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Looking - Looking for Sanctuary - Review

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   Looking continued its wonderful second season last night with an all new episode, titled “Looking for Sanctuary”, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Tanya Sarracho, and directed by Craig Johnson.
   It was a very special episode, with a lot of drama, from Patrick’s family to Dom and Doris’s big argument. The only who really had a great time were Agustin and Eddie, despite Franck’s comeback ! (It was so good to see him back, I’ve been missing him so much).

   Patrick and Kevin were still exploring their new relationship, and they were still going pretty fast at it. Kevin visited a new place, with Patrick. He had to find somewhere to live on his own now John and him were separated. It was very cute to watch together, Kevin took the apartment right away because it was such an amazing place, with the view. On the next day, Kevin revealed to Patrick he took the apartment for them, he wanted to live with him but he wanted to wait until Pat was ready before asking him. It was super cute and sweet from Kevin, but still it was way too soon IMO. Living together is a big step, it’ll make everything more serious, they should enjoy the fun of their relationship for now. Still, Patrick didn’t say yes right away.

   Patrick was also going through a major step in his life : he finally introduced one of his boyfriend to his mother. It’s always a very stressful moment, maybe even more when you’re gay. I expected Patrick to be way more crazy and stressed. It turned out he was quite calm and Kevin was perfect with Dana banana, as he said he is definitely good with moms. Dana was acting very weird with Patrick and Kevin, but weird in a good way. She was actually warm and nice. It seemed like she really liked Kevin, the way he made Patrick feel and act. It was a very sweet scene. Something was definitely off with Patrick’s mother.
    There was one family member who wasn’t accepting Patrick and Kevin’s relation, and it was Megan, the sister. Her newly husband was John’s best friends, so she took John’s side and hated Kevin, and so her brother too for what they had done. And she was really mad and mean. Dana had the great idea to bring them to the zoo, so they could have a huge argument in front the animals. Megan’s point of view was actually understandable. even left John without talking about it, he just ignored their problems in their relationship, fell for Patrick and left John. He could have tried to make their relationship better, to make it work…. Honestly, I don’t really believe in that. If it doesn’t work, trying to make it work won’t help. It can help for some time but in the end, it’s always the same : it can’t work. Megan was really a bitch, even Pat’s mother offered him a Xanax to help him.

   Dana had an ulterior motive to invite her children to the zoo. She really wanted them to get better and to reconcile for what she was about to tell them. As Megan, my first thought was sickness but it was nothing like that, just so more family drama. Dana was having an emotional affair and actually thinking about leaving her husband, Patrick and Megan’s father. I’ve never expected that from her, it was so surprising and so fun. It made the dinner scene way more understandable, especially when she said to Patrick what he said to her about being happy with someone. She couldn’t blame Patrick and Kevin for what they did, she was about to do the same. Patrick supported his mother, Megan took a little more time to finally she did. Dana was full of surprises, and her last scene with Patrick was so emotional, I kinda had tears in my eyes. She had a huge decision to make and she had no idea what to do next. She reflected on her life, her choice,s her children and she was proud of everything. There is a new chapter starting for her. And at the end, Patrick finally accepted Kevin’s proposal, he will be moving in with him !

   Patrick wasn’t the only one to get a proposal, Agustin got the best, sweetest proposal from Eddie after a few drama. Eddie needed an artist to help them on a project for the shelter, and of course he had to ask Agustin, who couldn’t refuse. So, Agustin was back as an artist for the day. I still think Agustin can be an artist, he just needed to cut all the bullshit and arrogant attitude he had going with it. He wasn’t a bad artist, and he seemed really happy with his project and what he has done. I very much enjoyed watching him so happy and proud.
   And then, Agustin and Eddie met Franck in a bar. Oh God, I’ve been missing Franck so much, but I think I liked him better last season. He was cuter and nicer, now he looked like the arrogant asshole. Anyways, Agustin wasn’t that pleased to see him, it was a bit awkward. Agustin showed off how much he has changed since they broke off, and he introducted Eddie as his friend.
   Eddie was totally jealous of Franck and he didn’t like being labelled as “friend” and then Agustin had the best reaction. It was in that scene I definitely knew Agustin had changed. He called Eddie on his bullshit, he was the one who didn’t want to label their thing as a relationship, so he couldn’t have it both ways. And then, Agustin opened his heart to Eddie, one more time, he reassured him and Eddie made the sweetest proposal to Agustin. Oh, that was super cute. Agustin and Eddie are so adorable together.

   Dom and Doris used to be super adorable together, and they were just like two episodes ago but ever since Doris chose to go with Malik instead of helping Dom with his chicken window, things had been weird. In “Looking for Sanctuary”, things went actually pretty bad between them. It wasn’t money issues, it was Dom who totally fucked up. He went too far with Doris. She announced him her uncle was contesting the will, so it meant the money won’t arrive before 3 or 4 months. Dom blamed Doris, for offering him she didn’t have yet, but what he’s done was worst : he spent money he didn’t even have, and a lot of money.
   It wasn’t the first time Dom acted like an ass, it’s his typical reaction when people tried to help him but he was mean to Doris in a very special time of her life. Her father just passed away, so their argument made reflect on their relationship, on what they are for each other. Maybe they are too close, maybe it’s not healthy but Doris needed to take so time off, away from Dom, to change air so she decided to go live at Malik’s for the moment. It really saddened me to see Dom and Doris going apart, but I’m confident they will make it work. They can’t stay mad at each other for the season finale next week !

   What did you think of “Looking for Sanctuary” ? Did you like all the drama ? What are your hopes for the season finale next Sunday ? Hit the comments !

Gay notes :
- Megan cheated on her SATC ! And now she is making moral lessons...
- Megan defriended Kevin Haha so childish. Definitely “drama queen and judgy”
- “Your narcissim” ? Hilarious Megan, I agreed with you at least once
- Eddie does has a winning smile, right ?
- Favorite proposal : will you move in with me and brush your teeth in the sink next to me or do you want to be my boyfriend ? So Agustin is thinking about taking Prep, he’s been socially responsible.

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