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Helix - Mother - Review: "The Last Thing the World Needs is a Forever Amy"

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Helix - Mother - Review

Last episode we witnessed Kyle consume the honey which would allow him only a 48hr timeline to be cured before his death. We also saw Julia and Balleseros arrive with news for Peter, and Peter make a demand to them for the sake of his own greed.

"Change is inevitable" Anne

This episode we witnessed the darker side of Anne, and Peter come out when she introduced us to Michael's secret lair, where he tied non-essential people up, people who refused him. I'm still not entirely sure what I was looking at, failed experiments would've of been my first guess, but then Anne said they were just people who opposed Michael, perhaps non-believers? Anne said she was an experiment, but how. Did Michael somehow breed his own child, and then place the fetus into a woman so she could give birth? (If someone's could help me out in the comments, that would be great. I'm a bit puzzled.)

Peter this episode took a turn for the dark side. At first I started to feel sorry for him as all he wanted was respect, and how he only felt important when he was under the influence of Narvik. It's all true to be fair, none of the team respect Peter as they did Alan, and to Peter he will always be the other Dr Farragut. What he did though this episode was chilling, and unredeemable. Peter, under the influence of Anne, cuts an innocent who Michael or Anne had tied up. I really thought Anne would be the savior, but instead it turns out she's no better than Amy and dare I say worse. Peter seemed to get a real satisfaction from killing them people, it's like he had a thirst for it. I'm starting to wonder if it was Peter who killed the remaining cult members at the Abbey, which is why it's so empty in the future. He has always been a cold character, so I wouldn't put it past him.

In an interesting conversation with Peter, Julia reveals she is only on the board of Ilaria so she can gather intelligence, intel on what they're doing, so effectively a spy. Whilst we still don't know how she ended up on the board, we now know why she remained there. Her time spent with Ilaria was effective as she gained their trust, well enough for them to share top secret information with her such as the launching of nukes. Since they listen to her, and even respect her, she can if she wanted to manipulate them into doing what she wants which is what she's doing with Sergio. He doesn't know that she isn't loyal to Ilaria, or unless he does know and still remains by her side as he "Likes" her.

Speaking of Balleseros: this episode we saw his death at the hands of Amy. I already hated Amy, and her killing my favorite character off just makes me hope even more for her to receive a painful death. I was heavily considering though if he managed to survive. I'm still thinking that maybe, just maybe he could be immortal without anyone knowing. That would be a huge twist as his death was not well received by on social media, fans were outraged. I also didn't think his death added anything to the show, no one gained anything from his death, it served no purpose other than Amy wanting to get rid of everyone that stands in her way. Helix could explore a lot more with his character, such as his time spent with Ilaria, how he got recruited by them. Let's hope he's immortal.

"Maybe you're getting better like I did" Soren

Some more development this episode on the Kyle front. After his stupid decision to consume the honey last episode he starts showing signs of the virus taking over, such as severe hallucinations. I found his scenes interesting as I always wanted to know what type of symptoms an infected might get, so it was good they covered this by actually showing us. Whilst I enjoy the show, the show does a good job of dragging things out a bit. Alan and Kyle have been gone (Out the Abbey) for 3 episodes now. I would like them to move it along a bit so we can have one final confrontation between Peter and Alan, before, what I imagine will be, a bloodthirsty finale. Also, even when Kyle's infected he can still be highly manipulative, which we saw this episode towards Soren. Was it his idea to take Soren or the virus clouding his judgement? Whatever it is, Kyle sure is good at manipulation.

I have to mention the music for this episode. Every single song was a perfect song choice for the scene it was accompanying. I don't think I've ever enjoyed hearing music on a show more than I did last night on Helix. Also, the performance by Allison Louder and Mark Ghanime last night was outstanding, both of them, especially in scenes they shared were excellent. The characters were both fully rattled with emotions, and the actors did them justice by pulling off some wonderful performances. The pairing of Amy and Sergio was unusual, but I did really enjoy them together, their scenes were some of the best moments of the episode, they were thrilling, and things always seem to take an unexpected turn with them. How disgusting was it when Amy licked his blood?

Talking about disgusting things, another big reveal was that Anne was Landry's mother, therefore making Amy his sister. It came as a huge surprise to me especially since we have the knowledge or her pleasuring him. Them scenes previously were weird and uncomfortable to watch knowing that he enjoys it, but now knowing that it was his sister doing that makes it borderline unwatchable to see them scenes in the earlier episodes again. Luckily, Landry won't be around for the last few episodes, as, like the presumed dead Sergio, Landry fell to his death. It wasn't unexpected as I didn't think he would walk around the Abbey looking like Sloth, and not being able to speak. Goodbye Landry, I can't say I'll miss you.

Lastly, we finally saw what mother was. It was a root, well actually to me it looked like that screaming plant out of Harry Potter. After the episode was titled "mother" I expected it to get a little more focus, I mean did we even learn what it does this episode? The mother storyline shouldn't have been pushed to the sidelines. While, Amy did find mother, she never said what it was/why she wanted it so badly.

It was a fantastic episode of Helix; the show truly does get creepier by the episode. Just when I thought it couldn't, it produces some crazy things. The twists this episode were extremely unexpected, I didn't see any of them coming. Anne who I thought would be the cults shining light has a much darker secret and seems to have brought Peter over to the "Dark side". I am sure everyone else will suffer now because of that. My only criticism is the killing of Balleseros; I just hope he's not dead. All in all though, it was another great episode. #RenewHelix.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of "Mother"
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