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Shameless - Southside Rules - Advance Preview: “Your Heart May / Will Break”

Hi Shameless fans, as a big fan of this show, I’ll be previewing the next episodes before the Season Finale.

Where do I start. This episode is both a really funny and emotional episode. I’m going to do my best to be informative but try to not give to much away because this episode is one you do not want to miss. I also think this episode has some excellent performances that both the writers and actors have worked on, so I want to acknowledge them in the best way I can by getting you ready for this Sunday's episode! I haven’t previewed many shows before so I hope to not disappoint you.

Debbie and her boyfriend take things to the next level, I feel like just that statement alone has become such a universal definition of doing certain things, so I’ll just leave that there.

Frank is being shown in a kinder light during this episode, something many fans may have not expected from him but maybe had hoped?

As you may have seen from the promotional photos that were released, Mickey and Ian have a bloody fun time (pun intended). Their scenes really will make gif makers extremely happy. Watching Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan during this episode is a joy, they are so undeniably honest to one another, it's evident in this episode and all episodes. They both make each other incredibly happy and I think the writers really hit back to the core of their relationship in this episode, Gallavich gets some well needed screen time. It seems as if their journey is the most heartbreaking to watch and having seen the next episode it’s definitely going to be a battle but it gives these two excellent actors some truly incredible material to work. I will mention this, Mickey and Ian have a bit of a karaoke moment, you really don't want to miss it, it's going to make you smile.

The music is truly evocative in two scenes, (trying to find the music before the episode airs is a challenge but its worth it, for me at least). One of them occurs between Kev and Veronica, the music choice is great, it plays in the background, the characters utter no words whilst the camera moves to their faces creating a very intimate and moving scene, it's one of my favourite moments. The second moment occurs between Mickey and Ian.

Lip is truly beginning to realise just how much you don’t need to question why good things happen to you. Goodness doesn’t require something in return but his upbringing has left him with this idea that if something good happens you has to do something in exchange and it's quite a poignant moment admist the unusual circumstances. He really has shown so much growth this season at College, realising he can be much more than he thinks he can be and that he actually is someone special who could do great things with his life if he only gave himself the chance and I'm enjoying seeing this journey. I will tease that drugs at College from Kev isn't always the best idea. Sasha Alexander (Professor Helene) delivers some brutally honest dialogue which I think you will like. She's also the hottest but most intellectual professor at his campus so I can see why Lip likes her which may not bode well with others. I really like Sasha on the show, she's a fun and memorable character.

To end, I've got to say that you really don't want to miss this episode. It literally will break you heart before the episode ends because the events that occurred aren't what I expected and the performances will shatter your heart even more.

Here are some Teaser Quotes:

“This place is actually staring to mean something to me.”

“Who melted my spatula?”

“There free.”

“I’m out of shape.”

“I’m not going to leave until I know your okay.”

“Shut the f*** up, take your pills b****”

Episode 10 ‘Southside Rules’ airs this Sunday at 9 on Showtime. I can’t believe the seasons nearly over. Thank you for reading my preview. Let me know in the comments who your favourite characters are and how your finding this season so far. While you wait here are 2 Sneak Peeks. Let me in the comments what you thoughts are of this season and who's your favourite Gallagher (Mickey included).

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