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Looking - Looking for a Plot - Review

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   Looking offered us a very special episode last night on HBO with “Looking for a Plot”. In the very first minutes of the episode, while brunching and taking pic of her tits, Doris received a terrible news : her dad had died. The whole episode focused on his funeral in Modesto.
    I must say it was a very special episode for me because in a few days (actually next Sunday) , it’ll be the 10 year anniversary of my father’s death. It’s a weird coincidence, so the episode and Lauren Weedman performance have touched me in a very special way.
   It was one of the best episodes of Looking. I always wanted to know more about Dom and Doris, because they share such a special relationship. They’re so close, they share everything, they know everything from one another. It was great to watch them going back to Modesto and talking about their past experiences, what made them the people they are now.

   Doris has been my favorite character ever since she first appeared in the pilot. I fell instantly in love with Lauren Weedman. Doris is just the funniest character on the show, always speaking her mind and she is often so right in her comments. She’s the one to call the guys on their bullshit, and of course, she is a great friend (and more) for Dom.
   It was so fun to watch Doris going back to her childhood town and reminiscing about her childhood. Turned out Doris’s childhood wasn’t very happy, her mother was a drunk but her father always was good with her. I know what it felt like growing up with a drunk parent, so Doris’s story touched me even more. But her damaged childhood gave her sense of humor and got her into nursing, so some good things came out of that bad situation. Doris is always very hopeful and optimistic, I love that about her.

   The trip to Modesto shed more light on Doris and Dom’s special relationship. They grew up there, they first dated there. It’s the place they became the great friends they are now. And Doris needed Dom in that special hard time.
   I particularly liked the funeral home scene with Doris and Dom. Doris’s reactions were so good, so true. Dom talked her into seeing her father’s body, because he never did and he has regrets about it now. I didn’t want to see my father’s body either but it’s a personal choice. I still think it’s better to remember people when they were alive, and not dead in a box. It’s sure it helps to accept the loss to see the body, but seeing the coffin at the funeral can have the same effect.
   Anyways, Dom’s comment about George looking like a drag queen in his coffin was just hilarious and I smiled with them. It’s typical at funerals to have those inappropriate laughs, they released the pressure of the situation.

   Doris was still in denial for most part of the episode. Even though she saw her father’s body, she couldn’t really realize yet and she decided to spend some fun times with Pat and Dom. First, they went swimming in the pool (and Doris peed a little bit in it !). The music, as always, was great while they were all having fun (it's Broncho by Class Historian).
   Doris and Dom talked about their past, the things they used to do, the sex they used to have, and how bad it was for her (she never came) and how good it was for Dom. He was already gay. It was hilarious and so good to watch them having fun, being alive.

   And then, Doris, Dom and Patrick went to Modesto gayest bar. It was a bit depressing, especially when Patrick shared his sad teenage memories. When he started mentioning Evanescence, I knew (as Dom) he was talking about himself. But Doris wasn’t willing to let her night before her dad funeral to be depressing, that’s not how Doris sees the world. She needed to have fun, and to party. So they all danced on “Walking on Sunshine”. I love that song so much, so much energy. Perfect song for Doris, Dom and Patrick at that time. And then it was the funeral. The cut to Aunt Sarah’s speech in the cemetery was brutal, as death can be.

   Aunt Sarah’s speech was really touching and moving. Patrick, who had decided to tag along Doris and Dom to avoid embarrassment from his drunken speech on Halloween, even though he never met George and never went to a funeral before, totally lost it. Funerals can do that to people. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter how much you knew the deceased (or if you knew him at all), the whole atmosphere, the silence of the ceremony, and the evocation of death can make you reflect on your life and sometimes you crack and burst into tears… And you become the weird guy who cries too much at funerals.

   Dom was also very affected by George passing away. Since his father died, Doris’s dad became a bit like his. He wanted them to get married, so sweet. Being in Modesto, Dom visited his father old restaurant. It wasn’t a Portuguese restaurant anymore but a donut shop. It was depressing for Dom to watch his father dreams, and his dreams turned into a standard place. The worst part was the place was actually working very well, it had been opened more than 10 years. Dom was convinced the location was bad and no shop would ever work. Poor Dom, he started thinkg it was his own failure, I’m not sure a Portuguese in Modesto would have worked anyway.
   Dom wondered about his father’s legacy, After the failure of the restaurant, Dom tried to visit his dad’s grave but he couldn’t find it. The cemetery looked quite big for his defense. I loved Doris’s comment on how all the dead talk to each other anyways so he could come out to any of them.
   Dom never came out to his father, I never did either. It’s really weird not to be able to do it, and I really loved Patrick’s idea. Dom came out, screaming it out loud in the cemetery. It was such a beautiful moment, it might have give me an idea, and then it was crazy. I never saw it coming, oh my god. I literally jumped out off my seat watching it. Looking never surprised me that much.

   Luckily, Doris, Dom and Patrick weren’t much injured during the crash. Doris started to accept her father’s death, she admitted she was an orphan now. That thought must be so hard to handle at first, to think both of your parents aren’t there anymore.
   Anyways, after that drama, Doris decided to give her inheritance from her dad to Dom so he could open his chicken widow restaurant. Dom always has been her family, he’s the one here for her for everything, since a long time. It was so touching to watch them serious for once.
   And then, the sweet and perfect Malik came and Doris finally cried in his arms. It was the perfect way to end the episode, Doris finally accepting her father’s death, surrounded by her two favorite men on earth… But what happened when they all got back to San Francisco was even better

   Kevin was waiting for Patrick, he tried to call him several times during the weekend but obviously Pat was too busy. Kevin had a major news : he broke off with John. Finally ! Damn, it was about time Kevin made his decision. I’m so glad he chose Patrick and not Seattle. Now, Patrick and Kevin will have a real chance at being together, without the lying and sneaking around. I’m not sure it’ll work but at least they can try for real now. Oh, that kiss put a big smile on my face !

   “Looking for a Plot” was an exceptional episode, probably the best episode. It had everything, it was touching, funny, very true and real. Looking was at its best during that half hour, I loved every seconds of it.
   What did you think of “Looking for a Plot” ? Did you enjoy Modesto ? How excited are you for Patrick and Kevin ? Hit the comments !

Gay notes :
- Doris’s first reaction after learning her father died : “This is not my coffee. I’ve never had my coffee” and Lauren Weedman’s face, it just brought tears to my eyes.
- Patrick had fingered a girl in High School. First, Jonathan Groff finger signs made me laugh so much and then Doris’s line “I’m sure she has a whole different memory of that night” was just hilarious.

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