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Helix - Ectogenesis - Review: "We Better Find That Damn Tree or I'm a Dead Man"

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Helix - Ectogenesis - Recap/Review

Last episode we saw the death of Michael at the hands of Caleb. We also saw the Coastguard arrive with news of another outbreak and Amy make a demand to Sarah involving the immortal child and immortality.

"I haven't heard from Peter in 5 days" Balleseros

This episode Peter revealed to Anne that "they" were coming. I expected it to be a new character, but instead was pleasantly surprised to see that the people he was referring to were Julia and Sergio. I wasn't expecting to see them in the present timeline at all or at least interacting with the CDC team, especially Julia. I thought Julia would've come to the island alone at some point and got turned away, but instead it appears that she is there looking for the infertility plant without needing Michael.

There are many things I'm having a hard time processing. If Anne knows all about Michael's plans about infertility and can help Julia then why has Julia come back to the island to find him in the future timeline? Something clearly has to happen to make Julia leave, perhaps Anne gives her something to take back with her, but it's not a permanent solution to Ilaria's problems. Then in 30 years’ time maybe that solution Anne gave her loses its value and purpose. It might not have been doing what Julia claimed it would do, and then therefore Ilaria released the new outbreak causing a worldwide pandemic, which would mean that Julia would return to the island seeking Michael to help find a permanent solution. That's how I see things playing out or along them lines.

I'm also wondering now about Peter and Michael. Was Peter sent in to spy on Michael to see what he was doing, to see if he had the solution Julia was after? It can't just be conscience that Julia who happens to be Peter's "Boss" is looking for a man who happens to be on an island where an outbreak occurred where the CDC currently resides. I'm thinking the whole thing was planned, but then someone could argue that the outbreak on the island might have been planned so that Peter could get close to Michael. We know Peter is staying in close contact with Sergio so he could be reporting to him about Michael. Also, Peter in episode 1 seemed so insistent on going to the island, even though, the commander told him that wasn't the plan. Another thing, Julia mentioned "you don't have it do you" which pretty much confirmed he wasn't there just because of the outbreak. Ilaria, more specifically Julia sent him there to find this "infertility" solution.

Elsewhere, we saw Anne mention several times something named "Mother". It's a tree that managed to make immortal men unable to father children. Whilst I have to expect things like this on Helix, how can a tree do something like that? Since the next episode is titled "Mother" we will probably find more out about this tree, and possibly how it works. Also, if someone's taken mother it's almost certain that it's Amy.

"We Better Find That Damn Tree or I'm a Dead Man" Kyle

Whilst the mycotic storyline has been the least interesting storyline to watch due to the slow pacing of discoveries, I'm rooting for Kyle to survive. Kyle made the ultimate choice this episode, become tainted meat or be eaten. He chose to put his faith in Alan and his fellow CDC members and chose to consume the honey. If the show is to go forward with a 3rd season I want Kyle to be a part of that. He has been one of the bright spots in this season and has proved his worth. He is also far more interesting of a character than Peter, Sarah and even Alan combined. Save Kyle!

We got a first look at two outsiders who are infected but are managing to stay alive as they are taking red sap. It's interesting that because they are infected they start to seek human eyeballs and even flesh. This virus is far worse than Narvic, once you have it you don't just lose yourself, but you lose your insanity. This was shown this episode with both the outsiders fighting over who would consume Kyle's eyeballs. Whilst in the hut, Kyle looked up and saw a person cut up in pieces. Was that person Leyla? We never did get told where she went, and obviously now we know there are people who seek humans to eat, so it makes sense that they would take her.

One of my favorite scenes from this episode was when Kyle started using manipulation as a way to break free and turn the two outsiders on each other. It did work, but that small glimpse of hope Kyle had was cut short when he had to run like a rabbit away from his predators. The song though playing as he made his escape was a perfect song choice to accompany Kyle's tough choices which lie ahead. Kudos to the writers for making that scène, the most memorable.

Elsewhere, Doreen returned, but only in a dream Alan was having. I found the scenes with her to be strange as I couldn't get over the fact that out of everybody he could think of it was Doreen. It was probably just so that she could make a return to the show, and having her console Alan was the only way that seemed possible. I did enjoy seeing her again though as she got killed off way too early in season 1. During their conversation, Kyle gets mentioned. Why does Alan want to save Kyle if he knows Kyle's a threat to him? Alan's made hard decisions before for his own benefit so why not leave Kyle like the commander instructed? Perhaps he sees's Kyle as a way to take down Ilaria once he explains what he's been trying to do on the island, and then Kyle can contact his FBI friends.

Amy this episode demanded immortality of Sarah. Sarah was cunning and decided to plot against her to try to elimate the threat that is Amy. I was rooting for Sarah to be the one to take Amy down; sadly it again proves why Amy is the smartest among them. She saw what Sarah was doing before she even did it. Amy will not risk losing her power; she will do and say anything. She is cruel and a liar just like her predecessor Michael, but she is very intelligent and thinks ahead. The outcome of what Sarah gave Landry can be seen here, and let me tell you will probably need a tissue. Sloth lives on!

It was a fantastic episode. Whilst I'm losing interest in the mycotic storyline week by week due to the pacing, I was rooting for Kyle all episode long to survive. Even though he did the consequences of what he had to do will be severe, and it will be interesting to see what his outcome will be. Sarah made a judgement call which backfired on her, and she will now have to face the wrath of Amy, what she plans to do is anyone's guess, but it won't be good. Overall, it was another great episode. #RenewHelix

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of "Ectogenesis"
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