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Helix - Plan B - Review: "They're going to Kill Everything on The Island"

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Helix - Plan B - Review

Last week we witnessed Anne question Peter about his desires, whilst also manipulating him into killing innocents. Landry and Sergio fall to their supposed deaths, and Alan and Kyle make it to the bleeding tree.

"We have a job to do" Anne

This episode Anne and Peter continued down their dark path. Anne wants to recreate the community in her vision but to do that she needs to get rid of everyone that may pose a threat. Peter, still being manipulated by Anne, agrees to help do that and even suggests that he is willing to allow his brother to be killed.

Peter has lost himself; he seems to be getting a lot of satisfaction from brutally killing people. He enjoys it, and he has now become a huge threat to the CDC team. Peter wants respect, and he can get that from the cult members if he does what Anne says. He can be one of them which is why he is following her orders. He can, dare I say it, become their leader. I thought Kyle was good at manipulating people, but it turns out that Peter is much better. He manages to convince Kyle, still under the influence of the pathogen to kill Alan. That scene for me just shows how much of a coward Peter is. Peter, despite wanting to be a part of the cult can't kill his brother. He can't look him in the eye and kill him. There may be still hope left for Peter, but currently my feelings towards him have vanished after he set Alan up to die. Neil Napier portrayed Peter excellently this episode though, portraying a more darker side of Peter and a more cunning side, he deserves some attention for that.

I'm wondering if Anne acting the innocent when Michael was alive was all just an act. She didn't seem sociopathic before, but now she does coincidentally after Michael has disappeared. Her true colours have been revealed over the course of the last two episodes, and she poses a much greater threat than Michael or Amy ever did, because of her relationship with the cult members. They see her as the "Mother Teresa" of the cult and wouldn't expect anything bad to come from her. She and Michael shared a dark secret together, and I'm wondering what other hidden secrets they kept. As of yet, no one suspects Anne of any wrong doing. The CDC are focusing on Peter alone, and if the time should come Anne I think will hang Peter out to dry.

"I'm just like you, only better" Amy

Elsewhere, Amy's reign of terror came to a dramatic end. She thought that she had become immortal, well so did I, and just when she stepped outside into the lethal gas her face melted, like the wicked Witch from the wizard of Oz. Amy had thought she gained everything she desired, but failed to realize what the CDC team are capable of. If she was smart she would have tested out her immortality to see if she was immortal. Amy knows that Sarah is good at deception after what she did to Landry, so should have taken that into account.
Anyway, I personally was pleased she died, well technically she's still alive,but she will be dead soon. She has caused so many people pain, and killed one of my favorite characters off so she does deserve to die. Her way of getting to her goal isn't as despicable as Anne's though, which I suppose is one, if not the only good point about her. She just wanted immortality, nothing more, but then I suppose if she had that what would she have done. Nothing was revealed about what she planned to do after she became immortal. I think she would have left the island, to be honest.

Another shocking moment this episode was seeing Landry walk away scratch free from his fall. I had hoped if any of them survived if would be Sergio, but sadly he is confirmed dead by Julia. Shame. Landry, on the other hand, must be an immortal now. What Sarah gave him mixed in with the spinal fluid has still made him immortal even if his face is disfigured. So many characters on the show are becoming immortals; it's starting to make the whole immortality thing a bit of a joke. I'm just waiting now for the moment when Peter becomes immortal since all the villainous characters are getting immortality. Landry now will most likely seek revenge on Sarah for what she did to him. I hope next episode the CDC escape the island, as there are threats left right and centre, and now that the coast guard are dead they haven't got any protection.

Speaking of the coast guard. We witnessed an experiment on a Navy boat. Some men were testing this lethal gas on a Monkey. Plan B was to eliminate all inhabitants of the island. Whilst, that plan failed miserably as only a handle full of people died, watching them planes fly over to the sound of "Somewhere over the rainbow" was highly enjoyable to see, and one of my favorites parts of the episode. The lethal gas presumably kills infected, but currently that's not needed since Alan has found a cure.

Alan's trek into the jungle wasn't unjustified as Kyle has now been cured. What Soren gave him was the cure which Alan quickly concocted. Whilst I was glad Kyle survived, it doesn't make things easier for him as now he has to try and escape the island, which was clearly indicated in last night's promo for episode 12. Not all good news came, as Mother, the root and Julia's only solution died during the gassing. Now Ilaria will commit genocide, which now pretty much confirms that Julia's failed her mission, which is why in the future barely anyone is alive. Ilaria probably sent her back there 30 years into the future to retrieve the child, but for what purpose we can't be sure.

It was another great episode. Some interesting development happened with Peter this episode; he has completely turned into an enemy that the CDC will now have to face. He and Anne together will be brutal, and with little to no help the CDC will be up against the odds in the final two episodes. I was relatively pleased to see Amy "go", whilst she made a really good villain, Michael was ultimately better. He had a goal in site, whereas she's stopped at the point of her becoming immortal. Also, Landry is again on the loose, and Kyle has been cured. Overall, it was another good episode, but sadly didn't raise the bar than what was set in last week's episode.

Just quickly: What was that thing the Navy sent in planes? It was a form of gas right?

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of "Plan B"
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