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Grimm - Double Date - Review

This week, Nick and Hank are called to investigate a one night stand turned deadly when a man finds himself in the middle of a very bizarre love triangle, in Grimm Double Date. Meanwhile, Captain Renard hopes Monroe and Rosalee can help him deal with recurring episodes of phantom bleeding. Adalind makes a discovery that might turn the tables in her favor and Juliette makes a big decision that could change the course of her relationship with Nick.

Bloody dreams for Captain Sean Renard as the nightmare of his shooting during the season three finale still haunts him. He wakes up in the middle of the night covered with blood on his chest, like he's about to die again. Meanwhile, Nick tries to reach Juliette, but she keeps refusing his calls. After sleeping in her car, she decides to knock on Renard's door asking for a place to stay with "Someone who understands me." Come on, so Nick doesn't understand you anymore? Surely, he overreacted when Juliette woged last week, but he still loves her. After what they've been through, he's not going to give up on her. A reluctant Renard accepts to help her but only if she returns the favor. In fact, Sean visited a doctor (a human one for his supernatural issues?) and after seeing Rosalee and Monroe, he needs a Hexenbeist's blood to open the book his mother used, in order to cure his 'blood issue'. I liked Renard's reply at Juliette's request to use his blood instead: "Why does everyone keep making that mistake? I am not a Hexenbeist, I'm a Zauberbeist. There's a difference."

The Wesen of the week involves a man found dead with half of his face consumed. Nick, Hank and Wu are on the case and find out this kind of Wesen has three forms: a male human, a female human and an intermediate flatworm form. So they basically share the same body. The fact is more complicated than that: both the human forms are two different people and they act like some kind of criminals who lure men in order to rob them with the same excuse: Stacy, the female form, catch some man's attention with her pathetic story about her husband, then the male one, Linus, appears furiously to scare the poor victim who gets robbed. In order to catch the Wesen(s), Monroe goes undercover - despite Rosalee's concern and jealousy! Finally, Nick and Hank manage to catch Stacy\Linus, thanks to Wu's help. Imagine a man walking into the precinct dressed like a woman lol. When Nick and Hank interrogate Lucius, at some point he can't woge anymore. He was the one who commited the crime, but Stacy is gone.

Then, Adalind. She took three texts to make sure she was pregnant! She can't have another baby when she still deon't know where Diana is. But we know, the Royals have plans for her. Adalind's logic is easy: "I need to sleep with someone, fast!" and then she hears Viktor's voice. Is she planning to sleep with him and get away with the pregnancy? Too bad we didn't see the funny 'What if' scene showed in the promo, in which a smiling Nick can't wait to be a father lol

What can we expect? Juliette wants her old life back and asks Renard's help, but Captain Sean has to watch out his back when a new Royal shows up in town. In my opinion, Juliette will embrace her 'dark side' since there's no way to fix her, like Henrietta said.
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