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Olympus - Cast Promotional Photos and Character Bios


Hero, the bastard son of King Aegeus, is the holder of the Lexicon (the secret code that allows man to enter Olympus). In a sense, Hero is the Gods’ "canary in the coal mine”: If he - or any other human for that matter - knocks at Olympus' door, Zeus knows that Man has exceeded his status and is on the verge of becoming a threat. But Hero doesn’t care about the Lexicon (he’s not even aware of it at first). He’s an honest, simple man who just wants to understand his past. What he doesn’t know is that journey will reveal his destiny.


On the outside, Oracle is unaffected, straight-forward and trustworthy (she's got the best poker face in the Peloponnese). After all, she's a Seer - the mouthpiece of the Gods - so how could she be anything but? Fact is, Oracle (her position, not her real name - that's a mystery) is tough and shrewd. Her visions, with their terrifying truths and destined events over which she is helpless, haven taken their toll over the years. Enter Hero - a man whose destiny is prophesized - and someone Oracle can, at last, help.


Daedalus is a crabby, patronizing, mad genius. He's also heartbroken and guilt-ridden over the loss of his son Icarus. Yes, that Icarus - the one that got too close to the sun. You see, Daedalus built the wings that Icarus used, wings of wax that melted in the sun. So forgive him his curmudgeonly nature - his allies try to, for his intellect and prowess for invention is unparalleled.


Medea - yes, THAT Medea - is a powerful sorceress who has one true love: Power. She seeks the Lexicon, the hidden code that allows for entry into Olympus. She even married Aegeus to get it. She's charismatic, she's ruthless, she's sexy and she's magical (literally). In short, Medea is irresistible and terrifying.

King Aegeus

Arrogant, aggressive, prone to fits of rage. King Aegeus of Athens is, quite frankly, a real jerk.
Groomed to rule, Aegeus always believed he held the key to the Lexicon, a secret code that allows humans to enter the gates of Olympus. Upon having a son, the Lexicon left Aegeus for his first born, causing him to lose some of his luster - and officially tipped his ratio of speaking to screaming in favor of the latter. Thankfully, his wife Medea tolerates him.


This son of King Aegeus and Madea is not a fighter and not much of a leader, but Lykos has a big heart and a strong sense of strategy. He also thinks he has the key to the Lexicon. Question is: Is that enough to survive?

King Minos

It's perhaps no surprise that the richest and most powerful King in ancient Greece is a ruthless bully. If Harvey Weinstein and Imelda Marcos had a love child, he might turn out like Minos - belligerent, greedy, scheming - determined to conquer the whole civilized world. His name alone strikes terror into the heart of men, but ironically, he has almost the opposite effect on his family.


Cool, beautiful, calculating and manipulative, Princess Ariadne is the daughter of Aegeus and Hero's enemy, King Minos. Ariadne is a sensation-seeker; Pleasure is often mixed with pain for this entitled princess. Yep, ladies and gentleman, Ariadne is an S&M loving royal.

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