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Hart of Dixie - BlueBell (Series Finale) - Review: "A Musical Farewell"

Although the CW still hasn’t confirmed it, last night’s episode of Hart of Dixie had all the feel of a series finale. And what a finale it was! A baby was born, couples were married, and there was a huge musical number. It truly was a love letter to the show.

An Early Arrival: After reminding a frustrated Wade that they can’t steal Lemon’s thunder by getting engaged right after she did, Zoe meets the new lawyer in town covering for George. Olivia, played by Autumn Reeser, is a reminder of what Zoe was like when she first came to town 4 years ago. Zoe learns from Olivia that Brick has hired an associate. Zoe finds the new associate in her office on her way to confront Brick. Zoe emotionally tells Brick that he hurt her feelings by replacing her when Brick shows her a sign with “Breeland & Hart & Associate” on it and tells her that her father would be so proud to see how far she has come.

Zoe is excited to hear that Rose got into Columbia which leads to a sweet moment between these friends. Rose tells Zoe that meeting her made her realize who she wants to be, a strong woman who isn’t afraid to be a little crazy when it comes to love. When I tear up for at least the second time, I have to agree with Zoe that this is intense.

In a call back to the pilot, Zoe visit her father’s grave to thank him for bringing her to BlueBell because she finally found love and a home. Zoe’s uncle and Sophie run into her at the grave where she has contractions that she insists are just Braxton Hicks; after all the baby isn’t due for another 3 ½ weeks. Zoe continues to deny she’s having contractions while at Lemon and Lavon’s engagement party. She feels responsible for ruining Lemon’s first engagement party and wedding to George, and so she doesn’t want to ruin another one. Her son decided that this was going to be his moment, and Zoe’s water breaks all over Lemon’s shoes.

At the hospital, Zoe and Wade find out that they are in for a long wait before their son is born which gives them time to reminisce about how they met. Before long the room is filled with all their close loved ones who have come to meet the new BlueBellian about to be born. Surrounded by love, Zoe realizes this is the perfect time for her to marry Wade before their baby is born. Wade directs everyone to help to make Zoe’s wish happen. Determined to be married before their son’s arrival, Zoe and Wade exchange vows on the way to the delivery room. Wade and Zoe introduce their little of bundle of joy as “TBD Hart-Kinsella” because they haven’t been able to agree on a name. Meatball and the Truitt brothers start singing their cover of NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Long Live the Hart” as a baby gift with everyone joining in and finishing the episode by spreading out through the town to finish the episode.

The Calm: Now that Lemon is marrying the right man, she is calm and collected much to the surprise of everyone around her. Knowing that Lemon hasn’t had luck in the past when it has come to engagement parties and weddings, Brick is determined that this engagement party will be perfect for his little girl. Panic ensues when the wait staff at Fancie’s gets sick. Brick enlists Wade’s help to keep Lemon occupied while he finds replacement staff among the townspeople of BlueBell.

At their engagement party, everyone urges an uncomfortable Lavon to retell how he proposed to Lemon. There is one important detail that he leaves out; that is the proposal wasn’t meant for Lemon. Feeling guilty, Lavon confesses to Lemon that the proposal was really Zoe’s meant for Wade which rightfully upsets her. Her friends console her at the Rammer Jammer while Lavon realizes he needs to organize the perfect proposal for Lemon with some help. The impending birth of Zoe and Wade’s baby alter Lavon’s plans. On the way to the hospital with Rev. Mayfair accompanying, Lavon tells Lemon about his proposal plans and then realizes that no time is more perfect then right then. He stops the car and asks Lemon to marry him on the side of the road. They get married during the musical montage at the end of the episode.

Love Conquers All: AB is uncertain of her future with George now that he lives in Nashville. She becomes upset with him when he mentions nursing schools in Nashville. She doesn’t want to give up everything for a man once again in her life. After AB suggests they should break up, George confesses he loves her while arguing. He tells her that love is the reason they should make it work. It isn’t clear whether AB has moved to Nashville, or if they are finding a way to make their relationship work despite their distance when AB is shown in George’s Nashville apartment during the ending musical number.

Observations and Notes:
-Zoe and Brick’s new associate looks to be on the younger side as a nod to those who criticized the casting of Rachel Bilson as not being a believable doctor.
-Lemon and Zoe have come so far from the pilot when they were instant enemies to Lemon asking Zoe to be a bridesmaid.
-The new love triangle was reversed with the doctor being a man and the bartender and lawyer being women.
-I’ve loved Crickett’s storyline this season, and it was great to know that she also got a happy ending.
-Sadly there wasn’t a mention of Burt Reynolds or Don Todd.
-I’m happy that even in the finale, the writers found time for Lemon and Wade to have a moment. Their friendship has been one of my favorite parts of the show. And Lemon not minding sharing her thunder with Wade shows just how genuine their friendship is.
-While Zoe and Wade’s wedding was unconventional, Zoe was right that there wasn’t a more perfect moment for them to be married. Their vows were filled with all the love they have for one another. And it was certainly a unique and memorable TV wedding.

Final Thoughts: Initially when the sing-a-long started I wasn’t sure about it. It was such a happy occasion and infectious. I couldn’t help but smiling through tears as the music spread out through the town square. Seeing all the little montages of everyone was icing on the cake. On any other show it would have come across as cheesy. It was the perfect little bow for Hart of Dixie and just felt so right. And if this is truly the end of this charming show, there is no doubt that everyone will continue to live happily ever after in the quirky small town of BlueBell, AL.

Goodbye Hart of Dixie. Thank you for giving us an hour-long escape these past 4 seasons where life was simple and happy. You’ll truly be missed by your loyal fans.

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