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Finding Carter - Love The Way You Lie - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

Before beginning this preview, I'd like to say that this my first time ever writing on a website and that English is not my first language therefore there may be some mistakes. I'd also like to thank the team for helping me through all of this. I don't know if you can imagine how stressful it can be to write something without knowing whether you (readers) are going to like it. I really hope you do!

As you can see in the title, this year, they've chosen to title their episodes with musics! (Last season was all about movies)
2.02 is "Shut Up And Drive" -- 2.03 is "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

Don't forget to tell me what your thoughts are concerning this preview. I'd really appreciate it.

Episode 1, season 2: "Love The Way You Lie"
Written by Emily Whitesell
Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Season two picks up right after last season’s 
cliffhanger with Lori kidnapping Carter. We find them both in a motel room, Lori is on the phone with someone we don't know and she seems pretty angry which wakes Carter up and she realizes that she's been kidnapped, once again.
- If you're interested in knowing more, MTV has released the first page of the script including this scene, it's available here - 

Max, Bird, Gabe and Ofe are at the hospital, asking to one another why the police aren't looking for Carter even though it has been four hours since she went missing. Taylor then enters the room and has a talk alone with Max.

At the police station, we find Elizabeth, in tears obviously after losing her child for the second time and also very angry because as I said above, the police aren't looking for Carter. The answer quite shocks Elizabeth and she leaves the police station right away, angrier than ever.

Back at the Wilsons's house, the person who seems to be the most infected by the news is Grant. He doesn't want to believe that Carter is going to be found any time soon and seems to have already lost hope.

Earlier in the episode, Taylor receives a text from Carter saying that Lori wants to meet her at some diner. They meet up and obviously, the meeting goes awfully wrong. I'm not saying that someone gets shot or anything but it certainly does not go according to plan.

The episode ends with Elizabeth and David in bed, Elizabeth is being curious because she can feel that David is hiding something.

You must be telling yourself "Oh, that was short". My goal here is to give nothing away so you can enjoy the episode as much as I did and let's say it, I can't go deeper in the preview without giving big spoilers away because in this episode, it's either nothing or everything. I must say, it's actually the first time an episode of "Finding Carter" has kept me on the edge of my seat all the time.

After watching the episode you will know why Lori is so obsessed with the Wilsons and why she kidnapped Carter 13 years ago and also why she did it again. I can also say that some shippers are going to be happy!

I'd also like to ask you a question: Who's your favorite character and why

Time for some dialogue teasers now! Some are easy but some are hard! (I don't know about you but I've always been bad at figuring out who said what)

1) «It never pays to argue with Wilson women.»

2) «You are a sick, delusional felon. That’s all I need to know»

3) «I can’t let you go until you and Taylor know the truth.»

4) «This is my post-abduction look.»

5) «How does it feel?» 
« How does what feel?» 
« Living in denial.»

Tell me in the comments who you think said what. (Hope that makes sense)

Here's the promo for the second season of Finding Carter. I know there's a one-minute trailer but there are many spoilers in it and I didn't want you to be spoiled before watching.

"The truth will tear you apart"

Finding Carter returns with all-new episodes starting March 31 at 10/9c on MTV!

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