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Looking - Looking for Glory - Review

   Looking continued its second season last night on HBO with an all new episode, titled “Looking for Glory” written by Michael Lannan & JC Lee and directed by Jamie Babbit.
   Finally, last week Kevin chose Patrick over John, so in last night episode they started to have a real relationship, and went to GamerX with their own video game where everything didn’t happen as expected. Also, Dom finally bought the place for his chicken window and Agustin and Eddie reached a new level in their  relationship after a HIV scare.


   So, after so much drama between those two, Patrick and Kevin finally got together. It was super cute to watch them together for the whole episode. Patrick seemed so happy to be with Kevin. I must admit I always have been TeamRichie because it felt Kevin was playing with Patrick, he was taking all advantages from him. Now, Kevin has changed… Apparently. He was a cheater, and leaving someone for another is never a great option. He should have taken some time for himself before throwing himself in a new relationship. I really hope Patrick and Kevin will make it work.
   Patrick and Kevin might be rushing into their relationship. They already have announced it at work, with Patrick wearing that wonderful sweater from Kevin. IMO, they should have waited a bit more. They could have focused more. It’s not really about a courtesy gap, but more like you should separate your work and your love life.

   Patrick and Kevin had finished developing their game apps with gays types and they went to the GamerX to present it but not everything went well there. First, their stand “neighbour”, with their “Glorified” app (an networking app for the orally adventurous LMAO) wasn’t very nice with them and mocked them instantly. Then, Patrick tried to show the app to a reviewer but it bugged…Honestly, I don't like their app either. It didn't seem much fun. And finally, Richie and Brady were there, Brady was actually working on an article on GamerX. It seemed Patrick and Richie can’t help to run into each other…

   The gay prom night was my favorite part of the episode. It was so cute to watch Patrick being so into it, reliving his high school prom but this time was ten times better. Booking the room, the flower and the proposal were so funny and cute. Patrick is really happy with Kevin, he’s living his teenage dreams and it was so very touching to witness it. Kevin feels like a dream come true for Patrick, I hope he won't be just a dream.
   I especially loved when Kevin and Patrick danced on “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware. It was a very sweet moment, and with Richie looking at them, I could totally feel some jealousy on his part. It was even clearer after the prom when the two couples were eating. Brady was so drunk, he was really hilarious, he definitely was a funnier drunk than Patrick. I’m really starting to like Brady more. I laughed so much when he described Patrick as a 13 years old girl afraid of her own vagina. That was so true in a way.
   Richie was still having problems with Kevin, Patrick explained him basically he got with Kevin after suffering some trauma, with the bursting at the funeral and the car accident. Not the best moment in your life to make a decision...

   Patrick and Kevin ended their night in bed, reading their first review for their app, and it was very bad. Bullshit and only one star… Oops, better luck next time.
   But Kevin found the right words to comfort Patrick, he was funny and then Patrick said “I love you”... Oh weird, that went pretty fast. Especially from Kevin. Patrick saying it didn’t really surprise me, after the prom and the talk he had with Richie, and what Kevin just said. It was totally Patrick to say I love you too soon. He just said out loud what he was thinking. But Kevin, must had felt a bit forced to say it back, because what other options did he have ? So, I'm not sure he was really sincere. He just finished a long relationship, it might be a little soon to jump so fast with someone else. I don’t want Patrick to get his heart broken again…

   While Patrick and Kevin were enjoying their relationship, Agustin and Eddie’s wasn’t at its best. After Agustin received some sperm from Eddie in his eyes, he got a serious HIV scare. He suddenly went distant with Eddie and had to go see Dom to talk about it, because Dom is old and wise (always love Agustin’s remarks).
   And Dom might have been very right about Agustin saying he might not be equipped to date someone HIV positive, and he should start taking PreP. I wasn’t Agustin reacted that way and I think it’s natural from him. He had to be scared at least one time to really know where he stands and what he wants. I was so pleased when he came to see Eddie and they talked about it. Eddie really cared for Agustin, he didn’t want to loose him but he needs to have someone he can rely on. Eddie was really touching when he talked about his past experiences, and how he couldn’t go through that again.
   Agustin proved once more he has really changed, he cares for Eddie too and he will work on his issues to make it wok with him… Oh cute…

   The only one who had a serious bad time was Dom. He finally bought the place for his chicken window and started working on it to get it open, maxing out his credit cards. Not a smart move but it wasn’t his problem, missing Doris was his major problem.
   Ever since Doris had met Malik, Dom and Doris’s relationship has changed, it had to happen. Doris was always there for Dom, she was his person, his support but now she has someone else to think about, to be with. So, Dom needed help from her for his restaurant but Doris and Malik were busy at his niece birthday. But Doris assured they would come afterwards, except they didn't.
   I must say it was nice from Doris not to call Dom.  I really like Doris and Dom, they’re so great, I don’t want them to go separate ways. They made it work when Dom was with Lynn so they can do it when she is with Malik.

   “Looking for Glory” was an exciting and very sweet episode. I’m still having some doubts about Kevin but I really want to believe in him and in his relationship with Patrick. They’re going too fast, but maybe I’m just a slow person. Dom and Doris are facing a challenge in their relationship but I’m confident they can work it, and so can Agustin and Eddie. Relationships, romantic or friendship are always challenging, and that’s why what interesting in them. Can’t wait for the two final episode. The season is almost over !
   What did you think of “Looking for Glory” ? Hit the comments !

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