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Shameless - Season 5 Finale - Advance Preview: "It Ends With A Bang and You Might Be The Casualty"

So I’ve had the pleasure of watching the season finale and heres my anticipated preview. I don’t know how some of you are going to cope, I follow a lot of you on Twitter so I must say please brace yourself.

Things with Lip’s professor get a bit ‘Fifty Shades of Helene’. Her husband is a bit off during this scene, it seems like this storyline may definitely travel into Season 6 but I can’t say for sure. Lip will get punched and you're going to learn that College is where people clap when hearts break.

Something happens with Mickey, I can’t say, it’s something that may hurt you because this is like a last resort type of situation. The scene leads into the one where Mickey hits his head against the wall with Ian’s photo as featured in the promo. This short scene is powerful, its an emotional breakdown of Mickey’s character and in that moment watching him, I honestly felt so bad for him. Another scene you’ll be glad its short (like this sentence).

Things with Monica aren’t going to get easy, Ian in the back of his mind knows this and he will come to this realisation. Monica’s boyfriend is bad news, the dude has serious anger problems, one word will set him off.

Like last week, Monica had some poignant things to say to Ian, she will have the same in this episode. Theres a scene between them against the backdrop of a starry night sky that in the moment makes Ian realise some things.

V has some concerns about how Kev slept around but Kev’s excuse though for doing this just made me laugh and V’s reaction, priceless, whats worst is that it was in front of a stranger, a truly Shameless moment.

You're going to get some good old Fiona and V scenes, ones where they discuss the trails of life whilst doing a wifely duty (pun not intended). I know a few of you ask about her so I’ll tell you that Svetlana is mentioned.

Debbie seems to be moving forward with this pregnancy plan. She has an encounter with the creepiest pharmacy store clerk, one that really is inappropriately strange. Debbie’s sass is perfect.

Debbie is going to start questioning and challenging Fiona in this episode, its very bold but not untrue, it just goes to show how much advantage people will take over you for certain things you do. I will say that children do mirror the actions of their parents, or in this case, guardians. I will tease that this episode is a big one for Debbie. Emmy Rossum’s performance is really good, her eyes are incredibly expressive and you just know she's worried. The dialogue between the two is unapologetic and raw.

V’s mom makes an appearance. The banter between the two is comedy gold, Shanola Hampton’s one liners are perfection, she says them with such ease.

You may get some resolution to the situation between Fiona, Sean and Gus. Something someone says to Fiona is brutally honest but it makes her decide to do something however this is Shameless and with that comes the responsibility of telling people the cold hard truth, something Fiona doesn't always hear.

Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan have a scene together, its going to kill a lot of you, things you want are said and things you don't are said. Some of the things Mickey says are going to make you ecstatic, it’s what a lot of you have wanted, Noel was brilliant in this scene, the way he said certain words will make many of you happy. Seriously he enunciated his words so smooth. Ian asks Mickey some tough questions regarding his bipolar disorder. Also if you’ve been wondering about those promotional photos where Mickey’s running, its a really touching moment, like love story type of moment. A moment of Ian talking in this scene broke my heart, Cameron Monaghan’s acting is unbelievably good, so effortless, he needs to win an award for his performance this season, this episode alone is beyond award worthy.

Bianca has a humane moment, truly humbling and in that split second I felt terribly sorry for her. A scene with her is very poetic, one Shameless writers do well in finales.

If you’ve missed the Ian and Lip brotherly moments, worry not, I’ll tease that there might be one.

The ending is big, there’s a bang and your heart may stop beating. A few storylines close and others are ripped open. Prepare yourself! Heres some Sneak Peeks if you haven't already watched them.

Here's some Quotes:
“Tell that boy no teeth, just lip and suction.”

“I started at 11.”

“Not that Monica will help.”

“Toss you out without a dime.”

“What kind of girl do you take me for?”

“Your daughter is very beautiful.”

“You don't have to rub my nose in it.”

“Were not friends.”

“Why won’t you ever let me be happy?”

“People like us can be happy.”

“Do you think I’m a good person?”

Episode 12, the Season Finale, 'Love Songs (In The Key of Gallagher)’ airs this Sunday at 9 on Showtime. Thank you for reading my preview. Let me know in the comments did last nights episode live up to your expectations?

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