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The Big Bang Theory - The Intimacy Acceleration - Review


The episode begins with Amy reading an article about experiments, which include two people falling in love within hours. The catch is that people have to pair up differently. Penny volunteers to test this on Sheldon. He asks Penny that if they fall in love, she should drive him to GaryCon in Wisconsin. She agrees and she'll give him all the T-shirts he wants.

Penny and Sheldon plot:

I loved how Sheldon reacted when he reject Penny's offer of wine because it would ruin his heavy machinery. I also enjoyed how she referenced Iron Man when she was asked to choose their own hero. He admits that he will eat dinner if he does not look at someone else's toes and that he would love to have Iron Man join them for dessert. He made the reference about the dinner part because Euclid, the founder of Geometry wears sandals while eating.

Later on, Penny admits that she wishes that she was as smart as the rest of the gang. This causes him to admit that he wishes he could read people's minds because he misunderstands how people feel about him. He wonders if he people that if people joke around with him or is he the butt of the jokes. Also, he wonders if people are mad at him or they are just in a bad mood. At dinner, he admits that his birthday is today and that Amy doesn't know. The reason is that he doesn't like surprises and presents. I'm so proud that Sheldon came out and told the truth about how he felt. Maybe it's just a few episodes but in the last few episodes he has grown to be more tolerant and mature.

Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily plot:

Meanwhile, the gang go to a visit an escape room (at the suggestion of Emily) where they have to solve puzzles to get out of a room. It may seem easy on paper but they have to face a zombie. The zombie is played by Glee and Switched at Birth's Max Adler!! I wish he had more speaking parts but as a zombie, it was hard for him to do so. Unfortunately, the four are so creeped out by the zombie that they want to leave but realize they won't get their money back. Later on, Amy solves the puzzle for a riddle that she tackled and Emily finds a key that would open the door behind a picture. Despite some rough spots, I am glad they worked together to solve the puzzle and I thought it was worth the $200 for less than 10 minutes of adventure even though the guys looked disappointing. I liked how the guys were acting like scared cats especially when the guys let the ladies go to the room first.

Howard and Bernadette plot:

Elsewhere, Howard and Bernadette finds out that his mother's ashes are missing. The employee try to be as calm as possible with them feeling angry towards her. Howard later confesses that he wishes he was not too busy to drive his mother to the airport, which would be the last time he would ever see her. This causes Bernadette to go berserk on the customer service agent. Finally, Howard's bag of his mother's ashes is found! He apologizes to her and that she will remain close to him for the rest of his life. I'm glad that Howard confused that he could have been a better son to his mother. This story line will teach (or have taught, to those who have watched it) viewers how to count his or her blessing with their parents.


Penny walks Sheldon home or should we say his apartment, which is a very brief walk. All of a sudden, all of his friends (minus Bernadette and Howard because I predict they were at home resting) give a surprise party but this causes him to scream at her for doing something that she knew would irritate him.

What did you all think of this enjoyable episode?