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Looking - Looking for Home (Season Finale) - Review: "Moving In & Moving On"

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    Looking finished its amazing second season last night, with “Looking for Home”, written by Andrew Haigh & John Hoffman and directed by Andrew Haigh.
   It was a great episode, focused on Patrick and Kevin’s relationship on their moving day. I just wish it wasn’t the series finale because I wanted to see more of Agustin and Dom but as a season finale, it was perfect. Patrick and Kevin finally talked (maybe too much) about their relationship and their expectations while Dom and Doris reconciled (and Agustin and Eddie were still super cute together).

   Patrick and Kevin’s moving day started off nicely. Patrick was super cute with his “valuables” box and he met a couple of very charming and welcoming neighbors. And Kevin was all cute and sexy with Patrick too. But, it was still weird. Patrick discovered Kevin’s stuffs, he never saw his home with John, so he didn’t know any of his things. But mostly, it was Kevin’s first reaction, to accept his neighbors' invitation without checking first with Pat, knowing that they had Agustin’s fund raiser. He was luckily Pat wanted to have a quick drink with the neighbors before going to the fund, but it was selfish from Kevin. Patrick should have seen the signs better and listen to his friends. They told him it was too fast and he was crazy...

   What opened Patrick’s eyes on Kevin happened at their neighbors’s party. First, the guys made several allusions, like the party would turn into an orgy later on and they were all charmed by Kevin. He enjoyed it, and so did Patrick. He was proud to have a sexy boyfriend but when it turned out Kevin had an active profile on Grindr, Patrick’s world started to shake. Patrick started freaking out, Kevin tried to calm him down but they had decided to talk like adults, so for once, they were real and honest with each other.
    First, Kevin told him it was just to check the gays in the building, just curious. His bullshit wasn’t enough for Patrick, especially after calling Agustin and listening to his true advice ("it's what you do with the app that matters"). Patrick wanted to know more and started questioning Kevin, about what he had done while he was with John. Kevin told him he had little things with other people. Kevin cheated on John several times… But it wasn’t all.

    Kevin decided to be fully honest with Patrick, because he didn’t want to have the same relationship he had with John. He didn’t wanted the lies, and the feeling guilty of cheating. Kevin wanted to have an open relationship. (or a “grey area” like he said). His point was if something happened, it wasn’t a big deal unless they talk about it and don’t lie about it. But monogamy was very important for Patrick, it’s one of his fundamental in a relationship. Even if Kevin reminded him he once slept with him while he was still with Richie, and he called him to fuck him in the wood in the season premiere… Such a cunt Kevin…
   Honestly, I don’t blame Kevin for the way he thinks. And he was honest for once. Clearly, they should have talked about that before moving in together. It’s the kind of talk you have first, so everybody’s clear on what to expect and you're not breaking up on your moving in day... They both want something different ina  relationship actually, because they’re both different people.

   Patrick took time to accept they were really different, because he really wanted to be in a relationship, to prove to himself, to his family, to his friends that you could do it, just like everybody else. And he fell for Kevin because, well he's terribly sexy. But Patrick and Kevin are both so very different.
   Kevin is realistic and he assumes his sexuality, his desires. He has no problem having sex with a random guy and then go home to his boyfriend. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his boyfriend, he can differentiate having sex and being in a relationship.  For Patrick, things aren’t that grey, he wants to have a serious, monogamous relationship with only one sexual partner. There is no way they can work that out. Kevin said he could change but for how long ? You can’t just change who you are and your expectations for someone else, not for very long.

   After talking so much about their relationship, Patrick couldn’t sleep (while Kevin had no problems), and while going through his things, he found Richie’s necklace. So on the next day, Patrick came to his shop and asked him to cut his middle aged lesbian hair.
   It was so sweet and cute to watch Richie taking care of Patrick. After everything that happened, during the whole season, it was the perfect way to end it, Richie finally cutting Patrick’s hair, no talking. Pat and Richie have so much chemistry they don’t need word. Patrick wanted, and needed, to be with someone he can trust, rely on.
   Another couple was having a rough time. After their crazy argument last week, Dom and Doris were still not talking. Dom had to make the first move, because he was such an ass to Doris. So, he first went to Malik, how cute. I liked that Malik was now the link between Dom and Doris, it showed how much he cares for Doris and vice versa. He told Dom Doris was cleaning everything up, OCD style and she needed Dom, like Dom needed her.
   So, Dom went to Malik’s at night and asked Doris for a walk. I was so thrilled they were back together, talking and being hilarious. I’ve missed that even if they only argued last week. Dom admitted he was an ass, Doris was sorry for pulling the fag/hag card but she still meant the other things she said. They still had to break up in a way. Doris had to put someone else than Dom first in her life, she has a wonderful man now and Dom had to do things by himself. He can ask for help when he needs it, but first, he can try by himself. Oh, Dom and Doris have finally started to grow up and to become adults : So sweet. 

   “Looking for Home” was a a very emotional episode, Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey were especially touching in their different scenes. Patrick and Kevin’s relationship was fun and it has taught many lessons to Patrick.
   Overall, it’s remarkable how much all the characters have grown this season. Agustin is no longer an arrogant and selfish artist but he works to help and support other people ; Dom is making his dreams come true by himself ; Doris has someone else to think first than Dom and Malik is wonderful and Patrick discovered there were fundamentals to share with someone before getting too serious in a relationship.
    It was a real pleasure reviewing this second season of Looking. The show has got so much better this year, it was a excellent ride. I really hope there will be a season three… And, it was also a great pleasure reading your comments and discussing with you. Many thanks everyone !

   So, what did you think of the season finale ? Do you think Kevin and Patrick still have a chance or are we all #TeamRichie now ? Hit the comments !

Gay notes:
- Grrr… How hot was Santa Eddie ! I wanted to see more
- “Peanut butter is disgusting” I second that Patrick

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