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Helix - Vade in Pace - Advance Preview

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In the last Helix episode, we left off with a shocking and sad twist – Michael did a Jim Jones on his flock and, in a mass murder (not calling it suicide because the victims had no knowledge or choice), wiped out all but a handful of the cult’s congregation that were not yet affected by the contagion - including the children.

The next episode picks up where we left off. Peter, Ann, and Kyle were trying to get into the room where Michael murdered his followers, Amy was trapped behind glass in the garden nursery, and Julia was seen in the future arriving at the destroyed Abbey looking for clues. In classic Helix style, the hour launches with a montage of corny music paired with scenes of death and terror.

Like the last episode, episode 2.08 is strong in pushing the plot forward. Among the developments, the infection spreads off the island, the CDC team’s military escorts return, Alan and Peter are reunited, and we learn what Julia is searching for in the future. We also see a return of Hatake’s sword, and a character gets what's coming to him/her.

This is a strong Michael episode. Steven Weber (Michael) delivers a powerful performance, finally giving the show the gravitas of immortality by conveying the arrogance that Helix didn’t get quite right in the first season with cartoonish villains.

Here are a few quotes from the episode to keep you guessing:

"I’m sorry. I can’t hear you from up here."
"Is this your grand plan?"
"Jeez, don’t. That’s suicide."
"This is payback for all of the hotzone stuff, right?"
"That would make you the queen of nothing."

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