will forgive her bad judgement” Louis to Rochefort

“There might be some risk of infection” Lemay to Rochefort

Trailer Teaser

“There is only you and I now” Rochefort to Anne

"You are to be taken from here to wait execution"

"Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death"

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